Building and Effective Email Program


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A high level look at 5 keys to begin building your email marketing program.

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Building and Effective Email Program

  2. 2. Jason Dalton Head of Interactive Design Pace Content. Engagement. Results We create multi-channel content programs that deliver the right message to the right audience on the right platform at the right time. In other words ... we are a Content Agency.
  3. 3. Why Use Email Marketing? Consumers who receive email marketing spend 83% more when shopping. For every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average ROI for email marketing. Experian iContact For most marketers, email costs the least but makes the most money. Loren McDonald VP of Industry Relations SilverPop
  4. 4. Email Marketing vs Direct Mail The Annual Response Rate report from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Direct Mail is still the number one method of marketing for response, but email has the highest Return On Investment. The report states that the average ROI for email marketing is 28.5% compared to Direct Mail, which is 7%. Other Marketing Channels Email delivers 28.5% ROI Direct Mail Email
  5. 5. Digitally Connected • Approx. 2 Billion Email Accounts Worldwide • >50% of online consumers check email multiple times a day. • Generation Z
  6. 6. All the Time
  7. 7. 1. Have a Game Plan
  8. 8. Have a Game Plan Outline a Strategy • Define your audience • Determine your message (the content) • Outlining your goals • Determining your frequency • Creating a schedule
  9. 9. Have a Game Plan Defining Audience Once you know your audience you can determine what to say to them.
  10. 10. Have a Game Plan Determine Your Content Once you know who you're talking to, it's time to think about what you're going to say to them. Content Grab Bag: • Upcoming Events • New Products • Product Related Tips • Education • News • Employee Profiles
  11. 11. Have a Game Plan Determine Your Sending Frequency • Monthly (at least) • Bi-Monthly • Weekly Ultimately, you have to decide what works best for you and your customers.
  12. 12. Have a Game Plan Setting Goals What do you want to get out of your email marketing program? • • • • Traffic to your website Help promote sales Increase traffic at events Grow your list
  13. 13. Have a Game Plan Make a Schedule Whatever frequency you choose, set a schedule for each email deployment. Outline Newsletter Content Due Test Email Deploy Email
  14. 14. 2. Build Your List
  15. 15. Build Your List Be Honest Only add subscribers if you have their permission • • • • • Provide opt-in on your homepage Social Media QR Code New member registration Tie it to an incentive Always emphasize the value of your content!
  16. 16. Build Your List Make it Accessible
  17. 17. Build Your List Make it Easy What do I get, what personal data do you want, and what will you do with this data? 1 2 3
  18. 18. Build Your List Welcome :) 1 2 3 4 5
  19. 19. Build Your List Practice Good Hygiene • “Scrub” your list regularly • Remove bad domains • Remove bounced emails • Remove inactive emails
  20. 20. 3. Time to Get Creative
  21. 21. Time to Get Creative Rule #1 Simple, yet pleasant design Gone in 60 seconds The average time an email reader skims over an email is less than 51 seconds Source: Nielsen Norman Group
  22. 22. Time to Get Creative Don’t Over Complicate Design
  23. 23. Time to Get Creative Rule #2 Effective & consistent branding • • • • • From Line 2 - 3 templates max Company logo and branding Consistent calls to action Consistent tone and voice
  24. 24. Time to Get Creative Rule #3 Focus on the content 90% Subject Line 64% Message (Content) 61% Calls to Action 54% Layout & Images Day of the Week 48% Time of Day 47% Personalization 40% From Line 31% 0 20 40 60 80 100 Source: MarketSherpa
  25. 25. Time to Get Creative Reward Your Members
  26. 26. Time to Get Creative Make Your Content Fun
  27. 27. Time to Get Creative Do Not Pass Go Before You Consider Mobile 88% 43% of people check their email via a mobile device daily of commercial email is opened on a mobile device The number of commercial emails opened on mobile devices is expected to be higher than desktop opens in 2014. Source: Litmus / EConsultancy
  28. 28. 4. Test & Adapt
  29. 29. Test & Adapt Every Email Client Is Created Different Market Share Source: Litmus
  30. 30. Test & Adapt Does It Look Beautiful? Litmus tests and tracks your email campaigns, so you can always put your best design forward. • Previews, including Mobile • Subject line testing • SPAM Testing • Analytics • Plays well with others • Share results Source: Litmus
  31. 31. Test & Adapt Measure Successes & Failures Not understanding the value of your marketing is wasted time and money. What should you measure? • Bounce Rate • Delivery Rate • List Growth Rate • Revenue Per Email Sent • Conversion Rate • Email Sharing/Forwarding Rate
  32. 32. Test & Adapt ROI Earned – Spent / Spent = ROI expressed as a percentage
  33. 33. 5. Press Send
  34. 34. Press Send Your Inbox Is Not Made For Email Marketing Your standard email account will undermine vs. aid your email marketing efforts.
  35. 35. Press Send Find a Distribution Partner There are Web-based email marketing services that are inexpensive and designed to make email marketing simple for the non-technical user. 1. List Hosting and Management 2. Follow the Rules 3. Email Address Reputation 4. Templates 5. Analytics
  36. 36. 1. Have a Game Plan define your strategy 2. Build Your List get permission 3. Time to Get Creative simply, fun, relevant 4. Test & Adapt know the results 5. Press Send find a partner