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Dbright Pamphlet

  1. 1. We’ll designand build your projecton your timeframe & on your budget LLC design builders SBLM Architects AFFILIATE
  2. 2. Whydesign-build?dbRight was founded by the Principals of SBLM Architects tooffer competitive design-build project delivery options. Thedesign-build project delivery system offers a lower-risk alternative tothe traditional design-bid-build delivery method—eliminating anydesign-related change orders and expediting the project-delivery schedule as design and construction phases areoverlapped. The advantages for the client are significant: architectsare professionally responsible for a facility during its entirelifespan, versus an industry standard of one year for contractors;and with architects at the helm, the integrity of a building’sdesign is increased by the architect’s passion to provide solutionsthat achieve experiential and aesthetic excellence.
  3. 3. Sustainability:building for abrighter future.Like the progressive clients with whom we partner, dbRightunderstands that the sustainable design of high performance,energy efficient buildings is the future of responsible construction,and that investing up front in sustainable building methods leadsto long term energy-related cost savings. dbRight’s commitmentto sustainable design and project management is demonstratedby our conscientious, integrated design-build approach, and weare committed to achieving USGBC LEED certification wheneverpossible. Working with SBLM Architects, dbRight employs a widerange of sustainable design and analysis techniques, from extensivestudies to responsible material sourcing, to help ensure each buildingcomponent contributes to the overall exemplary performance andefficiency of the project.
  4. 4. dbRight ServicesDesigndbRight offers complete design services supported by anintegrated architectural and contractor approach. SBLM’s designerswork with you to develop your brand into a three-dimensionalenvironment. At the same time, dbRight’s builders inform thedesign process by bringing to light potential site challenges. This duediligence helps to expedite the schedule and avoid changeorders, resulting in cost savings and speed-to-market delivery.Cost-Estimating and BudgetingEach project begins with a well researched and reliable costestimate provided by our in-house cost estimator. This estimateis closely monitored and evaluated throughout the projecteliminating any surprises and cost overruns. In addition,dbRight is able to value-engineer at multiple stages throughoutthe design process prior to construction. Site Analysis  & Scope  Design DevelopmentProcedure 1 2 Step 1 Step 2 Establish a timeline that suits  Brand implementation your needs and responds to  Architectural design your lease obligations Engineering design Understand which factors could create an impasse or delay 
  5. 5. ConstructiondbRight offers a variety of choices for contracting including:GC or CM with a guaranteed maximum price; CM with a cost-plus-percentage fee; and CM with a cost-plus-fixed fee. The “cost plus”options are appealing to clients who need to establish multiple bidsfor each trade. All bids are reviewed with the client prior to sub-contractor selection. Projects are staffed through our network ofhighly qualified sub-contractors, and supervised with a dbRightProject Manager and Superintendent.Post-ConstructiondbRight provides a thorough close-out package, includingoperating manuals, as-built drawings, and lien waivers from sub-contractors. We conduct a punch list for each trade as wellas an overall list for substantial completion. dbRight also providescommissioning to monitor building performance and11-month warranty visits. Post- Construction Occupancy 3 4 Step 3 Step 4 Pre-construction services Project close-out Construction administration Warranties Certificate of occupancy Commissioning Waiver of liens
  6. 6. SelectedProjectsEvery dbRight project begins with a detailed dialogue about theclient’s goals. It’s indispensable to hear firsthand how the clientenvisions the building being used. Whether for a single buildingshell or a series of renovations, remodels, or ground-up projects,we pride ourselves on employing our expertise in the service ofrealizing each client’s vision.We maintain a collaborative process in which the client’s voiceinforms each phase of design and construction. We understandthat constant communication is integral to a successful project. Inthis way, our clients get the project they want, within the necessarytime frame, and on the budget they’ve allocated for the job.
  7. 7. BED BATH & BEYOND – Multiple LocationsdbRight continues to partner with Bed Bath & Beyond as the nationalretailer grows its business in expanding markets across the country.dbRight’s suite of design-build and project management services areadaptable to both large and small scales, an asset reflected in thefirm’s work with Bed Bath & Beyond. In one recent project, dbRightoversaw the selective interior remodelling of a 40,000-square-footBed Bath & Beyond store in Tampa, FL. New, ongoing projectsinclude the administration and project management of extensiveexterior site renovation work at a location in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
  8. 8. RUE 21 – North Attleboro, MAdbRight is proud to announce the grand opening of rue 21’s600th store. rue 21 provides a vibrant environment for its youthfulcustomer base. The majority of their stores are located at regionalshopping malls. dbRight was the general contractor for this project,constructing the interior fit-out in from start to finish in a periodof five weeks. dbRight is now a preferred contractor for rue 21throughout the U.S., providing quality construction, contracting,and design-build services.
  9. 9. OFFICE DEPOT – Multiple LocationsIn addition to conventional Office Depot retail projects dbRight andSBLM have provided services for a number of Office Depot supportfacilities. This work includes design-build of the Business ServiceDivision regional offices, Corporate and regional print facilities,Corporate Test lab and planogram spaces, various feasibility and duediligence studies for logistical support facilities and regional supportcenters. dbRight’s turnkey design-build services have provided OfficeDepot with a high level of reliability, speed, efficiency, and economyand a significant reduction in the amount of change orders due tothe seamless communication between the contractor and architect.
  10. 10. OFFICE DEPOT DISTRIBUTION CENTER – Newville, PAIn 2010, Office Depot opened it’s first state of the art distributioncenter to be registered under the USGBC LEED rating system.Designed to be LEED-Silver, the project includes various energyand water reduction systems, recycled material construction, anda comprehensive recycling program for operational waste. SBLMArchitects and dbRight LLC delivered the project via an expediteddesign-build project delivery system. The design-build team workedwith the local municipality to establish a phased occupancy ofthe facility. SBLM Architects/dbRight worked closely with thesubcontractors and Office Depot’s supply chain vendors on the roll-out of the Kiva robotic fulfillment system, which services up to 30trucks on both the unloading and receiving sides.
  11. 11. OFFICE DEPOT HVAC ROLL-OUTS – Multiple LocationsdbRight specializes in roll-out initiatives, maintenance and capitalexpenditure projects. One recent example is the 44-store HVACreplacement project for Office Depot. Working in 13 states throughoutthe US, dbRight is managing the full program. dbRight is the single-source Construction Manager on the project, working in conjunctionwith Office Depot’s global account equipment vendor, and utilizingHVAC sub-contractors in 5 different regions. The progress for eachstore is tracked on a daily basis, with a completion time of 8 weeksfor the entire roll-out.
  12. 12. TRANSLOAD AMERICA – Miami, FLTransLoad America (TLA) is a leader in rail-based transfer,transportation, recycling, and disposal of solid waste. TLA commissioneddbRight and SBLM to design its new waste transfer facility inMiami, Florida. Located on a six-acre site, the project consists ofa 30,000-square-foot waste transfer building, a 1,500-square-footoffice building, and an 800-square-foot gate house. The new facilitywill provide services to collect local construction debris for sortingand transportation via truck or rail to either landfills or recyclingcenters. dbRight and SBLM implemented a host of sustainabledesign initiatives, and steered the project through an extensive andcomplex permitting process.
  13. 13. LLC design builders SBLM Architects AFFILIATEMichael LeFande AIA, LEED AP James Cornwell, PA-AIA James Cohen AIA, LEED APPartner Partner PrincipaldbRight design builders dbRight design builders SBLM Architects151 West 26th Street 11430 North Kendall Drive 11430 North Kendall DriveNew York, NY 10001 Suite 310 Suite 310Telephone: 646-230-8940 Miami, FL 33176 Miami, FL 33176mlefande@dbRightllc.com Telephone: 305-412-9187 Telephone: 305-412-9187 jcornwell@dbRightllc.com jcohen@sblm.com