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Charles manson
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Charles manson


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Charles Manson
    Jacob Bickel
    Spring 2011
  • 3. Childhood
    Illegitimate son of Kathleen Maddox and Colonel Scott
    Maddox arrested for armed robbery sentenced to 5 years prison
    Manson Lived with family members while Maddox served time
    Manson’s family very strict and religious
    Manson began to rebel at young age
  • 4. Early Offenses
    Manson’s first arrest was for robbery
    Second arrest was for two armed robberies
    Sent to boys home in Indiana
    Arrested for car theft and burglarizing 15-20 gas stations heading west
    Sent to National Training School
    Came up for parole, but was caught sodomizing a boy with a razor blade held to his throat
  • 5. Manson Family
    Attracted young lonely hippies with drugs, sex, and music
    Talked of massive race riots that would occur in the summer of 1969
    Planned to hide out in Death Valley to ride out the riots
    Family members stole cars, money, fuel, and weapons for final fight
  • 6. Manson Family
  • 7. World Views
    Helter Skelter
    Race riots to overthrow America
    Fifth Angel (Jesus) Jesus would save family
    First four angels were John Paul George and Rengo (Beatles)
  • 8. Spahn Ranch
    Charles acquired a ranch in in Southern California that was used in many movies and TV shows
    The Lone Ranger
    Used as a home as the Family prepared for the final move to Death Valley
    Used as storage for stolen cars, trucks, dune buggies, and all other goods needed
    Raid at Spahn Ranch had captured the Manson Family, including Charles, but no charges were great enough to keep the Family in Prison
  • 9. Spahn Ranch
  • 10. Murders
  • 11. Hinman
    Gary Hinman was a friend of Manson Family and drug maker
    Manson claimed Hinman owed the family money and ordered him killed
    First killer refused and fled the ranch
    Second killer agreed killing Hinman and smearing “Political Piggy” on the wall in Hinman’s blood
  • 12. Tate
    Killed several celeberities at the home of Ramon Polanski
    Sharon Tate and unborn child
    Steve Parent
    Abigail Folger
    Jay Sebring
    Killed all victoms in horrendous displayes of violence
    After killing the residents, “Pigs” was written on the walls of the Polanski House
  • 13. Tate
  • 14. LaBianca
    Family murdered Leno and Rosemary LaBianca in there home in Southern California
    Leno had just bought a news paper and read about the Tate murders the night before
    The murders came into the house and tied the couple up
    Leno was stabbed in the living room while Rosemary was tied up in the bedroom where she was broke her neck then was stabbed to death
    War was cut into the torso of Leno’s body with “Death to Pigs” smeared across the wall
  • 15. LaBianca
  • 16. Capture
    First raid at Barker ranch collected guns knives cars drugs and 10 prisonersmany of which were members of the Family
    Police got reports of new cars reported at the ranch, most likely moved there by remaining members of the Manson Family
    Police surveyed house and caught Manson walking in
    Officers busted into the house but Manson appeared to escape once again
    After an extensive search Manson was found in a cabinet in the bathroom
    Coming from the cabinet Manson simply stated “Hi, I’m Charly Manson”
  • 17. Shea
    Donald “Shorty” Shea had talked with the Manson Family in jail after Spahn Ranch raid
    Shea had known things about the Tate-La Bianca Murders after talking to Family Members
    Shea was tortured and it is reported that the Family toyed with his mental state like one would do with a mental patient before killing him
    After Shea’s murder, the Family burned and buried his belongings to keep the murder a secret
  • 18. Death Valley
    Barker Ranch was used as another home for preparation of the race riots
    Used as Family members searched for the opening of a cave to stay in
    Barker ranch was the final capture of Charles Mandson
  • 19. Prison life
    Manson spent many years in solitary confinement
    Eventually allowed his guitar, a radio, and a TV
    When asked if Manson ever read he responded by saying his own thoughts were more interesting than anything he could read
    Manson, however, had watched TV but did not say what it was that he watched
  • 20. Interviews
    Manson has Given a number of Interview since he has been in Prison
    In Manson’s San Quinton interview said that he did not feel guilty for what he had done, but maybe he should have killed four to five hundred people so that he would feel like he did a favor to society
    In Manson’s Interview Charlie Rose he stated that he had only memories, no happy or sad ones. He also said that Manson did not need to be love because he was Love
    Also in 2011Manson broke his 20 yeah silence to give an interview on environmental issues and global warming
  • 21. Parole
    Since 1969 Manson has come up for parole 11 times
    Every time Manson has been denied and seems excited about it most times
    Manson once said after being denied parole that he was fine with the ruling because he was not ready to leave yet in the first place
    Manson is scheduled for his 12th parole in 2012
    This hearing is already attracting attention due to the theory of theworld ending the same year
  • 22. Cell Phone
    Manson, along with many other prisoners, in 2009 with a cell phone hidden under his mattress
    It is unknown how Manson had obtained the phone
    Manson placed several calls to many states along with missed calls from different states and even Canada
    In early 2011 Manson was once again caught with a cell phone hidden in his jail cell
    Once again there are no clues of how Manson had gotten the phone
    The calls and messages sent by Manson were not released