ENG 102 – BoltonEssay Assignment 2: Drama: Character AnalysisFor this essay assignment, you will analyze a character, mean...
Additional Assignments Required:Due dates for these assignments are listed above and on the course outline on the course s...
Student Name: _____________________________Grading Rubric/Sheet for Essay 2: Character Analysis (100 points)Scale: E = per...
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102 essay 2 - character analysis drama (summer 2013)


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102 essay 2 - character analysis drama (summer 2013)

  1. 1. ENG 102 – BoltonEssay Assignment 2: Drama: Character AnalysisFor this essay assignment, you will analyze a character, meaning you determine what motivates him/herto behave the way he/she does. (You are looking, essentially, at the psychology of the character.) Pleasefollow these guidelines when constructing your essay; any guideline not met/followed may result in alower essay grade:1.) Choose ONE character from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet to analyze.2.) Determine how the character is usually perceived by readers and/or other characters.3.) Construct an academic essay in MLA format that argues/explores how the character is differentfrom the way he/she is normally perceived. Include all of the following in your essay:o all typical expected essay components for academic essays: introduction, thesisstatement, body paragraphs with topic sentences and supporting sentences, conclusiono at least one counterargument in the body of your essay (remember, a counterargumentshould offer then refute/disprove an opposing argument to yours—see pgs. 86-87 of yourtextbook)o at least one quote from Hamlet to support your character analysis (remember, plays fromanthologies—like Hamlet in your textbook—are cited by page numbers… but you stillneed to include slashes for line breaks if the section is written in ―lines‖)o at least one quote from your (one) literary criticism article (this can help support yourclaim or can be part of your counterargument)o a Works Cited page that includes the play and your additional source4.) Before submitting your final essay, don’t forget to proofread carefully for grammatical,technical, and mechanical errors.Important Dates and RequirementsCharacter Analysis Worksheet Due: June 18 (at class time)Outline of Essay Due: June 20 (at class time)Draft Due to TurnitIn for PeerMark: June 20 (by 11:59 pm)Peer Review Must be Completed By: Saturday, June 22 (by 11:59 pm)Paper Due to Instructor: June 25 (by 5:00 pm)Length*: 800-1200 wordsSources Required*: Two—(1) the play Hamlet and (2) ONE literary criticismarticle from the library database JSTOR or LiteraryReference Center—you may not any other database, and youmay not include more than one article in your essaySubmission Methods: Hard copy (to me), electronic copy to TurnitIn* Essays that are too short, too long, or don’t meet the source requirements will receive half credit.Note: You will also be required to turn in additional work that you complete as part of the writingprocess—see next page for details.Consult the rubric (at the end of this assignment sheet) carefully forspecific details on how your essay will be graded on each component!
  2. 2. Additional Assignments Required:Due dates for these assignments are listed above and on the course outline on the course syllabus.Remember, they are due in class on the date listed and are accepted via hard (printed) copy only; theonly exception is if you are absent, and you then have options for receiving credit—see syllabus for fullpolicy. Each assignment is worth 10 points.Character Analysis Worksheet for Essay 2: There is a worksheet on D2L that asks you somequestions about your chosen character. Print this worksheet and fill it out (it may be handwritten).Outline for Essay 2: This worksheet (from D2L) asks you to outline the basic structure of your essay.Print it and fill it out (it may be handwritten).Reminder about PeerMark: You must submit a draft of your essay to Turnitin.com for PeerMark—this draft must meet all requirements for the essay, including length and format. To get full credit, youmust also review the two essays you are assigned and offer thorough feedback for your peers.Note: There are additional handouts/links on D2L that you might find helpful while writing this essay.It’s your responsibility to consult them if you need additional help.
  3. 3. Student Name: _____________________________Grading Rubric/Sheet for Essay 2: Character Analysis (100 points)Scale: E = perfect/excellent, G = good, F = fair, P = poor or missingEssay Component(circled items indicate problems with that particular area)Score (see scale)E G F PTitle is interesting/creative, original, and relevant to the essay’s content/focus5 4 2 0Introduction introduces play and author (and character!), briefly summarizes play (relevantto character), provides necessary background information, and builds to the thesis 10 8 6 0Thesis statement is clearly worded, attempts to understand the character in a new way,and is the last sentence of the introduction 10 8 6 0Body Paragraphs adequately support thesis by providing examples from the play,explaining connections logically and thoroughly, and offering at least onecounterargument that offers and refutes an opposing view; plot summary is avoided25 20 10 0Quotes from play and literary criticism article (found from researching) are included,formatted correctly (parenthetical citations in MLA format), properly integrated(introduced and discussed/explained), and effective in supporting thesis10 8 6 0Conclusion avoids introducing new ideas and adequately summarizes essay10 8 6 0Organization is effective through the use of topic sentences and transitions throughout theessay; order of body paragraphs reflects thesis statement 10 8 6 0Vocabulary, language use, and word choices are correct and appropriate; present tense isused when discussing play, terms are used correctly, second-person (“you”) andunnecessary first-person (I think, I believe, etc.) are avoided10 8 6 0MLA Format is followed throughout essay: heading, page numbers, spacing, alignment,margins, font, Works Cited page 10 8 6 0Grammar/MechanicsMore than 3 errors ofthe same type willresult in it beingcircled here; any errorcircled will result in 5points off your essaygrade.Run-on sentencesSentence fragmentsComma splicesSubject/verb agreementVerb tense shiftsPronoun usagePunctuation usageSpelling/typosWording/wordinessOther:* Please consult your essay for details; if you do not understand a comment I made, please don’t hesitate tocome see me during office hours to discuss your essay.Subtotal: _____/100Was PeerMark completed (on Turnitin.com) adequately? If not, subtract up to 15 points: - _____Was this rubric printed out and turned in with the final essay? If not, subtract 15 points: - _____Grammatical/Mechanical errors: - _____Final Essay 2 Grade: _____/100