Marketo Engagements and Drip Nurturing - Boston User Group Dec 10 2013


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Discuss of Marketo Engagement Nurturing system vs. Drip Nurturing programs. When should you use Engagements over Drip? Can they be used together and under which circumstances?

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  • Or why drip is still alive!How many of you are using engagements to drive revenue?How many of you have Spark, Std, Select, or Enterprise?
  • If you’ve got any of these, you have some limitations. Even with 100 Engagements, you might still have special situations that Engagements can’t elegantly handle.
  • Special kind of Program. Some editions have limitations on Streams and # of Active Engagement Programs running.Transition Rules PULL from one Stream to another automatically, but you can Push using a campaign.Pause vs. SuspendExhaustedSwap content in and out.Archive, turn off content, and pause content.Move content around.AB Test Emails in system – TODAY.Each email is a CASTLeads flow through at the Cadence and can be all over the place.
  • Your Dashboard, showing which emails are workingWho becomes engagedWhat do you do when someone is engaged?Next CastSo this solves so many issues we all had before, let’s use Engagements!
  • But wait, there seem to be a couple of limitations.Edition BoundDripCadence issues.Programs and Drips.Push Program Drips into Engagements.
  • Last week, a client presented me with this kind of drip and wanted to translate to Engagements…BUT you can’t really do that without several cadences.What were their goals? – just clicks and opens as part of a welcome so the person would take specific actions on their account.Ok…so they don’t care as much about “engagement” as they do about getting the person to do the actions. Do we really need Engagements? Wouldn’t the Email Performance Tab show us what we need along with a smart list? Yes it would.
  • Could also be a nurture for a big launch or something else.
  • If desired, we COULD kick off an engagement with this Program.So we are limited in some sense that the Welcome program can’t easily change, but if that doesn’t matter to us, then we’re ok. We can always SWAP the Program out for a new one without losing data.Be careful because the Program will run CONCURRENTLY with the Stream’s Cadence. You could adjust the Cadence during the Program flow and then reset it to avoid too many emails.
  • Marketo Engagements and Drip Nurturing - Boston User Group Dec 10 2013

    1. 1. DRIP NURTURE VS. ENGAGEMENTS Josh Hill Marketing Rockstar Guides Marketo User Group Boston December 10, 2013
    2. 2. Engagements Overview The Awesome • Abstracted away the Traffic • • • • • • Cop System Easier to swap in/out content. Cool dashboard. Bring in programs. Time bound content. Testing tool. Worry less about Progressions like Clicked, Opened, Unsubsc ribed, and Converted. Caveats • Still need to consider progression statuses in some situations. • Limitations in Spark. • Still need to jumpstart and control entry and exit. • Are engagements a bit too complex?
    3. 3. Pesky limitations Marketo Edition Active Engagements Streams Spark 4 1 Standard 4 1 Select 100 15 Enterprise 100 15 So what do you do?
    4. 4. Streams, cadences, and stages
    5. 5. Wait, what about drip nurturing? • Drip is still useful depending on your goals. • Drip helps you adjust cadences when multiple Streams aren’t available. • Nest drip nurture programs inside Engagements.
    6. 6. Welcome drip nurture
    7. 7. I want a continuous content stream! But what if we wanted to integrate this Program with a continuous stream of content? What are our options? • Drip+Engagements with some sort of Request Campaign or basic traffic cop…BUT that’s a bit annoying. • Engagement that’s separate and triggered somehow. • Nest Program.
    8. 8. Programs in Engagements need an “Engagement Flow” campaign to work properly.
    9. 9. When to Use Drip instead • When you don’t care about swapping content • One time flow. • Specific welcome program. • Nesting Programs in Engagements • Cadence varies between emails for some reason. • You only have 1 Stream and need to get creative. • Entry • Exit • Pause/Suspend • Pull Back and Accelerate • Nesting Programs.
    10. 10. Lessons • Think carefully about your GOALS. • Are you concerned with Engagement? Clicks? Specific actions? • Content Offer • Is this program to keep people engaged? • Is this a welcome program? • Do you really need to adjust the cadence? • Are you going to keep adding and changing content? • Is there another way you could do this with Drip Programs + Streams?
    11. 11. Contact me Josh Hill Marketing Rockstar Guides @jdavidhill 617.564.3079 December 13 is the final day to buy the Marketing Rockstar’s Guide to Marketo. Then it’s going away forever.