FCSarch 12 Baroque 3 (Rococo)


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  • FCSarch 12 Baroque 3 (Rococo)

    1. 1. Rococo
    2. 2. BASILICA AT OTTOBEUREN , 1748-54 Johann Michel Fischer
    3. 3. Basilica at Ottobeuren , plan
    4. 4. Basilica at Ottobeuren (Bavaria): the spaces flow together a nd swarm with life. gilded stucco and marbled surfaces.
    5. 5. Basilica at Ottobeuren
    6. 6. Basilica at Ottobeuren, detail
    7. 7. Interior: Die Wies, Bavaria, Germany (1746-54), Dominicus Zimmerman
    8. 8. Staircase:  Episcopal Palace, Wurzburg, Germany (1719-44), Balthasar Neumann
    9. 9. PAINTING The Swing
    10. 10. PAINTING Pilgrimage to Cythera 1721
    11. 11. Furniture: Rococo table
    12. 12. Cathedral, Granada. unremarkable exterior
    13. 13. La Cartuja, Granada (Norwich, p.186).
    14. 14. La Cartuja, Granada
    15. 15. Cathedral of Mexico in Mexico City
    16. 16. Cathedral, Mexico City. detail of Altar in the Chapel of the Kings
    17. 17. VERSAILLES Aerial view of the chateau from the park; note the "goose foot", or patte d'oie, arrangement of the three avenues which converge on the entrance front. Versailles 17 th and 18 th centuries Architect: Louis Le Vau Interiors: Charles Le Brun Landscape: Andr é Le N ô tre
    18. 18. Diagram showing the gradual development of the chateau throughout Louis XIV's reign
    19. 19. Painting depicting the hunting lodge built by Louis XIII, soon after his son had begun transforming its gardens and had added the two service wings in front.
    20. 20. Cour de Marbre, showing how Louis XIV preserved his father's hunting lodge encrusting it with sculpture, gilded metalwork and paving its courtyard with marble.
    21. 21. Salon de la guerre (Room of War); note the massive bas-relief of Louis XIV on horseback crushing his enemies who are shown in chains Salon de la guerre (Room of War); note the massive bas-relief of Louis XIV on horseback crushing his enemies who are shown in chains
    22. 22. Hall of Mirrors ( Galerie des Glaces ). The ceiling depicts events from the King's life rather than the customary scenes from Greek or Roman mythology.
    23. 23. Hall of Mirrors
    24. 24. Stables (1679-86) note the appropriate horseshoe-shaped layout.
    25. 25. Plan of the park and town, showing the axial relationships with the chateau
    26. 26. Versailles, Garden Plan by Andre Le Notre, 1660
    27. 27. The gardens, map
    28. 28. gardens
    29. 29. Sculpture of Apollo sculpture showing the sun god emerging from the water in his chariot at the beginning of the day. By Jean-Baptiste Tuby's
    30. 30. Marly, France modeled on Versailles, date?
    31. 31. Ben Franklin Parkway. Controlled landscape with fountains and a strong central axis terminating in a monumental building.