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Medi-Zone Products

  1. 1. Our Complete Product RangeOZONE SPA BATH   PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS • Name: Ozone Spa Bath • Model: MS-1 • Power: 650W • Voltage: AC230V • Room Area: Up to 30 - 60m² • O3 Density: >100 - 200mg/h • Product Size: 300x335x145mm • Product Weight: 3.5kg
  2. 2. Ozone Foot Spa PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Name: Ozone Foot Spa Model: MFS-1 Power: 815W Voltage: 220V O3 Output: 100mg/h Frequency: 50HZ Product Size: 48x48x27cm BENEFITS • Ozone Therapy • Massage Therapy • Humidifier • Temperature Control • Timer Control • Infra-Red Remote Control
  3. 3. Ozone Air Purifiers   PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Name: O3-Ionizer Air Purifier with Hepa Filter & UV Light Model: MA-2 Power: 16W Voltage: AC220V Room Area: Up to 140m² O3 Density: >400mg/h Ion Density: >3x10 cm³ Product Size: 245x177x125mm Product Weight: 1,25kg UV Light Strength: >150uW/cm³ APPLICATION Household, Hotels, Restaurants, etc. BENEFITS • Activated Carbon • Delays food decay • UV Lamp • Decomposes pesticides • Produces drinking water • Sterilizes household products • Dissolves chemicals
  4. 4. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONSName: O3 Air Purifier with Manual TimerModel: MA-3Power: 8WVoltage: AC220VO3 Density: >300mg/hRoom Area: Up to 100m²Product Size: 170x230x65mmProduct Weight: 0,71kgPump Air Flow: 2,5L/minAPPLICATIONHousehold, Hotels, Restaurants, etc.BENEFITS• Manual Timer• Produces drinking water• Preserves freshness of foods, etc.• Dissolves chemicals• Destroys bacteria• Sterilizes utensils and household products
  5. 5. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONSName: Bedside Air Purifier Ozonator-IonizerModel: MA-4Power: 5WVoltage: DC220VO3 Density: >5mg/hRoom Area: Up to 15m²Anion Density: >1million/cm³Product Size: 12x9x17.5mmAPPLICATIONHousehold, Hotels, Restaurants, etc.BENEFITS• Produces Ozone and Ions• Dissolves chemicals• Sterilizes household products
  6. 6. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONName: Direct Plug-In O3 Air PurifierModel: MA-5Power: 10WVoltage: AC220V / 50HzAir Flow: 3L/minO3 Density: >100mg/hRoom Area: Up to 30m²Product Size: 80x44x163mmProduct Weight: 0.34kgAPPLICATIONHousehold, Hotels, Restaurants, etc.BENEFITS• Decomposes pesticides & chemicals• Oxidizes metals & organic substances• Removes various odours & toxins, etc.
  7. 7. Ozone Fridge Purifier   PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Model: MF-1 Voltage: DC6V Power: 1W Ozone Density: >20mg Product size: 130x70x113 Product Weight: 172g Suitable Interspace: ± 250L APPLICATION • Refrigerator • Wardrobe • Shoe boxes • Toilet • Computer room BENEFITS • Sterilizes • Refreshes and disinfects • Destroys Bacteria • Removes Bad Smells • Delays food decay
  8. 8. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONName: Refrigerator Disinfector OzonatorModel: MF-2Voltage: DC6VPower: 0.5WOzone Density: 10mg/hProduct size: 74x63x115Product Weight: 115gSuitable Interspace: ± 150LAPPLICATION• Refrigerator• Wardrobe• Shoe boxes• Toilet• Computer roomBENEFITS• Sterilizes• Refreshes and disinfects• Destroys Bacteria• Removes Bad Smells• Delays food decay
  9. 9. Ozone Car Air Purifier A must for any car especially in heavy traffic and factory areas which is the cause for excessive air pollution. Ozone will neutralize any harmful compound in your car. BENEFITS•Produces active oxygen•Neutralizes carbon particles produced bycigarette smoke•Reduces carbon dioxide by 15%•Prevents air conditioner related allergies•Disinfects surrounding air•Reduces pollen count in air•Reduces dust particles•Eliminates airborne pathogens and germs•Neutralizes positive charged particles•No side effects or secondary pollution
  10. 10. Ozone Tap Water Purifier BENEFITS: • Provides pure, clean and healthy drinking water with no chlorine or chemical after taste. • Disinfects hands, surfaces and cleaning materials. • Prolongs life and improves quality of freshOzone water is safe, natural and extremely good for produce.the human body as it kills all bacteria and germs in • Removes bacteria, residual pesticides andthe water. In water, ozone decomposes rapidly and chemicals from fruit, vegetables, fish andhydrolyses to form the OH-radical, an extremely meat.powerful oxidant. Therefore ozonized water can be • Cleans and disinfects wash-basins andused as an oxidant. This product can be used in drains.Medical Institutions, Hospitality Industry, Old Age • Disinfects and soothes burns and sores -Homes, domestic Households, Flower Markets, promotes the healing process.Schools, etc. to ensure healthy drinking and cleaning. • Promotes growth and health of pot plants. • Easy to install. • No electricity.
  11. 11. OZONE AROMATHERAPY OILS LAVENDER EUCALYPTUS                       VALERIAN • Stress relief MINT • Anxiety • Poor • Muscle cramps • Insomnia circulation • Colds and flu • Climate • Muscle aches • Sinusitis disorder • Cellulite • Coughing reactions • Athletes foot • Stress PINE 7 HERBS ROSEMARY • Rheumatism • Colds & flu • Bad blood • Convalescence • Rheumatic pain circulation • Invigorates • Nasal • Muscle cramps • Exhaustion congestion • Cellulite • Soothes aching muscles ACTIVE HEAT CAMOMILE MAYFLOWER • Pain Relief • Tiredness • Rheumatic • Relaxes aching • Fatigued & • Arthritis muscles damaged skin • Treatment of • Cramps • Skin irritation Sciatic syndrome • Itchiness • Inflammation