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Chinese Protest (Tiananmen Square)

by on May 19, 2008





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  • guest3a44b8 guest3a44b8 If you want to see old Mongolian border its a easy you just see Great wall. Great wall is old China's border. 5 years ago
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  • guest3a44b8 guest3a44b8 Hey dude you should check your slide number 8. We /Mongolia/ are not part of China also we have never been part of China. We lost our some land /Inner Mongolia/ to China in 19 century. 5 years ago
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  • visualpiano visualpiano There are many FALSE points in your slides.
    I am a Chinese and I can point out some of the fallacies:

    1. on Page1, it's more accepted to call it as a Tian'anmen Square Protest, for it's not merely demonstrations of students.

    2. on Page2, the Chinese students are making memorials for former Chinese president Yaobang HU.

    3. on Page3, you can't easily say that Chnese movement is the only reason that makes Soviet Union dissolve. It's only part of the great changes in that age, not one galvanizing another.

    4. on Page4, it's not 'students joined other protestors', students are the first people to stand out to protest, and other workers, farmers, intellectuals are later participants of the movement.

    5. on Page6, there's still no evidence to show that the identity of 'Tank Man' is clear, you cannot possibly say that it's Xiao Qiang appearing on your slides.

    6. on Page7, The student name is Wuer Kaixi instead of 'Wuer Xaixi'. He's considered as nearly the most influential role in this movement so you cannot even partially make a typo on his name.

    7. on Page8, It's really ridiculous and, sort of concemning, for you to misinterpret the territory of People's Republic of China. in the centermost and northmost region, We have Inner Mongolia and Outer Mongolia. But, Outer Mongolia is not a part of China, any more we have wished it were, but it gained independence in the 19 Century, and it has been no longer a part of China since then, called 'Mongolia', which is a separate nation today.

    8. on Page9. We are memorizing Yaobang HU who died in April, 1989, not Zedong MAO. Because Zedong MAO passed away in 1976. What the students demand, is (1) freedom of speech, (2) freedom of publish, and (3) anti-corruption. The 'Tank Man' story happened after the mid-night crackdown in June 4th, when the army is keeping the order and control of the city.

    9. on Page11, no evidence has shown that Xiao Qiang is standing in front of the line of tanks.

    10. on Page12, maybe it's more suitable to call is a mini 'statue of liberty', it's not something related to peace...

    11. on Page13, students are not making memorials or memorilizations for Zedong MAO, there are making that for Yaobang HU. And, it's not because any Yaobang HU or Zedong MAO that they set their mini 'statue of liberty'. That statuet is set to show a sense of democracy in the students sense, which may not be that mature at the moment the movement is going on.

    12. on Page14, it's not tiananmen square protesting, it's the protesting and condemnation of the crackdown and lifeloss in Tiananmen Square in June 4th, and the photo is taken after that crackdown. You can see from traditional Chinese that it happened in South China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei or similar areas.
    5 years ago
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Chinese Protest (Tiananmen Square) Chinese Protest (Tiananmen Square) Presentation Transcript