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Mariposa LCAP Preso - online version

  1. 1. LCFF/LCAP Stakeholder Input
  2. 2. What we want to accomplish. • Collect your thoughts and opinions • Compile responses from all stakeholder meetings – gain a picture of what everyone feels Mariposa’s education should look like • Bring finalized plan back to you for any additional input • MCUSD puts the plan into action What you say here will have an impact on services being provided to our children.
  3. 3. Why are we here? New state law Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) • The most dramatic reform in school finance since the early 1970s • Replaces the way school districts have been funded • Does away with Revenue Limits and most Categorical Programs • 2013-14 is a VISIONARY year • Massive paradigm shift in policy and funding areas • THREE YEAR LIVING DOCUMENT
  4. 4. Put simply: It doesn’t cost a dime to be creative with what we already have…
  5. 5. Local Control Funding Formula Establishes a common base grant funding level • Purpose of LCFF • Increase transparency and reduce complexity • Improve funding equity across school districts • Improve school accountability • Guaranteed at least same funding per ADA as 2012-13 • Eight year phase in period for target goal • Goal – bring districts back to pre-recession funding levels (2007-08)
  6. 6. LCFF Important Dates • By January 1, 2014 the State Board of Education will adopt regulations for expenditure guidelines • By July 1, 2014 each district must adopt a Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) based on a template adopted by the State
  7. 7. Key LCFF Issues With Local Control Comes Local Responsibility • Early Planning • Communication • Accountability • Measurable Outcomes • Budget aligned with educational goals • Budget approval tied to approval of LCAP
  8. 8. Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) The LCAP is an important component of the LCFF. Beginning in 2013-14, LEAs are expected to begin rethinking their approach to planning, budgeting, and using funds aligned to the following eight state priorities included in Education Code (EC) 52060(d) • A description of goals for each State priority for all pupils, specifically unduplicated LCFF pupils. • A plan that will be effective for a period of three years, with an update prepared before July 1 of each year.
  9. 9. LCFF / LCAPs: Annual Goals • Annual service for subgroups: FORMER “CATEGORICALS” • Ethnic subgroups VERY INFLEXBILE SPECIFIC FUNDS FOR SPECIFIC ACTIONS NOW: FLUID, INNOVATIVE, & LOCAL • Socioeconomically disadvantaged students • English learners • Students with disabilities • Foster Youth
  10. 10. 8 State Priorities
  11. 11. Teach a child 100 facts - they will know 100 facts. Teach them to access the world’s information, they will have all the facts at their fingertips.
  12. 12. If they can do a worksheet without you, they don’t need it. If they can’t do it without you - it won’t help them.
  13. 13. A New Model For Lesson Design - Kathy Schrock
  14. 14. Common Core Implementation – AB 86 • Per-pupil award amounts to $200/pupil • Must be spent by July 1, 2015 • One time funding • Three allowable areas of expenditure as aligned to academic content standards: • Professional Development towards Common Core • Common Core Instructional materials • Devices and Infrastructure to test and assess via Technology • Mariposa Unified Schools = ~$340,000
  15. 15. 21st Century Solutions: The role for devices & software. The interplay of three initiatives: Common Core Smarter Balance LCFF Ties Funding to Explicit and Measurable Goals Increases Fiscal Transparency Encourages Site-Level Innovation in Support of Students Promotes Cross-School Collaboration Enhances Efficiency of the Budgeting Process Technology will allow districts to leverage this new opportunity.
  16. 16. Why we are here? “Our economy and global society now requires its workers to effectively discern, communicate, create and have the ability to solve challenging problems. To foster these habits of mind among students, the environments in which they learn must embody these same traits.”
  17. 17. To improve our discussion we ask you to: • Respect others viewpoints • Please interrupt politely • This is a brainstorming session – allow ideas to flow • Raised hand welcome • Feel free to use devices
  18. 18. YOUR INPUT TINYURL.COM/MariposaLCAP The website you’ll see: We’ll do one at a time
  19. 19. Why are we sharing so few examples? We want a fresh, original look.
  20. 20. Survey 1 TINYURL.COM/MariposaLCAP • What are things Mariposa education does well? • Quality instruction, leadership and materials • Quality graduate results
  21. 21. Survey 2 TINYURL.COM/MariposaLCAP • What are things we can change to improve Mariposa education? • Instruction • Environment • Involvement • Can career education & college prep co-exist? • Is one more important? • Can public education have an impact on Mariposa’s economy?
  22. 22. Survey 3 TINYURL.COM/MariposaLCAP • How can Mariposa students better compete in a world class economy? • How can Mariposa schools assist this process
  23. 23. Survey 4 TINYURL.COM/MariposaLCAP • How can Mariposa schools & the private sector work together? • Share your ideas, brainstorm
  24. 24. Follow up, contact us: What’s next: • Collecting other stakeholder thoughts and opinions. • We will compile responses from all stakeholder meetings to gain a picture of what everyone feels Mariposa’s education should look like. • Put that feedback into goals and cross check those with the 8 state priorities • Hold another meeting to present the outcome goals and illicit additional input • Connect approved goals to services being provided and funding • Bring finalized plan back to you for any additional input. • Then we put the plan into action. • What you say here will have an impact on services being provided to our children.
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