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Building a Home Theater box

Building a Home Theater box



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Ht Box Ht Box Presentation Transcript

  • HTBox Home Theater in a box
  • Long-term Goal
    • Provide turnkey solution providing access to free or low cost Internet video and audio sources
    • Leverage open source Boxee for its multimedia interface
    • Leverage open source Ubuntu Linux OS for its power and stability
  • Hardware
    • Using off the shelf Intel-compatible hardware to minimize costs:
          • Low cost, low power, Intel Core 2 Duo chip
          • Powerful, compact ASUS motherboard
          • Minimal ram (2gb)
          • Small SSD hard drive to lower energy and heat
          • HTPC case to look good
          • Windows media remote
          • Standard DVD player, optional Blu-ray DVD player
    • Component cost from Internet retailer is currently approximately $350
    • Lower costs come with volume pricing
  • Software
    • Use open source software to minimize costs
    • Leverage our extensive expertise in these software packages. We contribute to long running Linux blogs as well as being a moderator on the Boxee forums
    • Software would be streamlined, customized and branded
  • Boxee
    • Boxee -
        • Powerful socialmedia A/V ui, based upon the solid, mature XMBC architecture
        • Supports a myriad number of streaming sites and local formats, including Hulu, Shoutcast, Comedy Central
        • Support for Netflix streaming video as well as anticipated for Linux version
        • Easy to customize, brand and update
  • Ubuntu
    • Ubuntu -
    • The world's most popular Linux distribution
    • The only fully supported Linux distro for Boxee
    • Solid, mature, Linux platform with a great track record
    • V8.04 LTS has a promised 10 year support cycle
  • Customer Wishes
    • Needs turnkey system to display the plethora of free streaming video and audio sources available today
    • A simple, easy to install and use multimedia box that looks good (with a very high “Wife Acceptance Factor”)
    • Must be easy to update and support
    • By playing local and Internet A/V, user can cut or eliminate cable TV costs
  • Fulfilling Customer Needs
    • Customized, streamlined version of Ubuntu would boot directly into Boxee
    • Plug and play hardware would contain flexible output connections (HDMI, component, S/Video)
    • Wireless or wired Internet access means easy home network integration
    • Boxee provides, out of the box, access to all the big Internet streaming video providers
  • Cost Analysis
    • Reduce or eliminate cable or satellite usage
    • HTBox is ready to play, yet still expandable
    • Boxee is ready to play, yet still growing in capabilities, with Netflix streaming and additional site support coming soon
    • Low power, quiet unit plays nice with current home theater setup
  • Strengths and Advantages
    • By giving the consumer a turnkey Boxee solution, they can tap into the world of free streaming video
    • Also supports any local media, including pictures, music, and video
    • Plays DVDs and video up to 1080p via HDMI connection
  • Next Steps of Action
    • Need to build a few boxes and get them out to press and other mover shakers
    • Street price would be about $450, possibly as low as $399 with volume pricing
    • Finish work on customized install of Ubuntu and Boxee for easy HTBox installation
  • Return on Investment
    • 10% of profit on every box sold?
    • Maybe we match (1x? 2x? 3x?) amount invested and he gets that % of equity?