ENG 102 - Essay 2 - Drama (historical studies)


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ENG 102 - Essay 2 - Drama (historical studies)

  1. 1. ENG 102 – BoltonEssay Assignment 2: Drama (Historical Studies)Draft Due to TurnitIn for Peer Review: February 23 (by 11:59 pm)Peer Review Must be Completed By: February 28 (by 11:59 pm)Paper Due to Instructor: March 6Length: 2000-3000words (any essay that falls outside the length requirements, whether over or under, will be penalized 20 points)Outside Sources Required: Four (the play you are analyzing and three secondary sources—these mustbe scholarly, and at least one of them must be a printed book (not e-book)—you will be penalized 20points for each source that isn’t scholarly and 20 points for each one missing)Submission Methods: Hard copy (to me), electronic copy to TurnitInThis is the ―research paper‖ of the semester—ahistorical reading of one of the plays we read in class. Ahistorical reading analyzes the work through the lens of a historian, considering the time period’sinfluences on the characters and situations. There are numerous handouts, worksheets, and examples onD2L and the course website that you should view to help you as you work on your essay. It is yourresponsibility to refer to these handoutsto make sure you understandthe expectations andrequirements of a poetry explication essay. Furthermore,please follow these guidelines whenconstructing your essay: You must write on either Death of a Salesman or Hamlet(essays on other plays will receive a 0) o Death of a Salesman takes place in America in the 1940s (World War II era) o Hamlet was written during the Renaissance (1400s-1700s, Europe) Include an interesting, engaging title Provide a thesis that is specific, well-developed, and appropriate o Your thesis and the rest of your essay must effectively interweave the historical information with your interpretation of the play—I do not want a ―report‖ on the time period; you are still making an argument via your interpretation of how the time period affected what happens in the work Cite at least once from each source in your essay Choose appropriate sources when researching o Sources must be scholarly, meaning they must come from the library database or be a published book—no websites are acceptable o Include at least one book as a source—a printed, published book, not an E-book. Follow MLA Format(which means you will have a Works Cited page that includes an entry for each source used!) Proofread carefully for grammatical, technical, and mechanical errorsNotes/Reminders: Peer review will be completed online through TurnitIn—see D2L and the course website for an instructional video on how to complete peer review Don’t forget to submit your final essay to TurnitIn as well as turning in a hard copy; with either one of these submissions, your essay is ―turned in‖ (and not late), but I must receive both copies within one week of the due date or the essay receives a zero Consult the rubric, but remember that just because something is included doesn’t mean it will receive a 10/10 on the rubric; each element must also be effective For MLA format help, consult your textbook
  2. 2. Student Name: _________________________ Peer Review Grade: _____/20Essay 2: Drama – Historical Studies(200 points)Scale: 1-missing; 2-unsatisfactory; 3-needs significant work; 4-needs some improvement; 5-needs slightimprovement; 6- acceptable; 7-satisfactory; 8-good; 9-excellent; 10-perfect 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Introduction introduces the text and author, provides necessary background information about the play and/or time period, and builds to the thesis Introduction includes a clear, well-developed thesis that is focused, argumentative, and effectively states a connection between the time period and the literature Each body paragraph includes a topic sentence that relates to the thesis and outlines that paragraph Support/body paragraphs are appropriate, concrete, and well-developed Examples utilized for support are specific and contribute to essay’s argument Essay demonstrates clear understanding of both the literary work and the time period In-text citations are formatted correctly and used effectively to support essay’s thesis Sources are well-chosen and enhance essay’s claim Research is effectively incorporated to strengthen essay’s historical reading Ideas are clearly stated and logical fallacies are avoided Essay effectively interweaves a discussion of the literature with information about the time period Conclusion avoids introducing new ideas and effectively summarizes the argument/essay Essay is well-organized and appropriately structured Transitions effectively enhance the essay’s flow Sentence structures are correct, clear, and effective Second-person (―you‖) is avoided Unnecessary first-person (―I think,‖ ―I believe,‖ etc.) is avoided Vocabulary, language use, and word choices are correct and appropriate Grammar, spelling, and mechanics demonstrate correct use of Standard Edited American English MLA Format is followed throughout the essayTotal: ______/200 - ______ (points for lateness, length, and/or sources) = _______/ 200