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Minarets/DMS Macworld Preso Pdf

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Our preso from Macworld 2010...

Our preso from Macworld 2010

Check us out at minarets.us

More in: Education , Technology
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  • 1. Out of the box? We threw the box away.
  • 2. Minarets High School One to One School
  • 3. Your Presentation Team Minarets High School
  • 4. Segment One Admin Tools For a One to One School
  • 5. Apple Remote Desktop $299 Unlimited Users
  • 6. PC/Linux version of ARD iTalc http://italc.sourceforge.net/
  • 7. Free Filtering
  • 8. Used in over 20,000 CIPA Compliant Schools and Districts
  • 9. We make an online account and then point our machines to that DNS, very difficult to “crack” or beat
  • 10. Email filtering
  • 11. Limit per day Limit per person Blocked email goes to Pro period teacher
  • 12. ERATE qualified Under $2 per user $500 one time for a Google account
  • 13. Biggest Frustration
  • 14. Segment Two DMS Gayle Fain
  • 15. Chawanakee Digital Middle Schools
  • 16. ACER Netbooks • NO we are not playing video games all day • YES we are using them all day long
  • 17. WEB SITES • Wikispaces • Brainpop • Quizlet • Shmoop • Xtranormal • Smilebox • Dabbleboard • Sumopaint • Google • Empressr • Classzone • Easybib
  • 18. READING SCORES 100.0 75.0 50.0 92% 25.0 78% 0 Spring Fall
  • 19. Segment Three New History Scott Lewis
  • 20. Segment Four New Math Ryan Hansen
  • 21. Fresh Start
  • 22. Start Slow
  • 23. Constant Change
  • 24. vodcasting
  • 25. Jonathan Bergmann: Woodland Park High Shcool educationalvodcasting.com
  • 26. no text book
  • 27. timed and immediate feedback
  • 28. Segment Five New School Mike Niehoff
  • 29. What do students have to look forward to in HIGH SCHOOL?
  • 30. what first greets you?
  • 31. First day of high school..... what will you hear? dress code be careful no electives no phones, mp3 here is how you get kicked out players follow directions not everyone makes it when you’re a senior, and that’s ok you might get to do this 40 other students in your classes bring your notebook, textbooks don’t do this or that and leave your technology at home
  • 32. bottom line.... 100’s of things you CAN’T DO
  • 33. Why can’t schools be better and different?
  • 34. what if students heard this? encouragement opportunity interesting classes choices great available we will help you technology here is what you everyone can make can do starting tomorrow it and will we will know you and you will real projects know us we want you to bring you to school
  • 35. what if? there were 1000’s of things you COULD DO
  • 36. should libraries be like this?
  • 37. or like this?
  • 38. should PE be like this?
  • 39. Or like this?
  • 40. what if? it wasn’t only driven by adults?
  • 41. what if... student opinion mattered?
  • 42. what if..... we listened to students?
  • 43. what if..... we cared about what students really thought?
  • 44. More Info? Minarets.us Resources at Macworld Site JCorippo@minarets.us Twitter: @Minaretsnews