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Revenue Architects workshop presentation. Companion workbook is found on Revenue Architects dotcom tools download area.

Revenue Architects workshop presentation. Companion workbook is found on Revenue Architects dotcom tools download area.

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  • WelcomeMy background and perspectiveThe overall goal: Consider strategies for web presence – including both social media and website experience. Capture ideas along the way
  • How are we going to do this…
  • ROIRetentionShare of walletLifetime value of clientBuilding relationships across generationsBetter relationships (qualitative)LoyaltyTrustSatisfactionLoyalty StudiesUse an existing study?
  • More than one-half of financial services product searches in the United States begin online, according to Accenture research, and that figure is likely to increase. Indeed, customers rank the online channel as the single most important way of interacting with their banks.
  • 77%: internetworldstats.comAge: http://www.itfacts.biz/us-internet-user-profile-by-demographics/11234Income: http://www.itfacts.biz/us-internet-penetration-by-demographic-profile/10538
  • Introduce the relationship life cycle
  • ROIRetentionShare of walletLifetime value of clientBuilding relationships across generationsBetter relationships (qualitative)LoyaltyTrustSatisfaction
  • If effective web presence deepens and extends relationships and is relevant to your firm, what strategies should you consider?By exploring each stage of the relationship life-cycle, we can identify some opportunities.As we review each stage, we can also assess our current maturity levels and potential strategies.
  • Window to audience intent
  • Validate with your best clients. They can tell you why they bought from you better than anyone.Use “their language” to craft your value proposition Create content and key messages that resonates with prospects who “look” like your best clients.What types of content do you need to move clients effectively and efficiently through the cycle?Customize the content/message for different types of customers, targets, segments.
  • www.grader.com/www.ToolsWordVision.comwww.SpyFu.comwww.Compete.comwww.QuantCast.comwww.SEOMajestic.comwww.Raven-SEO-Tools.comwww.Tools.SEOBook.comwww.SEOToolSet.comwww.LinkVendor.comwww.MarketLeap.com
  • So now instead of a few sources of news we have MILLIONS of independent sources of information50 years ago, corporate image was built on what they showed us on TV, RadioNow you no longer sweep bad press under the rug, your image truly represents your actionsAgain we see the consumer gaining power through Web 2.0The conversation about your brand is taking place in the blogosphere with or without you. Are you participating?
  • COI networks as well as associations
  • Twitter has 145 million registered users. Twitter is now attracting 190 million visitors per month and generating 65 million Tweets a day. Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members.People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook- over 500 millions monthly active users- 50% of active users logging in on any given day with 130 friends on average- more time on the site than on Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Microsoft, Wikipedia and Amazon combined- 60% users are more likely to recommend a brand after being a fan
  • - over 500 millions monthly active users- 50% of active users logging in on any given day with 130 friends on average- more time on the site than on Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Microsoft, Wikipedia and Amazon combined- 60% users are more likely to recommend a brand after being a fan
  • Optimize the site for major search engines and integrate 2.0 features for social sharingPosition your brand with respect to your desired target market and engage it across your web presenceEngage a creative to design a professional and engaging visual designBuild navigation, ease of use and adherence with accessibility standards into your designUse dynamic content to build credibility and ensure compliance of information offeredDeliver functionality aligned to user needs and a website foundation for content managementProvide facilities for users to transact and take action
  • Similarly, while not a Social Media Channel specifically, the Event and Webinar continue to be strong solutions for permission “inbound” marketing.Commit to a schedule of webinarsTie this in with your blog and article strategyCapture interest and NurtureGreat opportunity to coordinate with other Advocates and Relationships – Attorneys, CPAs
  • Facilitate onboarding with online formsMORE EXAMPLES/ CASES
  • Marketing database that supports personalized communications by industry, company size, role, etc. Database marketing and multi-media to get the right message to the right peoplePersonalized online experiences to nurture prospects with automated, personalized emails Progressive profies based on profiles and behavior...and advance their level of qualification based on scoring and business rules.Qualify - Define qualification thresholds...bridge the gap between marketing and sales by linking prospect data to the pipeline...and deliver the best leads in real-time so sales reps can focus on the greatest revenue potential.Measure - Access customized online reports and dashboards to gain visibility into program performance and the funnel...track program performance and ROI in real time...and gain the insight needed to make quick, informed decisions on the best media, spending allocation and more.Landing page: A page with a specific call to action that a user is driven to via email, search engine, external website or a promotional URL within the site −Has similar branding elements, navigation, and look and feel as the main site −Often features a piece of premium content and registration form Campaign / Entry Page: A page focusing on a content area, with promoting one primary piece of content with several other related / relevant pieces Microsite: A special separate set of web-pages for a specific content area used to support, enhance or supplement the main site. −Often temporary, not perpetual −Used to target new markets or to create focused content for niche audiences PURLs: A personalized page that provides a range of relevant content based on the profile information collected from the visitor (based on what browsed and downloaded before, events they've attended and what they've told us via forms, questionnaires or surveys).
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements, including those issued by FINRA and SEC, must be considered when exploring any new technology. Most regulatory requirements are put in place to protect investors and keep their confidential information secure. There are also business continuity requirements to ensure client service is not significantly interrupted during emergencies. New technologies must address these issues and allow advisors to enhance their client service while maintaining regulatory compliance.
  • More engagement/ phone times/ year/ meetings… how to extend..Bigger picture story about stages
  • Email and Newsletters are still an important channel to stay in front of your audienceExplain features - using email effectively …concepts of text vs. HTML, tracking, using text vs. HTML – we don’t always need graphical emailsConsumers to receive 9,000-plus email marketing messages annually by 2014 Email's overwhelming cost-effectiveness will continue to drive spending Faced with increased clutter, marketers must get serious about relevance - emphasize content value – quality is more important as we are inundatedConversion: Works with Permission marketing – allows your audience to connect back to you based on their preferences
  • Provide ways to “introduce a friend”
  • Web Presence – Expanding presence builds your footprint and visibility on the webWe are seeing a shift in strategy from being present in our “website” to being present across the social web. Today, I hope to convince you that an active and effective web presence is essential for deepening relationships and expanding your practice. I also want to suggest that to build an ecosystem effectively, you must be guided by an overall blueprint – we call this a Revenue Architecture.


  • 1. Using the Web to Deepen and Expand Relationships
    Workshop Presentation
    John Stone
    Founder and PresidentRevenue Architects
  • 2. Agenda
  • 3. Approach
  • 4. Agenda
  • 5. The impact of deepening relationships
    The Customer Lifetime Value tool from the Harvard Business School helps reinforce the importance of long term relationships to profitability:
    Source: http://hbsp.harvard.edu/multimedia/flashtools/cltv/index.html
  • 6. Web presence plays an important role

    More than one-half of financial services product searches in the United States begin online, according to Accenture research, and that figure is likely to increase. Indeed, customers rank the online channel as the single most important way of interacting with their banks.

    Source: www.banktech.com/blog/archives/2010/08/how_to_make_you.html
  • 7. The demographics are right
    77% usage in the USA in 2010 (vs. 44% in 2000)
    In the U.S., 62% of internet users are 25 or older
    25-34 years – 12%
    35-49 years – 27%
    55+ – 23%
    Household income
    $30-49K – 80% are online
    $50-79K – 91% are online
    $75K+ – 97% are online
    source: internetworldstats.com and itfacts.biz
  • 8. Your clients are using the web…
    Learning, evaluating, comparing, recommending…
    Relationship Life Cycle
    Social Nets
    We self-sell, self-service and expect a good experience.
  • 9. Advisors are responding
    Attracting, nurturing, growing relationships…
    Relationship Life Cycle
    Social Media
    File Share
    Web 2.0
    Leaders build strong presence as part of their relationship strategy.
  • 10. But many are just getting started…
    No unified identity
    Disconnected branding: “advisorname@yahoo.com”
    Boilerplate messaging
    Lack of original or dynamic content
    Antiquated web site design
    No social media presence (outposts)
    Limited website services
  • 11. Advisors are not convinced about social media
    42% of the RIAs make some use of LinkedIn.
    45% of RIAs use Facebook, but only 6% of them say they use it for professional use, compared to 39% who use it only personally.
    Twitter gets no respect with 3% saying they use it professionally and 7% saying they use it only personally.
    14% of RIAs saying that they keep a public journal or Blog. This includes 8% who only blog professionally and 2% who consider their blogging efforts both a personal and professional endeavor.
    Reference: Study conducted by Koski Research published July 2010 by Schwab Advisor Services. http://www.riabiz.com/a/2042013
  • 12. Regulations further constrain adoption
    • FINRA Regulatory Notice 10‐06
    • 13. NASD 2210 (public communications)
    • 14. NASD 2310 (suitability)
    • 15. NASD 3010 (supervision)
    • 16. NASD 3110 (books & records)
    • 17. SEC Rule 17a‐3 & 17a‐4 (record retention)
    • 18. Rule 206(4)‐1 (advertising & testimonials)
    • 19. Rule 204‐2 (books & records, record retention)
  • But small improvements can have a big impact
    Example: 5% improvement at each stage delivers a 20% fee increase in 1 year.
    Plus lifetime value
  • 20. What is appropriate web presence?
  • 21. What is appropriate web presence?
    Our clients are digital
    Our firm is digital
  • 22. Agenda
  • 23. Web presence and the relationship life cycle
    Relationship Life Cycle
    What strategies should we consider?
    Explore each stage
    Assess current capabilities
    Identify potential opportunities.
  • 24. Awareness Stage
    Shift the mix from “outbound” to “inbound” marketing.
    Search Visibility
    Distinctive Value Proposition
    Digital PR
    Dynamic Publishing
    Social Outposts
  • 25. Search Visibility
  • 26. Search Visibility: Organic Results
    Organic results are best:
    Smarter people
    Longer lasting
    More traffic
    Organic Results
    75% Clicks
  • 27. Search Visibility: Strategies
    On and off-page strategies:
    On-page (25%)
    Page titles, Tags
    Meta Data
    Off-Page (75%)
    Inbound links
    Digital Footprint
  • 28. Search Visibility: Directories
    Get found with Geo-listings:
    Use free services like Google Places
  • 29. Distinctive Value Proposition
    An effective web presence begins with strong positioning.
    High Cost
    “Financial Advisor”
    Searches / Site Visitors
    “Boston wealth management and retirement planning”
    Low Cost
    Lower Probability of Conversion
    Higher Probability of Conversion
  • 30. Distinctive Value Proposition
    Define your elevator pitch, value proposition and messaging. Here is a way:
    Many investors are uncertain about college savings and retirement.
    Wealth preservation is more complicated with new and emerging tax laws and investment vehicles.
    How do we help?
    Comprehensive planning and wealth management.
    Comprehensive knowledge base
  • 31. Search Visibility
    Tools to help:
  • 32. Digital PR
    Use press releases for more than news
    Become an obvious expert
    Use a “SEO ready” wire service
    Optimize news content and facilitate media discovery
    Use landing pages for click throughs
    Photo: http://www.toprankblog.com/2009/03/using-news-to-drive-seo/
    Photo: http://www.toprankblog.com/2009/03/using-news-to-drive-seo/
  • 33. Dynamic Publishing
    Blogs work:
    Long-tail positions
    More dynamic website
    RSS protocol for articles
    Build content velocity on the social web.
  • 34. Feed Readers, Aggregators, Flash, Google Desktop, iTunes, etc…
    Dynamic Publishing
    RSS is a protocol for social sharing
    Subscribers automatically receive updates
    Show up more in search
  • 35. Dynamic Publishing
    Syndicate on affiliate networks
    Other Outposts
  • 36. Social Outposts
    Social media is not just personal… and not just for kids…It is an interconnected web.
  • 37. Social Outposts: Facebook
    Personal Profiles
    Share Content
    Build Relationships
    Establish Business Page
    Join Groups
    Publicize Events
    Build Exposure/ Awareness
  • 38. Social Outposts: LinkedIn
    Establish Strong Profile
    Syndicate Status Updates
    Share Content
    Network with Connections
    Get Introduced
    Participate in Groups
    Gain Client Intelligence
    Build Exposure/ Awareness
  • 39. Social Outposts: Twitter
    Practicing my Ten Simple Truths About Money talk, it's sounding pretty good. 6/11 Commonwealth Club debut coming up! http://tr.im/mQdG-@curtisfinancial
    Working on show prep for tomorrow's "Investing for the Long Run" at noon on WMEL-1300am.Listen live at http://tinyurl.com/nv9vq4-@bobrall
    June edition of My Two Cents (my video blog) now on my website - http://bit.ly/yLR2B-@brianplain
    Blog Tips for Financial Planners and Professionals http://ow.ly/cBaW-@russthornton
  • 40. Exercise: Self Assessment
    Consider each capability statement
    Score how well you are performing.
    Aware Stage
  • 41. Interest Stage
    We want to generate interest, nurture relationships and qualify opportunities.
    Brand Presence
    Content Marketing
    Integrated Campaigns
    Virtual Events
    Relationship Intelligence
  • 42. Brand Presence
    Enduring and extensible band name
    Professional, creative, visual design
    Consistent across social outposts
    User-centered design and functionality
  • 43. Brand Presence: Website example
    Naming and brand mark
    Secure access
    Intent-based navigation
    Imagery sends message
    Promotional elements for key content/ events.
  • 44. Brand Presence: Which Outposts?
  • 45. Content Marketing
    Articles, video, blogs, white papers, webcasts…
    Understand what your clients want, and deliver it in a compelling way:
    Drive search visibility and engagement…
  • Content Marketing: Video
    “The brain is built for video.”
    Adapted to rapidly integrate complex visual stimuli
    Immense portion of our brain power dedicated to processing moving visual images
    Face recognition engine
    “71% of the US online audience watches video on the Internet, and the number of streams consumed should more than double by 2013.”
  • 55. Content Marketing: Video
    YouTube Channel
    Imbedded YouTube video
     Videos | resources | http://www.acrinv.com/resources/video | Screen clipping
  • 56. Integrated Campaigns
    Collaborate with COIs
    Align with value proposition
    Cross-promote on social networking sites, PR
    Collect registration data and profile information
    Educate and nurture prospective clients
  • 57. Virtual Events
    Collaborate with COIs
    Build credibility
    Collect registration data and profile information
    Cross-promote on social networking sites, PR
  • 58. Relationship Intelligence
    Quick access to social profiles and published content
    Gain intelligence
    Build relationships
  • 59. Exercise: Self Assessment
    Consider each capability statement
    Score how well you are performing.
    Aware Stage
  • 60. Evaluate Stage
    Build personal relationships, cross-sell new products and facilitate on-boarding of new accounts.
    Personalized Marketing
    Website Tools and Services
    Secure Collaboration
  • 61. Personalized Marketing
    Closed-loop marketing
    The right message to the right people
    Nurture programs
    New business and “stay in touch” campaigns
    Progressive profiling
    Scoring – behavior and demographics
    Image Source: http://www.crmtechnologies.com/closed-loop-marketing.asp
  • 62. Website Tools and Services
    Interactive forms
    Financial Tools / Calculators
    Dynamic presentations
    Web 2.0
    Web Conferencing
    Event Calendars
    Document Resources
    News Releases
  • 63. Secure Collaboration
    Paperless Office
    Secure, private site access to secure shared folders and files
    Manage & view documents and media in one place
    Easy to use interface
    Saasvs Platform
  • 64. Exercise: Self Assessment
    Consider each capability statement
    Score how well you are performing.
    Aware Stage
  • 65. Engage Stage
    Satisfy clients for long-term retention and referral potential.
    Online Meetings
    Portfolio Reporting
    Foundation Technology
  • 66. Increase frequency and flexibility with 1:1 online meetings
    Features to Consider:
    Tim’s Wife
    Financial Advisor
    Online Meetings
  • 71. Portfolio reporting
    Better solutions bring your client to your website continuously – providing an opportunity to both deepen the relationship and introduce new offers.
    Account aggregation
    Web-based portfolio management
    Quarterly reporting
    Online account holder access
    Daily reconciliation
    Business intelligence
  • 72. Newsletters
    Stay in front of your clients more often
    Support your nurture campaigns
    Deliver content value & promote events
    Ensure consistent branding and use text & HTML
    Integrate your blog posts
    Use the right distribution service
  • 73. Foundation Technology
    Content Management
    SaaS or Platform
    Templates and Designs
    Widgets and Web 2.0 Integration
    Secure Private Site Access
    SEO features
    eMaildomain services
  • 74. Exercise: Self Assessment
    Consider each capability statement
    Score how well you are performing.
    Aware Stage
  • 75. Advocate Stage
    Help clients help you with referrals and introductions.
    Social Outpost Sharing
    Website Content Sharing
  • 76. Social Outpost Sharing
    Facebook fan sharing/ cross-promote
    Twitter & Outpost ReTweeting
    (make it easier for me)
  • 77. Web 2.0 Syndication
    Web 2.0 Widgets
    Social Syndication
    Website referral engine
    Marketing Emails
    Email signature
  • 78. Web 2.0 Syndication: Velocity
    From websites to web presence
    50M month
    20M month
    400M Users
    30M per month
  • 79. Exercise: Self Assessment
    Consider each capability statement
    Score how well you are performing.
    Aware Stage
  • 80. Workshop Agenda
  • 81. Building a Web Presence Blueprint
    Armed with your self assessments, you can now begin crafting a personalized blueprint.
    Key Initiatives
    Must, Should, Could
  • 82. Consider key dimensions
    Consider dimensions and success factors
    Client Strategy?
    Content & Messaging?
    Skills & Organization?
    Metrics & Measures?
  • 83. Resources
    Planning Web Presence Blueprint: Workbook
    Workbook available for download on www.revenuearchitects.com/tools
    Additional Reading
    Blogrollweblinks & resources on www.revenuearchitects.com
  • 84. Thank You
    John C. Stone III
    Revenue Architects
    (617) 686 7305
    @jcstone3 on Twitter
  • 85. References & Image Sources
    Image Source: http://www.crmtechnologies.com/closed-loop-marketing.asp
    77%: internetworldstats.com
    Age: http://www.itfacts.biz/us-internet-user-profile-by-demographics/11234
    Income: http://www.itfacts.biz/us-internet-penetration-by-demographic-profile/10538
     Videos | resources | http://www.acrinv.com/resources/video | Screen clipping