Google Forms And Quizlet


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Instruction on how to use Google Forms, as well as how to DEPLOY Google Forms in a classroom. Instruction on Quizlet and ideas for Powerpoint Karaoke (PPTK) using all three tools.

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Google Forms And Quizlet

  1. 1. Forms Jon Corippo
  2. 2. First Some Fun
  5. 5. KIDS LOVE TO GIVE FEEDBACK It’s not always appropriate...
  6. 6. We teachers fill out “forms” all the time....
  7. 7. And then there’s the concept of FLOW... Mihaly Csikszentmihalyicompletely “The flow experience is when a person is involved in what he or she is doing, when the concentration is very high, when the person knows moment by moment what the next steps should be, like if you are playing tennis, you know where you want the ball to go, if you are playing a musical instrument you know what notes you want to play, every millisecond, almost. And you get feedback to what you're doing. That is, if you're playing music, you can hear whether what you are trying to do is coming out right or in tennis you see where the ball goes and so on. So there's concentration, clear goals, feedback....”
  8. 8. And technology gave us.... Expensive - $750/yr One machine per school Slow - tomorrow? Charts? ugh, who has the time?
  9. 9. The results are in.
  10. 10. Elections? SSC? TESTS? SURVEYS? Assignments? Quizzes? Feedback? Discipline?
  11. 11. TOO MUCH DATA!! Too Little Time
  12. 12. Forms Samples
  13. 13. TEST FEEDBACK EXAMPLE Normally, doing “fixes” takes a full class to tally, but not with Google Forms Instant FEEDBACK
  14. 14. Reading Quiz Example - 1 Link to an online article by Joel Stein
  15. 15. Reading Quiz Example - 2 Instant Feedback
  16. 16. In Class Survey Example Instant Feedback
  17. 17. Media Class Project Planning Example
  18. 18. School Survey Example
  19. 19. Immediate Feedback
  20. 20. Immediate Feedback
  21. 21. To get our Latin Roots Sets (20 sets) Search: Teachersmith
  22. 22. To get the terms into your own Quizlet Click here Then, Click here
  23. 23. Quizlet Interface
  24. 24. Quizlet FAMILIARIZE Interface
  25. 25. Quizlet LEARN Interface
  26. 26. Quizlet SCATTER Interface
  27. 27. Quizlet SPACE RACE Interface
  28. 28. A PEDAGOGY MOMENT A student must be capable of making a vivid visual image in his mind of the stimulus, such as a word, and once that stimulus is removed, to be able to visualize or recall this image without assistance. Students who have not developed their visual memory skills cannot readily reproduce a sequence of visual stimuli. Visual memory skill development can be taught (Cusimano, 2002).
  29. 29. Allows Word + Picture Associations Unlike 4 x 6 cards
  30. 30. HMMMM... + Powerpoint KARAOKE
  31. 31. What is? Powerpoint KARAOKE
  32. 32. Presenting Other People’s Powerpoint KARAOKE Stuff
  33. 33. What if OTHER PEOPLE were your TEACHERS? What if their STUFF was at What if your FINAL was picture based?
  34. 34. Practice Here Present Here Powerpoint KARAOKE LIVE Audience Response HERE:
  35. 35. QUICK: HOW TO MAKE A GOOGLE FORM Step 1 Step 2 Careful with these Form Title Notes are good!
  36. 36. QUICK: HOW TO MAKE A GOOGLE FORM Step 3 Step 4 Help is good! Edit Pick a type of question Duplicate Delete
  38. 38. QUICK: HOW TO MAKE A GOOGLE FORM Now you have a ready-to-go Form
  39. 39. QUICK: HOW TO MAKE A GOOGLE FORM Step 6 How do we share it? Email is good, if the respondents HAVE email If they DON’T Embed the form No email required
  40. 40. QUICK: HOW TO MAKE A GOOGLE FORM Step 8 How do we see results? Instant Summary and Charts! How do I see raw data in a spreadsheet?
  41. 41. QUICK: HOW TO MAKE A GOOGLE FORM Step 9 The magic button “Form” is important (It also shows number of responses) Uncheck to stop
  42. 42. QUICK: HOW TO MAKE A GOOGLE FORM Step 10 Sharing is caring “Share” is important Notification As fast as you like
  43. 43. May the Forms be with you... Questions? Jon Corippo Thank You