Implementing Site Manager in UAS at University of Oxford
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Implementing Site Manager in UAS at University of Oxford



Implementing Site Manager in UAS at University of Oxford

Implementing Site Manager in UAS at University of Oxford



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Implementing Site Manager in UAS at University of Oxford Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Implementing Site Manager in UAS at University of Oxford Tony Stark – Project Manager [email_address] t [email_address] 2 December 2009
  • 2. Topics
    • Who we are, What we are doing, Why we are doing it
    • Requirements & Supplier Selection
    • First steps, Where we are now and our plans
    • Challenges and Special Projects
    • Things we have learnt
    Online Information 2009
  • 3. Who we are What we are doing Why we are doing it
  • 4. The University
    • Collegiate University
    • 17,200 full-time students
    • 16,000 students on part-time courses
    • 7,000 staff excluding those employed by the colleges
    • 39 colleges
    • 6 permanent private halls
    • 160 academic and other departments
      • Includes faculties, departments, schools, libraries and museums
    Online Information 2009
  • 5. What is UAS? Central Administration Departments of The University. They work to support the Academic Departments. Approximately 1,000 staff in UAS Online Information 2009
  • 6. Umbrella url’s we are migrating
    • Admin Web -
    • Includes some high profile sites:
      • Vice Chancellor’s Office
      • Clarendon Trust Fund
      • Academic Administration – student facing
      • Staff facing
    • Ox Web -
    • Main public facing web site of University.
    • Top pages with links to everything else
    Online Information 2009
  • 7. Some Numbers Online Information 2009 Oxweb Admin Web Web Pages 12,000 7,000 Gb’s served / day 3.8 1.6 No. of files 16,000 15,000 Visitors / week 85,000 55,000 Web Applications 0 17+ Site Manager users 6 150+
  • 8. Current / Legacy position
    • Creating and Managing HTML pages
      • Using Word to Web macros
      • Other applications make up the ‘web publishing toolkit’
      • SFTP to development (preview) and then to live web servers
    • Oxweb is using proprietary CMS
    • Training is 4 days and once a term
    • Support team is fire-fighting
    Online Information 2009
  • 9. Requirements and Supplier Selection
  • 10. Objectives
    • Easier creation, editing, previewing, publishing and management of content
      • Web Publishers concentrate on content quality not how to publish it
    • Training reduced to less than a day and more frequently
    • Same look and feel across all sites
    • Free up support team to be pro-active so can concentrate on helping site owners to do better things
    Online Information 2009
  • 11. The Process we went through
    • Set up the Project
    • Requirements Capture
    • Tendering Process – ITT
    • Evaluation Team
    • Shortlisting
    • Supplier Presentations
    • Selection
    • Contract
    Online Information 2009
  • 12. Why is getting the selection process right, so important?
    • Similar to a staff recruitment process:
      • You’re looking for key “qualifications”
      • You’re looking for potential
      • Your looking for the right fit
      • You have a budget in mind
    • A transferable golden rule from Recruitment:
    • “ It’s better not to recruit anyone, then recruit the wrong person”
  • 13. It’s all about finding a company that fits in with you and your requirements:
      • Product is a good or reasonable fit
      • Right size
      • Right price
      • Nice people to work with
      • Enthusiastic about your project
      • Knowledgeable about your sector
  • 14. First steps, Where we are now & our plans
  • 15. First Steps
    • Occupational Health first site
      • Learnt about Site Manager and what is involved in implementing sites
      • Developed styles and templates
      • Developed training course
      • Left out some technical things until later
      • Lessons Learnt exercise
    Online Information 2009
  • 16. Where we are now and plans
    • Sites on Site Manager 5 (3 are new sites)
    • Special Projects Category 3 currently – more on these later
    • Next Group 5 started with an initial list to cut our teeth on
    • Tranche 1 16
    • Tranche 2 11
    • Tranche 3 5
    • Don’t mind when 14
    • In or out of scope? 14
    • Total 73 sites
    Online Information 2009
  • 17. Challenges and Special Projects
  • 18. Challenges
    • Small team. Just lost a key member. Please apply if you are interested in joining us
    • Steep learning curve – have been and still are on one
    • Need solutions to some technical problems
    • Managing user expectations – they known it is coming, they want it but:
      • Pressure to implement new sites so not migrating old ones
      • Pressure to do things quickly v we want to do things sensibly and at an appropriate pace
      • Planning and setting dates for individual sites is difficult
    Online Information 2009
  • 19. Special projects
    • Special Projects
    • Statutes & Regulations
      • Complicated versioning
      • Granular requirement so can use part of Statute/Regulation in other database systems
    • Examination Regulations
      • Complicated versioning but different from Statutes & Regulations
      • Web Publishing and Hardcopy printing from same content
    • University Gazette
      • Review of business processes
      • Web Publishing and Hardcopy printing from same content
    Online Information 2009
  • 20. Technical Solutions needed
    • Oxonly or intranet content
      • Content published on external web site
      • Need to restrict access
      • Implement GSA to replace ://htdig
    • Framework for integrating web applications
      • Delivery through Site Manager
      • Provide a wrapper to give same look and feel to pages
    • Solution for non-contributors to preview but not edit their content
    • Authentication through University single sign on - Shibboleth
    Online Information 2009
  • 21. TERMINALFOUR and Site Manager
    • Looking for a partner not just a supplier
    • Took Terminal Four a while to realise what they had taken on but never flinched and are meeting their promises
    • Happy with selection of Terminal Four Site manager
      • Terminal Four seem to be able to make Site Manager do the majority of what we want it to do
      • Not perfect but what supplier and what system is
      • New Version 7 re usability seems to support our decision
    • Overall pleased with both TERMINALFOUR and Site Manager.
    Online Information 2009
  • 22. Things we have learnt
  • 23. Things we have learnt
    • Plan as best you can
    • It is a slow job but get enough resource
    • A lot of the problems are organisational and cultural
    • Technical & product fit is important but not everything
    • Expectation Management & Communications is key
    • Make sure your vendor appreciates (& shares) your pain
    • A CMS doesn’t solve all your problems
    Online Information 2009
  • 24. Questions? ? Online Information 2009