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Edmodo parent presentation

  1. 1. W h a t is ?www.edmodo.com
  2. 2. What is it? Edmodo is a free, secure, sociallearning platform for teachers,students, parents, and schools.• Edmodo provides teachers andstudents with a secure and easyway to post classroom materials,share links and videos, and accesshomework, grades and schoolnotices.  • Teachers and students can storeand share all forms of digitalcontent – blogs, links, pictures,video, documents, presentations,and more.
  3. 3. Did you say social? Like Facebook?
  4. 4. vs.
  5. 5. vs.• Social: connect! • Social: connect!• Simple and fun to use • Simple and fun to use• Post events • Post events• Handles grades • No grading• Teacher controlled • No teacher control• Private (profiles are private to our • Public and unregulated class; only St. Edward’s 5th grade students and parents have access • Purely social networking to the group) (no educational worth)• Education-oriented (for • No parent accounts discussion of topics addressed in available class)• Parent accounts
  6. 6. Over 1 Million Users
  7. 7. What do students get out of Edmodo? Communication Collaboration/Social Creativity Computer Skills
  8. 8. What Can Edmodo Do?
  9. 9. Edmodo
  10. 10. NotesStudents andteachers use the “note bubble” tocommunicate and share Students can only send notes with each directly to the teacher or the other. entire class. (Parents can also view these with a parent account.)
  11. 11. What can we share? You name it!mp3 files video clipslinksdocuments
  12. 12. New AssignmentsNew Assignments appear in the Spotlightand on themain page
  13. 13. Completing AssignmentsStudents can type responses, submit files, or link to their work on another site
  14. 14. Graded Assignments
  15. 15. Polls Anonymous ResultsStudents can voice dissenting opinions without fear of being judged
  16. 16. Library Storage SpaceStudents can find documents, links, or media resources for class
  17. 17. Organizational Tools CalendarGradebook
  18. 18. You can also sign up for a Parent Account! Parents will be able to send messages to the teacher and their student Parents will be able to view assignments, due dates, and grades for their student. Parents will be able to view communication between their student and teacher.
  19. 19. Parent Accounts Once you receive a parent code from your child’steacher you will be able to register with Edmodo at www.edmodo.com
  20. 20. Parent Registration
  21. 21. Creating an Account• Use your Parent Code to create an account• Add all children in the family with additional parent codes
  22. 22. Edmodo Parent View
  23. 23. Parent Calendar
  24. 24. Parent Assignment Page
  25. 25. Parent Notifications
  26. 26. Technology makes learning fun with www.edmodo.com