E books, ereaders & your library

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A visual guide to borrowing Ebooks from the Jefferson County Public Library.

A visual guide to borrowing Ebooks from the Jefferson County Public Library.

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  • 1. eBooks, eReaders & Your Library
  • 2. From your home computer, go tohttp://jeffcolibrary.org Click “Find Library Books and More”
  • 3. Click “Download Center”
  • 4. Click “OverDrive”
  • 5. Click“Download Software Links”, then click“Overdrive Media Console”
  • 6. First choose your platform, PC or MacThen click“DownloadNow”
  • 7. In InternetExplorer, click “Run”
  • 8. In Firefox, click “Save File”
  • 9. In Firefox, double- click on“ODMediaConsoleS etup.msi”
  • 10. Firefox will give you a warning about executable files. Click “OK”
  • 11. In Firefox,click “Run”
  • 12. Click “Next”
  • 13. First, click“I Agree” Then click “Next”
  • 14. First choose “Everyone”(OverDrive willbe available forall users on this computer) or“Just me” (only your log-in) Then click “Next”
  • 15. Once OverDrive is installed onyour computer, go back to theOverdrive main page and click “Adobe Digital Editions”
  • 16. Click on the“Adobe” button or the text
  • 17. Click“Download Now”
  • 18. Click “Install”
  • 19. Click “Install” again
  • 20. Click “Yes.”
  • 21. First click“Launch” Then click “Next”
  • 22. Click“Install”
  • 23. Wait for theprogram to load.
  • 24. ClickContinue
  • 25. ClickFinished
  • 26. Eureka & congratulations! You’ve downloaded thesoftware you need to borrow library eBooks. Now, let’s find a book, shall we?
  • 27. By the way, you will now haveicons for OverDrive and AdobeDigital Editions on your desktop
  • 28. Click “OverDriveAudiobooks,eBooks, and Music”
  • 29. Browse byClick “Overdrive” format or log into your eAccount.
  • 30. Search foreBooks here.
  • 31. This is the eBookThis is the audiobook. It willwork on eReaders with audiocapabilities, but you don’t readit, it reads to you.
  • 32. Just like paperbooks, populartitles will haveholds and youmay have to waitfor the electroniccopy to beavailable. Lookfor “Add to myeCart” for titlesthat areavailable fordownload rightnow. Or click“Place an eHold”to get in line fora popular title.
  • 33. Clicking on thetitle will bring upmoreinformationabout the book.Many titles evenhave the firstchapteravailable to readbefore youcommit. Click“Add to myeCart” to borrowthe book.
  • 34. Click “ContinueBrowsing” to addmore electronictitles to your eCartor click “Proceed toCheckout”
  • 35. Enter your library cardnumber andclick “Log In”
  • 36. Choose yourcheckout period andclick “Confirm checkout”
  • 37. Click“OK”
  • 38. Adobe DigitalEditions will openautomatically andyour new title will appear in your library.
  • 39. If you want to read from your computer, use the navigation tools on the leftto move chapter by chapter. If you want to putthis title on youreReader, attachthe device now.
  • 40. Click“Authorize Device”
  • 41. ClickFinished
  • 42. With the ereader attached, there is now a “media” (or in this case, “nook”) file on theleft side. Use your mouse to drag the bookonto the word “Nook.” When you see a “+” let go and the file will be on your device.
  • 43. Dragging…(notethe red x, don’t let go yet!)
  • 44. Dragging – see thegreen +? It’s okay to let go now.
  • 45. To view your digitallibrary account, go to “Download Center,” and click “My eAccount”
  • 46. Your eAccount includes information about your digital downloads only. You can view your eHolds, set preferences for yourlending periods and view currently checked out eMaterials. To view your physical (paper books, cds, dvds) check outs, you’ll need to log into “My Library Account”
  • 47. There is a queue for eHolds
  • 48. If you have any questions, please call the Library at 303-235-5275 You may also want to watch the tutorial here: http://www.overdrive.com/products/dlr/tour/ Thank you for watching, and happy reading!