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Jullien Gordon Resume 2.0

Jullien Gordon Resume 2.0



This is a great example of how to impress potential employers in a down economy. The Resume 2.0 captures the essence of who you are in a way that resume can't. It has all of the same information, ...

This is a great example of how to impress potential employers in a down economy. The Resume 2.0 captures the essence of who you are in a way that resume can't. It has all of the same information, except it is laid out in an engaging way that demonstrates the quality of your work. Try it out!



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    Jullien Gordon Resume 2.0 Jullien Gordon Resume 2.0 Presentation Transcript

    • Meet Jullien Gordon aka Purpose Finder
    • Highest Intention High So our god-self/divinity, true potential and purpose is realized Why? So that we can give freely of ourselves to each other Why? So that love and other internal and external resources can flow freely Why? So they can experience the joy of being their highest contribution and being contributed to Why? To provide my generation with the things I had but my mother lacked Low
    • Table of The Present... -------------------------------------------- Jullien’s Purpose The Future. -------------------------------------------- Future Goals Contents My 8 Cylinders of Success My legacy The Department of Motivated Vehicles Envisioned Board of Directors My primary company My desired dream team The Past... Various Websites Can You Contribute? -------------------------------------------- My web properties & brands My intellectual, social, and financial Lifelong Learner capital gaps My educational history Keynote Speaker My speaking topics & presentations Contact Jullien Lifelong Leader My email, phone, & mailing address My leadership roles Proprietary Products My products created or in progress Personal Assets My passions, strengths, & skills Daily Dashboard My metrics for success Experience Creation My event production & project management The PURPOSE of this: -------------------------------------------- TO ENROLL YOU to contribute to my life and the possibility that I am which is everyone feeling powerful, supported, and directed on the journey of life.
    • The Past Where I’ve Been...
    • Lifelong Learner Bishop O’Dowd Magna Cum Laude, 2000 UCLA BA in Business Economics, 2003 Stanford GSB Masters in Business Administration, 2007 Stanford University Masters in Education, 2007 Landmark Education The Landmark Forum
    • Lifelong Leader UCLA Stanford Career -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- SHAPE Black Business Student Association Department of Motivated Vehicles Tutor » Peer Advisor » Assistant Site Black History Month Committee Chair » Founder & CEO Coordinator » Program Director Co-President Mylinia.com 2003 High School Conference Leadership Development Platform Founder & CEO Co-Chair Fellow Management Leadership for Tomorrow African Men’s Collective Potluck International Talent Recruitment Manager » Associate Founder & Chief of Staff Co-Founder Director of Talent Recruitment STOCKS & BONDS Beginning With Children Foundation Founder Junior Board Member African Student Union Treasurer Community Based Outreach Program Fellow
    • Personal Assets Passions Skills & Subjects Strengths -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- Creating Collective Experiences Purpose-Driven Leadership Activator Accessing the collective wisdom Building and developing teams & culture Can turn thoughts into action Public Speaking Curriculum Development Achiever Motivating large audiences Creating innovative learning materials Great deal of stamina and work hard Writing Compassionate Listening Discipline Inspiring through words Ability to hear beyond the words Create order and structure for excellence Motivating Millennials Ideation Strategic Growing the greatest generation ever Creating value with whatever is present Create alternative ways to succeed Breaking Bread Facilitation Connectedness Eating and making money with friends Managing multiple conversations Faith in the links between all things Developing -------------------------------------------- Skills & Subjects: Speaking off the cuff, Hiring people, Teleology, Psychodrama, Self-efficacy
    • Experience Creation UCLA Stanford New York -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- SHAPE Annual Run-A-Thon BBSA Annual Retreat Driving School for Life Raised $5K for operational budget A full weekend to foster community A monthly event to help young among new students professionals find their purpose 2003 High School Conference A full day of workshops and life skills for The Hall of Understanding Potlucks 1,000 high school students in LA A diversity week experience to create A monthly event to feed people authentic conversation on campus physically, mentally, and spiritually AMC Beautiful Struggle Conference A day of empowerment for African Potlucks American boys and men to unite A weekly event to feed people physically, mentally, and spiritually Black Male Think Tanks A weekly space for African American Black History Month boys and men to discuss their issues A week of education on the role of African Americans and business
    • The Present Where I Am...
    • Jullien’s Purpose Origin Destine-Nation Purpose -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- 1. Principles » My Dashboard 5. Positioning » My Lane Purpose » My GPS How many people I help align their lives Be the best Purpose Finder I can be My purpose is to extend the possibility of with their purpose. How many people I power, support, and direction to anyone break bread with. How aligned I am with 6. Pioneers » My Pace Cars motivated to get in the driver’s seat of my purpose. Chip Anderson. Eckhart Tolle. Rick their own lives. I will help people make a Warren. Tony Robbins. Marcus living doing what they love primarily 2. Passions » My Keys Buckingham. through my passions for creating Creating collective experiences. Public community, facilitating, and writing. I speaking. Writing. Motivating 7. Picture » My Road Map believe that everyone has a purpose and I Millennials. Lead a life and career that is bold, envision a world where everyone is visionary, innovative, and life-change. making their highest possible 3. Problems » My Fuel Business Leader » Social Leader » contribution. Purposelessness and all of its side Spiritual Leader effects. Lack of authentic community. Underemployment. Wasted potential. 8. Possibility » My Destination A world where everyone feels powerful, 4. People » My Motor supporting, and self-directed on the The millennial generation journey of life.
    • The Department of Motivated Vehicles The Course The Community The 2009 Goal -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- Driving School For Life # of Licensed Drivers Reach Driving School for Life is a one-day 200+ 10,000 people through the course, blog, motivational course designed to help book sales, speaking engagements, young professionals accelerate their Cities YouTube videos, and more. careers by clarifying and aligning their New York, NY life purpose, work, and goals. Each hour New Orleans, LA The Tipping Point focuses on one of the 8 Cylinders of Los Angeles, CA Focus on New York and hit the tipping Success(TM) using an interactive Berkeley, CA point so that the course and community curriculum of engaging group activities Washington, DC becomes self-sustaining here. and discussions. Driving School taps into the collective wisdom of the group to Professions Team help them 1. overcome their road blocks Educators. Lawyers. Businessmen & Recruit a talented partner who is willing 2. develop their passions and 3. discover Women. Artists. Technologists. to invest and build the business together. their purpose. Marketers. Investment Bankers. Etc. Future Courses visit www.motivatedvehicles.com Good Excuse Goal Setting Money Management for Millennials
    • Various Websites JullienGordon.com MotivatedVehicles.com Where I share my thoughts and ideas A peer profit community of freelancers Also Visit -------------------------------------------- GoodExcuseGoals.com, 8CylindersofSuccess.com, Mylinia.com, Route66.cc, Peersupport.me
    • Keynote Speaker UCLA African Graduation Stanford Black Graduation “Can You See What I See?” “The Spirit of Potluck” June 20, 2003 @ Royce Hall (1800 people) June 20, 2007 @ Memorial Aud. (2000 people) University of Michigan Women’s Initiative Management Leadership for Tomorrow National Society of Black Engineers Aligning Your Passions & Professions The C.E.O. of YOU Engineering Your Success Stanford University Sarvodaya So Live Arts Movement Latino Business Professionals The 8 Cylinders of Success Making Art Your Business The Art of Inner-Viewing
    • Proprietary Products “The 8 Cylinders of Success is a "literary GPS! for Generation Next. Ittime to start a New Year!s Revolution! It!s "Jullien has created an easy to use goal setting process that design, drive, and maintain. GOOD EXCUSE GOALS provides a clear "trip plan! for the reader via easy-to-follow and useful will increase your motivation to achieve your goals." up back seat driving through life, or driving directions, insights, compelling stories & skill-building exercises.” you tired of having the same New Year!s resolutions every year? Are you tired ever take the driver!s seat of their own lives. Are - Doug Sundheim, Author of The 25 Best Time Management Tools & ou in the driver!s seat, and help you achieve of making excuses for not getting where you want to go or having what you want - Kevin Carroll, Author of Rules of the Red Rubber Ball Techniques: How To Get More Done Without Driving Yourself Crazy velocity. to have in life? Say goodbye to New Year!s resolutions and say hello to the New Month!s resolution. Good Excuse Goals will show you strategies on how to direction? Do you have a GPS? accomplish almost anything in 30 days or less. over it? The 8 Cylinders of Success™ inspects eople, Positioning, Pioneers, Picture, and Good Excuse Goals is a group-based monthly goal setting process created to shboard, Keys, Fuel, Motor, Lane, Pace Cars, GOOD E CUSE hey lead to your purpose or personal GPS. help you find the motivation needed to get where you want to go in your personal and professional life. This revolutionary process will help you achieve more and personal GPS system to success end procrastination & perfectionism forever. GOALS t direction through life so that you never feel lost. Join the world!s fastest growing purpose-driven goal setting movement ever and se, sent to help young people find and live a life create a 30 Day Do It group with your family, friends, and colleagues today. life crisis.! Unlike most books on purpose, The 8 JULLIEN GORDON ctical exercises and tools that will help move you Jullien Gordon, The PurposeFinder, is the country!s u are clearer about your purpose, Jullien will show leading voice on purpose and motivation for the ow to manifest it!” e & CEO of Transcendent Solutions Consulting millennial generation. At the age of 27, he already has 10 years of experience working with millennials as a nder. The 8 Cylinders of Success is an incredible CEO, coach, and counselor. Through his company, the dent find the path to purpose and live a more Department of Motivated Vehicles, Jullien has inspired and meaningful life.” thousands via motivational teaching and speaking, tor of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN IN LESS THAN 30 DAYS employee motivation consulting, executive coaching, USING THE GOOD EXCUSE GOAL SETTING PROCESS and publishing. Jullien received two masters degrees The PurposeFinder, is the country!s leading voice from Stanford University—his MBA and Masters in otivation for the millennial generation. At the age Education. X has 10 years of experience working with EO, coach, and counselor. Through his company, JULLIEN GORDON Motivated Vehicles, Jullien has inspired ivational teaching and speaking, employee ing, executive coaching, and publishing. Jullien HOW TO ALIGN YOUR PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL PURPOSE NO MORE HOW TO END PROCRASTINATION & PERFECTIONISM FOREVER ers degrees from Stanford University—his MBA ucation. He believes that his purpose is to help s possible find their purpose and reach their full E CUSES g them make a living doing what they love. JULLIEN GORDON JULLIEN GORDON DMV/MVMT WWW.JULLIENGORDON.COM FOREWORD BY ANDY CHAN WWW.8CYLINDERSOFSUCCESS.COM WWW.JULLIENGORDON.COM FOREWORD BY DOUG SUNDHEIM DMV/MVMT WWW.GOODEXCUSEGOALS.COM WWW.MOTIVATEDVEHICLES.COM WWW.MOTIVATEDVEHICLES.COM The 8 Cylinders of Success Good Excuse Goals An insightful book about how to align An action-based book on how to end your personal and professional purpose. procrastination and perfectionism forever. Self-published in October 2009. Self-published in October 2009.
    • Daily 3000 Dashboard 2250 Licensed Drivers Potluckers Potlucks Books Sold 1500 Blog Readers Twitter Followers Facebook Friends Twitter Followers Books Sold 750 2009 0 Lives Touched
    • The Future Where I Am Going.
    • Future Goals 1. Put an end to the New Year’s Resolution Initiate the world’s largest and most effective goal setting movement based on the New Month Resolution and monthly group-based goal setting in people’s living rooms Good Excuse Goals 2. Make money doing what you love Build a self-sustaining community and economy of purpose-driven people based on Peer Profit & The 8 Cylinders of Success
    • Envisioned Board of Advisors Transformation Business Academic -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- Mandla Kayise Tom Adams William Damon New World Ventures Private Equity Stanford University Scott Sherman Hal Logan Andy Chan Transformative Action Institute Manheim Ventures Stanford GSB Career Management Center Charles Hess John Rice Winston Doby Inferential Focus Management Leadership for Tomorrow California Community Coalition Trabian Shorters Ebele Okobi-Harris Srikumar Rao Ashoka Yahoo Columbia University Kevin Carroll Carlos Ojeda Jr. Steve Loflin Katalyst Carlos Ojeda Jrs. Enterprises National Society of Collegiate Scholars Targets -------------------------------------------- People: Keith Ferrazzi, Tony Robbins, Calvin Mackie Skills: Selling to Schools, Massive Event Production & Touring
    • Can You Contribute? Intellectual Social Financial -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- Join the Board of Directors Networks Investment Hold an official seat on the board for 24 Connect us with people and organizations Exchange for equity months you know will benefit from what we have to offer Scholarships Join the Board of Advisors Pay for unemployed people to take the Hold an unofficial seat for 24 months Board Members course at cost Connect us with potential board members Consulting or advisors Space & Supplies Offer hours of pro bono consulting Contribute goods or services that will services Investors decrease our monthly expenses Connect us with people who may be interested in investing in us
    • Contact Jullien Email Mail -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- jullien@motivatedvehicles.com MVMT ATTN: Jullien Gordon Phone 155 Water Street -------------------------------------------- Brooklyn, NY 11201 646.875.8477