Minarets Elective and Core Classes 2013-14


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Minarets Elective and Core Classes 2013-14

  1. 1. 2013-14 Minarets Course Catalog Ag ARTMedia I.T. PE Band Leadership ROCKMinarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  2. 2. WHY DO SCHOOLS HAVE ELECTIVES? 1. Electives are not for an "easy grade" 2. Electives are not to have a "fun class" Electives are offered to give Minarets students a chance to learn Elective Plan about unknown talents, broaden their known skills Elective 1 Take a "1" Elective as a 9/10th and learn "soft skills" that grader, sample several, enjoy. can benefit them in many potential careers. Elective 2 More serious, more rigorous At Minarets, we and mostly 10th/11th graders, with a college/career interest. encourage you to Expect to be doing after hours projects and competitions. take an elective that you dont think you want; push yourself. Elective 3 11th/12th graders, focus on major projects and competitions. College and career prep or advanced competition plans. Some are "double period” classes.Minarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  3. 3. Steve Jobs on Electives From Steves 2005 Commencement Address at Stanford“None of this had even a "...And much of what I stumbled into by following myhope of any practical curiosity and intuition turned out to be priceless later on.application in my life. But Let me give you one example:ten years later.....it all came Reed College at that time offered perhaps the bestback to me.” calligraphy instruction in the country. Throughout the campus every poster, every label on every drawer, was beautifully hand calligraphed. I decided to take a calligraphy class to learn how to do this. I learned about serif and san serif typefaces, about varying the amount of space between different letter combinations, about what makes great typography If I had never dropped in on great. It that single course in college, was beautiful, the Mac would have never had historical, multiple typefaces or artistically proportionally spaced fonts. subtle in a way that science cant capture, and I found it fascinating. None of this had even a hope of any practical application in my life. But ten years later, when we were designing the first Macintosh computer, it all came back to me. And we designed it all into the Mac. It was the first computer with beautiful typography. If I had never dropped in on that single course in college, the Mac would have never had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts. And since Windows just copied the Mac, its likely that no personal computer would have them. If I had never dropped in on this calligraphy class, and personal computers might not have the wonderful typography that they do. Of course it was impossible to connect the dots looking forward when I was in college. But it was very, very clear looking backwards ten years later.” We never know when an elective course will pay off.Minarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  4. 4. Interest Areas are Critical The most successful Mustangs have something in common: An Interest Area Dont stress out over your career at first: pick something you like to do; if you find something else you like better, switch. But find something. Interest Areas Ag & Natural Resources Media ROP Show animals • grow plants For 11th/12th only Film • Animation • floral design • welding • Work in a double period CAD/CAM • competitions • Photography • Broadcast class (85+ min per day) to Podcasting • Performance • fairs • conferences • Ag earn a Fire Fighting or EMT mechanics • NEW Ag Mech Use: Final Cut X, Motion 5, certificate - you can go Photoshop, iLife, iWork, building opens in 2013 straight to work and many more Information Tech Business & Product Sports • Health • PE Development Play many CIF sports Learn networking • operating Research, develop and market • enjoy Extreme PE (9th/10th) systems • configure your ideas and products. and Advanced Exteme PE servers and wireless Work with MBA and industry (11th/12th) • opportunities in controllers • Get Pro rated teachers to market and leadership as a Student Certifications: Apple, Google, build real products Project Coordinator as well Microsoft Visual Arts Performing Arts 2d and 3d traditional art • Choir, Band, Guitar, Advanced Art shows, competions and Guitar, Advanced Music contests • digital tools like: Production, Digital Music Wacom tablets, Photoshop, Production, Drama Illustrator and moreMinarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  5. 5. Final advice on electives: 1. Find electives that can be “your thing” the whole time you are at Minarets - gain skills and be famous at our school 2. Pick electives you may not think you want - you might find a career or a hidden talent 3. You have to pass some “1”s or you won’t get to any “2”s. Electives go: 1. Intro 2. High Skill 3. Advanced - Juniors and Seniors need advanced electives and you build up to that!Minarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  6. 6. Visual Arts Art 1 Students will receive introductory and foundational instructions on color theory, drawing the human figure and a basic still life, 1-point and 2-point perspective, and mixing colors using only primary colors for their painting.   The course incorporates the use of famous artists, as well as their artistic styles and contributions, in relation to various projects in the class. Several craft projects like African Adinkra textile printing, jewelry making and plaster mask making will also be introduced in Art 1.  Students will also be exposed to digital art and design through the use of digital tablets and digital design software. "I love everything about art class; the projects,teacher, students. In the class I have learned about perspective, color tones, and the different styles and history of art. My favorite project is one we are currently working on, we get to sculpt an underwater creature. Art class has been and probably will always be my favorite class."  - Student quote Art 2 (Pre-requisite: Art 1 or Instructor Permission) Students will expand in depth on the foundations and techniques learned in Art 1.   Students will explore extensive painting techniques and will study new and different styles of art.   Students will focus on more in-depth and independent projects.   For example, students will become familiar with Michelangelo’s painting technique, as well as his use of the grid when he painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  Students may also, for example, experiment with Vincent Van Gogh’s heavy impressionist style and Georgia O’Keefe’s extreme close-up view of painting.   Students will also continue to work in the area of digital art through programs like Photoshop, Manga software, the Vistatablets and more. Advanced Art / 3D Art Graphic Design (Pre-requisite: Art 2 or Instructor Permission)Art Instructor:Carol Gordon Students will experience many different aspects of Graphic Design.  They will explore information about thecgordon@mychawanakee.org rock star graphic designers.  They will also experienceMinarets staff 6 years logo making and will find actual companies that needTop Ten State Finish in the Vans Custom new logos.  Even if an art student does not desire toColors Contest become a graphic designer, it is a lucrative way to earn money for college tuition and/or art supplies. Minarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  7. 7. MediaMedia Production 1This class develops the ability to tell digital stories through Productionseveral media types including music, video, presentationand podcast.  The class will Awards and Nominated Filmscover non-linear editing, “Ive learned how to use my laptopbasic 2d animation and haha. I was nearly clueless before thisintermediate presentation class. I also learned how to make askills. Students will use great video!” - Student quoteiMovie 09, Photoshop,Keynote, Pencil-Animation and other production apps. Students will learn shot composition, develop storyboards,learn three point lighting skills, make DVDs and do basicscriptwriting. Students will produce a product a week onaverage. Digital PhotographyOpen to 9th, 10th and 11th graders.Learn general to advanced photography concepts, usingiPhoto, Photoshop and other photo retouching software.Cameras used will include personal iOS devices, point andshoot cameras and up to $2000 DSLRS. Learn retouching,presentation tools and make digital portfolios, as well asproduce the school’s digital signage network. Students may Media Instructor:bring their own cameras. Student photos will be featuredin newspaper articles, yearbook, sports and digital signage.Students will develop and design the Minarets Yearbook, Patrick Wilsonboth from a photo and a layout aspect. pwilson@mychawanakee.org Minarets staff 3 years - 22 years in EducationMedia Production 2(Pre-requisite: Media Production I or Instructor Permission)  Apple Distinguished Educator Numerous state film class awards andMP 2 will focus on intermediate film and broadcast skills.The focus of the class will be on developing a series of nominations, including an Emmy awardbroadcast products in the following areas: podcasts, video winning former student.yearbook and others.   Software packages to be used willinclude: Final Cut X, Motion, Keynote, Photoshop, iDVD, andothers. Projects will be entered into various contests. “I loved doing the Slick Rock commercial, I loved taking the trip to Paso Robles for filming, Awards and Nominated Films and finally I really liked learning so much about Final Cut.” - Media 2 Student quoteMinarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  8. 8. Advanced Advanced Media Production Media (Pre-requisites: Media Production 2 or Instructor Permission)  Advanced Media is a class primarily designed for students Production who are pursuing a professional career in the Media field (as a producer, animator, on air talent or writer). This course will focus on broadcasting and film production. Projects will include: Major off campus shoots, and photography. Projects will also be developed based on modern broadcast techniques as well as films (editing techniques, lighting techniques, and script development). Students will compete in the Slick Rock Festival, California Media Festival, International Student Media Festival and other film contests. There may be opportunities for field trips to local TV stations, conventions and Southern California to visit production facilities. NEW ELECTIVE THIS YEAR Sports Media & Photography (Pre-requisites: Media Production 1 or Instructor Permission, must maintain 3.0 or higher for sports trips) If you want to use great Media Instructor: cameras, use Final Cut X, do a lot of shooting and you DON’T want to write scripts - Sports Media might be for you. Jon Corippo jcorippo@mychawanakee.org Sports Media duties will include: •  Videoing home and away games Minarets staff 6 years (for highlights or gamefilms) Apple Distinguished Educator • Producing sports highlight reels • Still photography and team pictures Google Certified Teacher • Maintaining an updating sports team websites YouTube Star Teacher • Live broadcasts of select events Numerous state /international film class Sports producers will select a team per quarter to cover, awards and nominations. joining the team for home and away games. Awards and Nominated FilmsMinarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  9. 9. Music NEW ELECTIVE THIS YEARSinger - Songwriter(Suggested pre-requisite: Live or recorded audition required. Liveauditions will be held one week before the end of the school year. Thiscourse can be re-taken any number of times for increased enrichmentand music performance experience.)Have you written your own songs? Want to perform and record them?Do you have a desire to enter contests and share your songs withothers? This class is designed for those who like to sing and play anaccompanying instrument such as the piano, guitar, ukulele, ormandolin. You get to perform your songs with other musicians,collaborate on projects, enter contests, and post your songs onReverbNation. The school will provide recording gear and pianos orkeyboards for class use; please provide you own stringed instruments.Guitar 1 (Beginning Guitar)Do you have a guitar that you’ve alwayswanted to learn how to play? Want tolearn the basics of music and record your “...One thing I’veown song? The only requirements for this learned from theclass are a guitar in playable condition, a Band is that it’sdesire to play music, and a willingness topractice. You will learn how to play basic much better toopen chords, barre chords, and basic note- play in a group,reading. You will also get a dose of guitar than to playand rock history and basic music theory.Expect to perform in class throughout the alone...”year and collaborate on an original Student quote Music Instructor:recording project in the spring. This class Bill Samuelsonlays the foundation for Singer-Songwriter, bsamuelson@mychawanakee.orgGuitar Orchestra, and Rock Performance. Minarets staff 6 years 25 years music education experience, over 35 years music performance experience.  Has composedConcert Band music for the soundtrack for an Oscar-winning film(Audition for new members consists of warm-up in 3rds, and a (student category) and a surf movie. Former studentssong of your choice. Band Camp starts one week before the start have gone on to be professional musicians, music educators, and worship leaders.  Currently is involvedof school in the fall.) in music with the Oakhurst Community Band, RockDo you play the trumpet, clarinet, Therapy (local rock band), and Sierra Pines Church.  Isflute, saxophone, trombone, “...We have such a great a member of NAFME and CMEA."baritone, tuba, oboe, bassoon, or group of students. I’m gladpercussion? Don’t mind marching Recent music department performances and awards we’ve had all the include:  and like to perform? This award- Schooljam Contest  winning group is always looking opportunities we’ve had 2nd Place Band - Oakhurst Heritage Days Paradefor new members. The band this year, like going to 2nd Place Percussion - Santa Cruz 42nd Annual Bandusually does three parades in the Reviewfall, the Winter and Spring Santa Cruz and Pismo...” 1st Place Band - Pismo Beach 34th Annual Band ReviewConcerts, Festival, and a few Pep - Student Quote The Fall Rock ShowBand performances throughout The Winter Concertthe year. Marching uniforms and most instruments are provided The Underground Showby the school. Students are required to purchase performance CMEA Band Festivaloutfits for concerts and festivals. (tuxedos for young men, choir CMEA Choir Festival CMEA Jazz Band Festivaldresses for young ladies). PAS Day of Percussion The Stangfest Rock Show The Spring ConcertMinarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  10. 10. Music Percussion (Audition for new members includes Warm-up in 3rds, and Sprinkler. Band Camp starts one week before the start of school in the fall.) Do you like the movie Drumline? This group performs separately and in conjunction with the marching band. Instruments and marching uniforms are provided by the school. Students are required to purchase performance outfits for concerts and festivals. Percussion usually does three parades in the fall, the Winter and Spring Concerts, Festivals, and a few Pep Band Performances throughout the year. Digital Music Recording & Production 10th, 11th, 12th graders only. No need to be able to play music. All applicants must write 100 words on why they want to be in this class & what they want to learn. Write music, record music, engineer & learn a bit of Music Digital Music Instructor: Theory with Mr. Powers, our seasoned studio musician and Matt Powers home recording resident guru. This class is open to many mpowers@mychawanakee.org different types of skill sets and levels: beginning, intermediate & advanced musicians, writers, programmers and engineers Minarets Staff 3 years are welcome. 10 years of professional studio & tour experience Published author of The Matt Powers Guitar Method (Amazon, Lulu, iPad, etc) Music featured "This class has been the most fun class I have taken on MLB channel and in films. Played with Bill here at MHS. We constantly learn how to be the Gibbons of ZZtop, Matt Katz-Bohen of Blondie, Shawn Pelton of SNL, Sheryl Crow, Bruce greatest we can be from someone who knows best. Springsteen & more, Nikki G of Beyonce, Ty Dennis All the while writing, practicing and recording." of The Doors (Ray Manzerek & Robbie Kreiger), Ant Student quote C of Smash, & more! Worked with legendary producers Dave Jerden of Alice in Chains, Offspring, Janes Addiction, Social Distortion and more and Steve Lilywhite of U2, Psychedelic Furs, Dave Matthews Band, and more!Minarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  11. 11. Advanced NEW ELECTIVE THIS YEAR Guitar Orchestra (Suggested prerequisite: Guitar One, or teacher approval. Live Music auditions will be held one week before the end of the school year. Auditions will consist of basic open chords, barre chords, and note-reading in the 1st position. This class replaces Guitar 2 and can be taken any number of times for increased enrichment and music performance experience.) Want to play classical, jazz, or rock guitar arrangements with a room full of great musicians? Want to travel, perform, compete in festivals and contests? This music performance class is designed for the note-reading guitarist who wants to go on to music schools such as Berklee, Musician’s Institute, or become a music major in college . Please provide your own guitar (suggested one nylon-string classical, one steel-string acoustic, one electric). This class will cover music theory and improvisation. NEW ELECTIVE THIS YEAR Rock Music Performance Class (Prerequisites: Guitar One, Singer-Songwriter Class or teacher approval. The school will provide a sound system, guitar and bass amps, keyboards and basic drum set. Guitarists are required to provide their own instruments, drummers are required to provide their own sticks and crash cymbals. Live auditions will be held one week before the end of the school year.) Looking for a place to rehearse and perform with otherMusic Instructor: musicians? This class may be for you. A basic grasp of musicBill Samuelson theory and how a sound system works are a plus;bsamuelson@mychawanakee.org understanding of your instrument and the ability to get alongMinarets staff 6 years with others are a must. Creative ensembles are encouraged (for example: three cellos, a flute, a tuba, and a drummer, or aHonors and Awards: Participation in Santa Cruz mandolin, harmonica, two acoustic guitars, a string bass, andand Pismo Beach Band Reviews, CMEA Festivals. a washboard). Enrollment is limited to available rehearsal2nd Place Mace Drum Major, Pismo. Honors and space. Required performances are the Fall Rock Show, theAwards: Participation in CMEA Festivals, Disney Spring ‘Stangfest, and multiple smaller lunchtime andMagic Music Days. Honors and Awards: evening performances throughout the year. Students will alsoParticipation in Santa Cruz and Pismo Beach record their original music, enter contests and post music onpercussion competitions, Fresno State Day of ReverbNation.Percussion Festival. 2nd Place Percussion, SantaCruz.Drama Instructor:Jamie Smithjsmith@mychawanakee.orgMinarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  12. 12. Ag and Natural Resources Floral Floral 1 For those of you that like theAg Instructors: more artistic approach, this will be the class for you.   WeFloral will learn the history of floral arranging, how to use colorKristi Mattes and style as well as plant growth techniques.   The mostkmattes@mychawanakee.org important part of this class isMinarets staff 6 years learning how to make floralAg Teacher for over 30 years arrangements that will impress your family and friends.   Turn loose the artist hidden inside you and join us today. Floral 2 - Advanced Floral Design (Pre-requisite: Floral 1) Need another outlet for your creativity? If so, then keep on going with advanced floral design! Here you will build on the skills that you have attained during beginning floral design, and perfect them into desirable job skills!Minarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  13. 13. Ag Mechanics Be among the first to All new tools: work in the brand new 9 welding bays (over 20 welders altogether), plasma Ag Mechanics building cutters, three 3D printers, laser cutters, complete wood shop with planers, table saws, robotic routers, ceiling mounted cranes and more! Ag Mechanics I (No prerequisites) You will have the opportunity to learn tool safety, fire safety, record keeping, "I took Ag mechanics to rope work, basic plumbing, electricity, woodworking and welding, as well as challenge my ability to the basics of computer aided design. Learn all the essentials needed to become the handiest person in your home. FFA is a part of this course so you build and create." can also develop your leadership skills. Student Quote Ag Mechanics 2 (Pre-requisite: Ag Mech 1 or Teacher Permission) Are you ready to expand on those construction skills that you developed in Ag Mechanics I? If so, then this course is for you! Project design, framing/ woodworking, rough carpentry, fence building, and concrete work await those who sign up for Ag Mechanics 2. Many projects revolve around Ag Mechanics Instructors developing the Ag Laboratory, which will be lasting elements on the Minarets campus. Dont forget that you also get to be a part of the FFA, and put to use To be announced your skills as a leader. Advanced Ag Design and Fabrication (Prerequisite: Ag Construction and Teacher Recommendation.) This is a new and advanced course to follow Ag Mechanics 2. This course will focus on design and fabrication utilizing tools like Google SketchUp, hand graphics, and model building. Students will design and build advanced projects for school and personal interest. ALSO SEE: Minarets’ new Rapid Prototyping classMinarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  14. 14. Ag and Natural Resources NEW ELECTIVE THIS YEAR Horticulture Science  (prerequisite: Completion of Agriculture Biology)  This course is designed for any garden lover. Whether you have a green thumb or not come and join us as we examine the plant growing process with a hands on approach. Majority of class time will be spent in the Agriculture Department Greenhouse where you will be learning the tricks and tools of the tarde in order to guarantee successful plant growth in preparation for sale. The class will also plan and conduct a spring plant sale!  NEW ELECTIVE THIS YEAR Veterinary Science and Nutrition  (Prerequisite: Completion of Chemistry or Instructor Approval)  This course is designed to prepare students for the possibility of a career in animal or human medicine. Students will be introduced to basic veterinary skills and topics including anatomy and physiology  tool and equipment, safe veterinary practices, careers in veterinary medicine, animal nutrition, feed practices, and gestation and vital signs. This is a fast paced advanced science course designed to be taken concurrently with Animal Anatomy and Physiology.  Ag Leadership, Vet Science, Horticulutre Instructor: Ag Skills/Leadership (Pre-requisite: Application or Teacher permission) Amanda Hendrickson Are you a leader? Do you want to be a leader? If so then step up and sign up for Ag Skills and Leadership! In this ahendrickson@mychawanakee.org class you will be exposed to all of the leadership Minarets staff 3 years opportunities that FFA and the Ag Industry has to offer! You will gain experience in Prepared Public Speaking, Extemporaneous Public Speaking, Job Interviewing skills, Sales and Marketing which will give you a leg up on the competition in the FFA or in the career world! Also, take onMinarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  15. 15. Information Technology (IT) NEW COURSE DESCRIPTION Information Technology 1 (IT1) – Computer Hardware, Management and Networking No prerequisite. This course has TWO levels in one class. IT1 will focus on the hardware, network and server side of information tech. Students will: install multiple OS variants (Linux, Windows, Macintosh OSX) on IT lab computers, build network cables and infrastructure (including switches and wireless routers), learn to configure and deploy multiple servers from a hardware and a software perspective (Linux, Windows 2008, 2012 and Macintosh OSX Server) as well as learning to remotely manage servers. Students who desire may take IT1 a " I am enjoying this second time, serving as a “Student class and Im looking Project Coordinator” doing more forward to learning advanced projects, leading and some more, cool tech developing lessons and scenarios for stuff." - Student Quote entry level students. NEW COURSE DESCRIPTION Information Technology 2 (IT2) – Software and Programming Emphasis No prerequisite. This course has TWO levels in one class. The purpose of this class is to develop basic "I really liked the programming skills, using apps like MIT’s Scratch Scratch, Unity 3D and others to learn the programming basics of game design and app software, it was soJohn Sparks development. Beginners will be able to have cool I could makejsparks@mychawanakee.org a game like Asteroids running within 6-8 an asteroids game" weeks and they’ll be able to develop more - Student QuoteMinarets staff 2 years advanced apps and games via Unity 3D by the end of this class.Industry professional and computer Students MAY repeat this class, acting as a developer and Studentconsultant. Project Coordinator to develop independently or as part of a student programming team. Minarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  16. 16. Spanish 1 (9th grade must be enrolled in Honors English)Spanish is a user-friendly and melodic language with an abundance of easyto recognize words, such as fiesta, celebración, inteligente, excelente, and theever popular taco, burrito, and tostado. Spanish 1 students will use their Spanishlaptops as their own portable language labs. Spanish is acquired throughboth self-directed activities on laptops as well as listening and speakingpractice with teachers and fellow students, both in and outside of theclassroom. Student projects include: recording weather reports (usinglaptops, green screens, and video cameras), writing and illustrating storiesusing Photobooth, Keynote and podcasting. Students will read and respondto printed books, available in the classroom; e-books, available on-line; and   ePals through which students correspond in Spanish with language-learners from another school.Spanish 2 (Pre-requisite: Spanish 1)In Spanish 2, students will expand their vocabulary with greater ease andspeed than before, and express themselves with greater fluency andaccuracy. The second year Spanish program emphasizes languageacquisition by recording songs, translating stories, watching films, and byadding Spanish or English captions to video clips and commercials (usingvideo cameras, iMovies, Quicktime, and PhotoBooth).   To practicereading and comprehension, there is a wide selection of on-lineprograms, such as reading e-books, local and foreignnewspapers written in Spanish.   When writing, emphasis ison using new vocabulary and what you know, ratherthan absolutely accurate grammar and spellingand featuring self-expression, communicationand to show cultural appreciation.Presentations about student life events inthe present, past and future will give themexperience in the most common verbtenses.Spanish 3(Pre-requisite: Spanish 1 & 2)Third year Spanish takes place in a no-English,Spanish immersion classroom. Spanish 3students will acquire fluency in their speaking andcomprehension skills.   For independent work, studentscan choose a vocabulary/theme on which they wish to focusas part of a career interest or for travel, volunteer work, etc. andpartner with another student or practice one-on-one with a teacher orteacher aide.Students will produce one creative project per semester, such as re-telling,writing or videotaping a story, performing poetry, music or a playmonologue.   They can use video cameras, iPods, and laptops to record andshowcase their work.     During first semester, Spanish 3 students will reportindividually on a local issue such as drugs, healthcare, immigration, bi-lingual Spanish Instructoremployment opportunities, etc. During  second semester, students will workcollaboratively with an international classroom on a world-wide topic, such Sr. Jose Aispuroas the environment, poverty, or education.   jaispuro@mychawanakee.org   Minarets staff 3 years Native of MexicoMinarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  17. 17. Yoga/Pilates/Dance This course combines the basic fundamentals of yoga, pilates, and dance.   It is designed to effectively strengthen, tone, and balance the entire body.   It will teach students to focus and develop a calmer, more relaxed mind.   This class will also offer students the opportunity to learn basic elements and techniques of various styles of dance, including hip hop, folk and line dances, social dances, jazz, and ballet.  Key projects for this class include yoga and pilates instructional videos, yoga Yoge/PilatesDance Instructor journal, and choreographing your own dance.   Students will also have the opportunity to visit yoga, pilates, and dance Karra Zamora studios around our community, perform in showcases, and view zamora@mychawanakee.org dance professional performances. Minarets staff 2 years Extreme PE (11th and 12th Grade Only) This is a PE elective based on student interest and teacher approval. This is for students serious about physical activity and outdoor recreation. Class will include mountain biking, the climbing wall, lifelong fitness activities, extreme games and more. Athletic PE 11th and 12th grade only - Teacher approval required IDEAL CANDIDATES SHOULD BE PARTICIPATING IN TWO OR MORE SPORTS Units of instruction include: an introduction to advanced Kinesiology and fitness (including fitness technology), weight-training, team activities, athletic team leadership, nutrition, sports injuries, treatments and prevention,athletic dietary supplements, and employment opportunities in athletics, sports management, and athletic training. Students will be empowered to make choices, meet challenges and develop positive behaviors in fitness, wellness and movement activity for a Extreme PE and Athletic PE Instructor lifetime. Emphasis is placed on students analyzing skills for effective movement, the development and implementation of team leadership Jay Smoljan skills, and team building concepts in a competitive environment. jsmoljan@mychawanakee.org Minarets staff 4 yearsMinarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  18. 18. Leadership Leadership (Pre-requisite: Application Process for 10th, 11th and 12th graders only) Leadership is a service based, academically driven opportunity for students, in a class “I was in leadership  a couple times setting, to acquire and before at my other school, but they put into action didnt get as involved in the leadership skills that in community as we do here, like collaboration with when we went to feed & give other student leadership groups will presents to the homeless at the animate and enhance Salvation Army. This leadership student life, our school class gives me much bigger culture and valley opportunities & chances to help me community. This course figure out how to be when it comes provides students with to my future plans after Minarets.” - the opportunity to Student quote develop and practice Leadership Instructor public speaking, engage in community service cultivation and assistance, Chelsea Milliorn and collaborate with students and adults to accomplish cmilliorn@mychawanakee.org long term philanthropic goals. A focus in the course is Minarets staff 2 years shared responsibility with peers and adults in carrying out the mission of Minarets through the planned activities of the school.Minarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  19. 19. NEW ELECTIVE THIS YEARNative American Studies Native American Studies - This class is open to all students, especially those interested in Native American culture. Students in this class will learn all the key elements of a pow-wow, including: drum circles, oral storytelling traditions, basketry, tool making, and dance, as well as interviewing local elders. This is a hands-on, activity class designed to organize Native American and coordinate activities and events aimed at Studies Instructor developing and celebrating local and regional Native American Culture. This class will be tasked with Daniel Ching developing a local center celebrating Native American dching@mychawanakee.org Culture as well as the annual Native American Student Leadership Conference. Apple Distinguished Educator Minarets staff 3 yearsMinarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  20. 20. Fire Science and EMT are both 2 period classes Based on sign ups, only one of these will be offeredFire Science EMT Fire Science Emergency Medical Training (11th & 12th Grade only) (11th & 12th Grade only) Fire Science is designed to prepare individuals Emergency Medical Training (EMT) is for fighting fires and related tasks. This course designed to train students for is the California State Fire Marshal Fire Fighter emergency care of individuals who I and Fire Fighter II course which prepares have encountered some situation students for State certification. Students will requiring emergency care. The learn about fire protection organizations, use content will include, but not be and handling of firefighting equipment and apparatuses, fire protection and safety, fire limited to CPR, First Aid, and behavior and extinguishment methods, emergenc y component of the rescue and ventilation operations, fire control, medical, law, and fire occupations. The and salvage and overhaul of structures. certificate issued by the ROP is not an Wildland fire fighting will also be taught in EMT-1A Certification and students conjunction with other fire fighter concepts must file for their certification with and competencies. Practical experience will the County Department of Health.  be gained through live fire and simulated exercises relating to the theory taught in the This is a great class for students classroom. First Responder medical aid will interested in: health care, law also be a part of the course to provide the enforcement, military, as well as life students with the knowledge and skills guarding and even babysitting. necessary to adequately assess and provide care for victims at the scene of injury. Fire/EMT instructors Bill Hartley bhartley@mychawanakee.org Gina Hartley ghartley@mychawanakee.org Health Care Professionals, employed by Sierra Ambulance Minarets staff 2 yearsMinarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  21. 21. Student Assistants Athletics Support • Office • Food Service • Campus Maintenance Free All -Year Activities Pass • Discounted Tickets for Dances Specialized Professional Teams This class is graded as a letter grade (A-F) This new class is open to Juniors and Seniors who wish to apply to be on specialized teams focused on assisting the school in campus activities and needs related to Athletics, Office Support, Food Service and Campus Maintenance. If you like to help out and want to assist staff members on making our school even better, this could be for you. This is an application/interview only class. Students that are accepted will receive campus perks such as free Student Activities Pass, discounted ticket purchase opportunities for dances and other activities, special schedule preferences and more. All specialized teams require an interview for acceptance Teacher’s Assistant Student Project Coordinator (Teacher Permission, 11th and 12th grade only) (Teacher Permission, 11th and 12th grade only) This class is graded as a pass/fail class This class is graded as a letter grade (A-F) This class is designed for students who want This one-year course is designed to have an experienced to perform errands, do light clerical work, and dedicated student in any given core or elective area create flyers, distribute signs and generally become a vital member of the instructional team in the help out. classroom. Whereas, high schools have always had TA’s or Instructional Assistants, the new century demands that we have students trained at a high level to lead, coordinate and train others.   We don’t need to train students to be “glorified gophers” but rather to , be better facilitators, presenters and leaders.   This course is designed for academically aggressive students, again in given core and academic areas, who are interested in advancing their own skills through the training of others, coordinating student projects, providing student support and assistance. They will not work for the classroom teacher, as much as with the classroom teacher.Minarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  22. 22. SCHOOL SPIRIT SERVICES NEW ELECTIVE THIS YEAR School Spirit Services (Pep and Cheer) - This new course is required elective (pre-requisite) for all Pep and Cheer Team Members for the 2013-2014 school year. This course is designed to have regularly scheduled time for preparation for all Pep and Cheer activities. Additionally, this will class will serve as an extention of the School Leadership Program intended for all Pep and Cheer Members to serve the athletic, spirit and school activities needs for Minarets. See Mrs. Milliorn, of the Sheriff, for more information. All students enrolling in this class will have to be pre-approved by Mrs. Milliorn.Minarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  23. 23. NEW ELECTIVE THIS YEAR School Construction Services (Extreme Campus Makeover) - This new hands-on class is a specialized class for those interested in construction and completing daily projects for the campus and community. Students should have taken Ag Mechanics 1 or have a construction background. Projects will be many and varied and include, but are not limited to the following: concrete, metal, wood, fabrication, etc. This is an application/ interview only process. Only the serious should apply. School Construction Services Instructor George Cummings gcummings@mychawanakee.org Chawanakee Unified School District Facilities Director Over two decades in commercial construction Before AfterMinarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  24. 24. Digital Publishing/ Social Media (10th, 11th and 12th grades only) Dreaming of getting published? Join a journalism team which addresses the newest and best practices of the field in the 21st century. Become a photojournalist, graphic artist, videographer, literary journalist, editorialist, blogger, beat reporter or talk show host.   Go out on special assignment, learn to write, interview, take shots and "tell the story" as it is or with a creative twist.   Students who sign up for this elective will be responsible for making layout/design decisions, selling advertisements and creating weekly video and print content for the online publications of Minarets High Social Media/ School including the Roundup news source, Facebook, Publishing Wordpress and others.   Instructor If youre highly motivated and looking to increase your skills, publish your work and build your portfolio of Dave Cicoletti writing and media, then this elective is for you. dcicoletti@mychawanakee.org Masters in Fine Arts / English Minarets staff 4 years Freakonomics (11th and 12th grade only) 2012 Top THREE California Finish! Freakonomics is a mathematical/economics course inspired by the popular book “FREAKONOMICS: A Rogue Economist Explores The Hidden Side Of Everything” by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. Awesome FinLit Online learning! Freakonomics is an upper division math course, which is geared for the Junior and Senior student. This math course may be used as an elective or to satisfy as a third math course. The resources used for this class are: • Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores The Hidden Side of Everything • The Stock Market Game • Math & You I love this class, this • EverFi Financial Literacy is the first math class where the math Freakonomics Instructor makes sense and I Denise Alvarez know I will be able to dalvarez@mychawanakee.org use it. - Student quote Minarets staff 3 yearsMinarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  25. 25. Psychology     Psychology is a year-long course which will introduce the basic concepts of the science of human behavior and mental processes.  We will Psychology Instructor examine this science through how the following Bob Kelly concepts affect us, our lives, and the people in bkelly@mychawanakee.org the world around us. Minarets staff 2 years The following is an outline of the units and some of the questions we will examined in the Minarets Psych class: AP History Teacher Social Psychology Stanford Teaching Honor (2000) How has society affected male and female roles throughout history? UC San Diego Teaching Honor     How do stereotypes affect perceptions and decisions? (2001, 2005) Introducing Psychology and Biological Roots of Behavior California Student Multimedia Award     What is the truth? (2005)     How does the body’s chemistry affect behavior? Mariposa Masonic Lodge Spring Hill High The Developing Child School Teacher of the Year (2008)     Write a letter to your child on his or her 18th birthday. Palo Alto Foundation for Education Grant     Do parents matter? (1999) Thinking and Language Stanford Technology Grant (2000)     Do you like to think?  Why or why not?  What does that mean? Palo Alto Foundation for Education Grant     What do you like to think about? Why? (2003) Learning and Memory Power Up Fellowship (2000)     What does reinforcement mean? Summer Technology Fellowship     What is modeling and what is a good role model? Israel Center of San Francisco Fellowship     How do context and moods affect how our memory works? (2001) Perception and States of Consciousness     What is the difference between perception and reality?     Why do we sleep?  Why do we dream?  Why do we daydream? Motivation     Why do we eat?  How do we eat?     How do hormones affect sexual motivation? Psychological Disorders and Therapy     What does it mean to be normal?     What does it mean to be abnormal?     What are the differences between major depression and bipolar disorder?Minarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  26. 26. NEW ELECTIVES THIS YEAR Minarets Kickstarter (Entrepreneurship) 11th and 12th only. Rapid Prototyping - Product Development This course is designed to allow students to pursue (Maker’s Lab) their passions, interests and alternative career Prerequisite: Ag Mech 1 aspirations by creating new pathways to success through the study and practice of American This new course is designed for those capitalism with an emphasis on small business start- interested in designing and creating products ups. If you are a student that is frustrated by the as well as producing them in our new Design status quo options available after high school, this Lab utilizing state-of-the-art design technology. class will allow you to explore hands-on how to This class will work to build products designed create your own pathways to a fulfilling future. This by the Minarets KickStarter class and make class will include activities such as prototyping your 10-30 examples of each product. The exciting product ideas collaboratively with a focus is on not only designing products, but manufacturing course (i.e. 3D Printing, Laser actually producing them. Cutting, etc.), improving your team-building & public speaking skills, learning about the aspects of Students in this class will have access to: operating a business (management, marketing/ The full wood, welding and fab lab shops, advertising, sales, accounting, human resources, including: 3D printers, robotic cutters and economics and research & development), visiting plasma torches, advanced CAD software and college entrepreneurship programs, touring small instruction. businesses, meeting with entrepreneurs and interviewing small business owners. Using such resources such as ABCs hit show Shark Tank, this course will give students a behind-the-scenes understanding of what it takes to obtain venture capital to fund their ideas. Prepared with these skills, students will have the ability to launch and maintain their own businesses while enrolled in this course. There is no prerequisite course requirement. The only prerequisites required are the desire to work hard for things you enjoy and to be a self-starter. KickStarter Instructor: Ryan Finfrock rfinfrock@mychawanakee.org Minarets staff 2 years Masters in BusinessMinarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  27. 27. Drama Drama The Drama class at Minarets “Drama really makes High School promotes skills you broaden your and knowledge of theatre arts and encourages personal perspectives.” growth and creative thought - Student quote in its members through theatre. The program also supports the goal of engaging students in the endeavor to entertain and educate their audiences with plays and skits of many periods and genres.   This is a fast paced, creative and active class meant to engage and entertain students through creative performance arts. Students in this class will perform in a variety of theatrical activities including scripted plays, skits, improvisational or impromptu performances on site and in various community venues.     Advanced Drama Advanced Drama students will engage in all of the above as well as create performance videos and more complex live performances. Students will also explore basic script writing, classical theater and conduct live per formances that will "Drama is a great engage and incorporate break from the audience participation. stress of other (Pre-requisite Successful classes and a way completion of Drama I with a to let go and be C or better or Instructor’s crazy without prior approval.)**Please note, being judged" - large scale productions are Student quote facilitated after school and not as part of classes.   Drama Instructor: Jamie Smith jsmith@mychawanakee.org Minarets staff 3 years • CVCUE Teacher of the Year 2011 Madera County Teacher of the Year FinalistMinarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  28. 28. Access to college classes during the day Minarets U at Minarets (11th/12th grade only) High School Enrichment allows high school students the opportunity to enroll in courses at the community college for educational enrichment.   The purpose of the program is to provide "advanced scholastic educational enrichment opportunities for a limited number of eligible pupils," as defined by Education Code. At Minarets, students taking HS Enrichment classes at the community college or online are provided an elective period on campus to complete assignments and access support from a teacher. Limited classes will receive college credit as well as credit from Minarets HS. Official Partners CSU Fresno Available ResourcesMinarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  29. 29. Peer Mentoring/ Mediation Peer Mentoring (Application required, 10th, 11th and 12th only)  Are you interested in becoming a counselor?  Have you ever wondered why you keep doing the same thing when you do not want to.  Learn how to understand relationships and resolve conflicts (drama). Learn about careers and career pathways in  a variety of  social work and counseling fields. Students will learn to help assist high school students with interpersonal relationships and conflict resolution .  This course is also designed to train Peer Mentors and enhance positive attitudes toward self and others.  The Peer Mentoring Program is a leadership class and has expectations for the students who will be the peer mentor.  There will be role playing, presentations, personality profile tests, case note taking, videos, guest speakers, etc. The class will be instrumental in a students personal and professional growth. Peer Mentoring Instructor: Ryan Finfrock rfinfrock@mychawanakee.org Minarets staff 2 years Masters in BusinessMinarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  30. 30. Work Work Experience (11th and 12th grade only) Experience Work Experience is an elective class designed for students who are presently employed and wish to receive elective credit through course participation while employed in an Minarets Work Experience approved position. The course provides students with opportunities to integrate supervised paid or unpaid employment in an approved field or occupation and weekly classroom instruction. A major emphasis in the course is to assist students in developing desirable work habits and attitudes while employed in real jobs. The job held by the student need not be related to his or her future and/or present occupation goals. Through on-the- job experience, students will learn how to work with and for other people. Students are expected to complete 180 hours of work for a 5 credit class (40 hours/credit). Workability The mission of the Workability Program is to promote the Work Experience Instructor involvement of key stakeholders including students, families, educators, employers and other agencies in Claudia vanDenBergh planning and implementing an array of services that will cvandenbergh@mychawanakee.org culminate in successful student transition to employment, 3 years on staff life-long learning and quality of life. 1. Provides pre-employment skills training, work site training and follow-up services for Juniors and Seniors, ages 16-22 in special education at Minarets High School who are making the transition from school to work. 2. Offers special education students with an IEP, the opportunity to complete their high school education while also obtaining marketable job skills. Workability Instructor 3. Benefits students, employers and the community at large. GeGe Drozen 4. Seeks employers in the business community who gdrozen@mychawanakee.org will give students with special needs a chance to 4 years on staff prove themselves. You can view our website at: http://mustangworkability.wikispaces.com/Minarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  31. 31. Minarets Core Courses English (4 years Required for Graduation) English 9 or English 9 Honors English 10 or English 10 Honors English 11 or AP Language and Composition English 12 or AP Literature and Composition Social Science (4 years Required for Graduation) Health/Geography World History or World History Honors US History or AP US History Government/Economics or AP Government/AP MacroEconomics Ag Government and Economics Math (3 years Required/4 years Recommended for 4 year college) Integrated Math 1 Geometry Algebra 2 Pre-Calculus Statistics AP Calculus Freakonomics Science (2 years Required/Biology and Chemistry Required for 4 year college) Ag Earth Science Ag Biology Ag Chemistry Animal Anatomy & Physiology AP Physics AP Environmental ScienceMinarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  32. 32. Elective Planner Print out the grid below and use it to plan out your career at Minarets. Feel free to change as you go, adjusting and trying new things is good. It doesn’t matter what Remember: your plan is, but you Sample a lot of “1”s, but find something you like, because you will need to need a plan. complete some “2”s and Advanced Electives to get the most out of Minarets. Year in school Remember: Find an “interest area” - something you love to do. 9th Elective 1 Elective 2 Elective 3 Only Only PE Pick 2 Electives Pick 2 Electives Required 10th Elective 1 Elective 2 Elective 3 Elective 4 Only PE Spanish Pick 3 Electives Required Elective 11th Elective 1 Elective 2 Elective 3 Elective 4 Elective 5 Spanish Elective 12th Elective 1 Elective 2 Elective 3 Elective 4 Elective 5 Juniors and Seniors have access to double period electivesMinarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  33. 33. Photo Credits:Dee Reimer 2013-14Ashley TobinMelissa PlattKatie FabrisSarah Schoenhoeft- Niehaus MinaretsMia Corippo Course Catalog AP and UC approved classes include: Honors and AP English Honors and AP History Honors and Advanced Math (Physics and Calculus) Advanced Science Classes Minarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH
  34. 34. Minarets High School and Minarets Charter High School • Course Catalog 2013-2014 ALL CLASSES REQUIRE 20 STUDENTS TO LAUNCH