Informative Speech Hobbies: Sample Two


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Informative Speech Hobbies: Sample Two

  1. 1. Taylor BassSeptember 6, 2011 Informative Speech Good afternoon, my name is Taylor Bass. Is there something that you enjoy doing thatrelaxes you from everything else? Maybe something you just can’t wait to do? Whether it’ssports, eating, sleeping, or reading everyone has something they enjoy doing. I have three mainhobbies I feel get me away from the stress of my daily routine. I enjoy going on vacations, beingin the sun, and spending time with my dad. Going on vacations relaxes me from the normal routine that goes on in my daily life. InAugust 2010, my family and I drove down to Miami, Florida to visit family. We also went downto Key West, Florida for a couple of days. Is there something you have always dreamed ofdoing? I have, parasailing. My cousin and I parasailed in Key West and I loved it. The brightblue water underneath us, wind blowing in my air and being so high in the air was an experience.As much of a summer girl I am, I also enjoy going to the mountains in the winter. Being able tosee the leaves change and driving around in circles up a mountain, what could be more fun sincewe live on flat lands? I also enjoy visiting new places. In a few years I hope to go out of thecountry, and visit my family and past exchange students. I enjoy experiencing new cultures andtheir way of life. Traveling around the map on vacation is not enough for me, so out of the car and into thesun I go. One thing I really enjoy doing that I don’t get to do enough of, because something elsealways seems to be more important, is being outside in the sun. Boat rides in the summer withmy family and friends are what I look forward to the most. Spending all day on the river riding inthe boat, intertubing or knee boarding, and grilling out on the island could not describe a better
  2. 2. summer day. When we are not able to take the boat out, I enjoy going to the beach. Going to thebeach it is an easy way to catch a tan while talking to friends, listening to music and the wavescrash, or relaxing with a book in my hand. Another water sport I enjoy is going kayaking down asmall creek and watching wild life. From one sunshine to another, my dad always shines in my heart. Chuck, my dad, is themain man in my life; I would do anything for him. I enjoy spending time with him no matterwhat it is. We enjoy going deep sea fishing together the most, but he gets jealous because Ialways seem to catch more fish than him. He also enjoys going to dinner and a movie. EverySunday I would hear “Do you want to go to a dinner and a movie? Or are you getting too goodfor daddy?” So, I would end up sitting through a boring Sci-fi movie and pretend I enjoyed itjust for the dinner after. Another thing my dad enjoys is me going to work with him. He says it isour “bonding time”, because he is always so busy with work. To me it is boring riding aroundlistening to him on the phone, but I do it to make him happy. Even though these are my hobbies, school does not allow me to enjoy them as much as Iwould like. This is why I cherish the times I get for each hobby.Every time I go on vacations Imake sure I experience something new. Being in the sun relaxes me and gives me some physicalactivity. When I am spending time with my dad I make the best of it, because we don’t get to doit often. Thank you.