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This is an overview of the Live Green grant for the 2008 - 2009 school year.

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Live Green Presentation 0809

  1. 1. Team 71 Wolves Dudley Middle School 2008 – 2009 FELS Grant
  2. 2. Task # 1 TEA Tasting Task #2 TEA Information Task # 3 Bibliography Task #4 House Plans Task #5 Landscape Task #6 Vehicle Analysis Task #7 Itemized Budget Task #8 Home Buyer Brochure Task #9 Infomercial Task #10 Presentation to Team Students
  3. 3. T E A H o u s e P r o je c t (Transportation, Environment, Alternative Energy) *Master Checklist* Project Objective: To create the most efficient 3,000 square foot home at the lowest cost incorporating all project components. Name: _____________________Group # _____ Project Manager: _____________________________ Reporter: _____________________________________ Reader/Tech. Advisor:___________________________ Runner: _____________________________________
  4. 4. Task 2 TEA Information Sheet T e a m 7 -1 W o lv e s , L IV E G r e e n S u r v e y
  5. 5. Task 3 Bibliography - please visit for examples
  6. 6. Task #4: House Plans
  7. 7. ~Landscaping~ ~You must be the change you wish to see in the Our solar house’s world~ landscaping is gorgeous - and very affordable. It is Gandhi made up of Summer Red Maple Trees, Lilac Bushes, and Impatiens Solar Rockapulco. It completes this energy efficient house. ~Our Vehicle~ Instead of the 2008 House Toyota Highlander, buy the 2010 Honda Insight Hybrid. It is only $19,800. Total Cost! ~ $331,731.24 ~
  8. 8. ENERGY SAVING House Plans! FEATURES! Appliances! ~ Pellet Stove: $1,649 It will save you bundles on your heating Stove: $849 Square Footage: 2,600 bill! Refrigerator: $1,898 Important! ~ Wind Mill: $1,099.95 oPassive Solar Microwave: $119 Wind mills are strong structure that will oReading Loft produce energy for you to use in your Washer: $531.99 house! oAbundant Light oSun Room Dryer: $398 ~ Rain Barrels (2): $388.46 oCentral Atrium These hold the rain and save water for Dishwasher: $360.99 oDay-Light Basement you to water your plants with! Rooms: ~ Triple Pane Windows: $2,400 These appliances are Living Room These help you stay 30% warmer in the winter! energy efficient and will Family Room save you a lot of money in the future. Also, it will Sun Room keep our world Bedrooms: 3 healthier and cleaner. Bathrooms: 2.5 Etc…
  9. 9. Our house is 3,000 Environmental Living square feet with an attached garage. On two acres of land! It is two stories with three bedrooms, and one and a half baths. There is a living room, kitchen, upstairs deck, and an attached greenhouse. Plus a great view of the lake next to this house! This Lauren house is very spacious and great for any Scott family. It is especially Go Green! energy efficient. Solar Cameron panels, wind turbine, and double paned Maria windows. Eco-Friendly! Only $367,743.28!
  10. 10. Heating and Air Conditioning Wind Turbine Appliances Solar panels connect to the The wind turbine generates its •Energy Star Refrigerator heating and air conditioning own electricity. The rotor •Thermador Stove systems. This reduces regular blades spin from the wind, oil, gas, or electric heating they spin the gears which •Energy Star Washer and is much healthier for the then makes energy. The •Energy Star Dryer environment. It also has a energy is then stored in the payback time of 4-7 years and generator box. •Energy Star Dishwasher will save lots of money. •Energy Star Microwave Landscaping •Rain Barrel Double Paned Windows Vehicle •Compost Bin Double paned windows are Compared to a Toyota Camry, •Organic Lawn Fertilizer two parallel pieces of glass a Toyota Prius is more energy with a gap in between •Electric Lawn Mower efficient and gas saving. glasses. This space is filled While a Camry has 34 miles •Calla Lilies with a gas to insulate and per gallon on highway, the keep heat in. •Linden Trees Prius has 48 miles per gallon. The Prius has an electric •Golden Rain Trees ignition system, 134 horsepower, and electric motor.
  11. 11. Appliances Wind Turbine Heating Sources We have bought a nice To help save money on A great winter heating stove called the GE the electric bill, we, source for a home profile oven range from along with three other could be a “Breckwell Home Depot, we also groups in the area are Pellet Stove” . It heats have gotten the kitchen constructing a 6 meter the whole house and aid dish washer from , the wind turbine that will be keeps it warm during Frigidaire oven range helping us now and in the winter. You’ll have microwave, the whirlpool the future with going to buy pellets to fuel the side by side refrigerator, green. This turbine is 6 stove to keep the the Electrolux large meters tall (18 feet) house warm. You will capacity washer and dryer and could save you also need to clean the all of these appliances 50-90 % on your ash tray so you will not except for the stove is electric bill. Any person have a big pile of ash from Best Buy. All of the who wants to go green products are energy star should consider buying qualified. this house.
  12. 12. House Plans If you are interested Group 16 Brochure Our group house has in buying this house Brendan been under please contact group construction for a while. 16 at 508-943-2224. Jaelynn It includes, 4 Lauren bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a deck spa, dining room, Aaron kitchen, living room, theatre, 2 decks, patio and a great view of Pier Pond in Dudley. The Group 16 mailing house sits on 2 acres address of land. We also have a 6 meter wind turbine 70 Dudley Oxford RD to help save on your Dudley Massachusetts electricity bill. We also insulated our house 01571 with Owens corning fiber glass insulation.
  13. 13. Rooms Energy Saving Lake Features Kitchen- Energy Star: Dishwasher, •Solar Panels Microwave, Refrigerator, Stove. •Windmill Water Purifying System- •Low-Flow appliances clean water -Toilet from lake behind house. Bathroom- -Shower Low Flow- Toilets and •Energy Star rated features Shower heads. -Dishwasher Has toilet, tub, shower, and faucet -Microwave energy saving features. -Refrigerator Outside- -Stove Vegetable and Flower -Washer gardens. Solar Lights along -Dryer driveway. -Kitchen Sink Spinning Composter -Bathroom Sink made of Recycled plastic -Tub/Shower •Energy Saving Insulation
  14. 14. Beautiful Spacious . Ranch . House contains: three bedrooms, 2 baths, large living area, and up to date kitchen and dining space, complete with stainless steal appliances and low-flow bathroom necessities. Situated on waterfront, this house is perfect for any type of family. A solar wall will help to reduce lighting costs, and heating. You’ll be Erin, Sam, Derek, happy to enter a 2 car and Tyler garage after a long day at work, full with a Bale Courtyard and neighboring elaborate gardens… we’ll give you a great first impression.
  15. 15. Blade Design
  16. 16. Task 7 Itemized Budget 2008-2009 SPREADSHEET FOR MY HOUSE T E A LISTING BASE PRICE OF HOUSE $300,000.00 LAND SCAPING OAK TREES $50.00 NUM OF OAK TREES 654 TOTAL LAND SCAPING $32,700.00 HEATING OIL FURNACE $25,000.00 PROPANE FIRE PLACE $1,525.25 SOLAR PANELS $5,423.16 TOTAL HEATING $31,948.41 TRANPORTATION CADDILAC HYBRID TOTAL $45,678.12 APPLIANCES LG 412 LUX STOVE $5,321.12 FRIDGE 567 BULA $3,456.12 MICOWAVE 423 KENMORE $456.89 WASHER 456 KENMORE $678.45 DRYER 345 MAYTAG $765.45 DISHWASHER ENERGY STAR $567.34 TOTAL APPLIANCES $11,245.37 See attached budget sheet for $421,571.90 TOTAL COST FELS Grant.
  17. 17. Task 9 Infomercial - See attached rubric - Winning infomercial spot-lighted on the DMS Titan Morning Show Task 10 Presentation – In School Culmination Activity
  18. 18. Recycling Program • Students maintained the school wide recycling program
  19. 19. Wiki Site Please visit for more examples of students work