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Sales presentation: why you need Windows Intune

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  • What we’re seeing emerge in all businesses is:Increasingly mobile workforce who need anywhere connectivityRise in demand to conduct business over range of consumer devicesBlurring of work / life boundaries raising Businesses are looking to enable rather than inhibit new technology adoption Increases in pressure on IT budgetsThe way client management is delivered needs to change.IT consultantshave to balance the expectations of users demanding greater flexibility against the business needs for security and compliance. And all while keeping cost of delivery of management and security under control.Leveraging a cloud infrastructure helps keep unnecessary Capex costs out of the business. But the cost of on-going management of the variety of new devices users bring into the workplace can be equally challenging.So there needs to be a shift from a highly controlled environment and a move towards governance.Partners can set IT policies that enable
  • For customers who have relatively simple or small IT environments, or who need to manage remote devices, or need a very fast implementation time, we recommend a this infrastructure based on Intune <CLICK> They will be able to manage their existing Windows clients, plus Windows 8 and Windows RT devices. Intune will also manage Windows Phone 8, iOS, and Android devices. This enables customers to choose the right client for their needs without sacrificing management and security. <CLICK> The infrastructure is based entirely in the cloud, so in effect all devices are managed remotely. This provides a very fast and simple implementation and also allows them to easily outsource the management of devices to a Microsoft partner located throughout the world. <CLICK> The administrative experience is based entirely in Intune console, so the customer is able to manage all of those devices in a single pane of glass.
  • Windows intune

    1. 1. WindowsIntune:SMB Cloud SummitEric Main, Director of Product Marketing, Windows Intune
    2. 2. Windows Intune  Enterprise Scale +  Windows 8 support Early 2013 Service Pack 1 PC Management features  Active Early 2013 Directory • Single License: Windows June Intune + Configuration  Software deployment Oct 2011 2012 Manager • Per User Licensing • Up to 5 devices per user Cloud-based management April 2011 • Non-Windows SA option available MDM Features  iOS & Android  Windows RT & Unified  SW Publishing, Window Phone 8 Management  EAS Integration MDM
    3. 3. Challenges can be amplified in SMB Partners are central Complex device Need to deliver end-to-end solution landscape Needs to be cost-efficient Change the Approach to Client Management
    4. 4. Microsoft’s Vision Unified Device ManagementDevices & ControlledApplications access to dataExperiences Usersand data from with seamlessany device, authenticationWantanywhere
    5. 5. Cloud – best fit for most SMBsEmpower users through iOS, Androiddevice choiceUnifyInfrastructureSimplifyAdministration
    6. 6. Cloud + System Center Config Manager– best fit for more complex environmentsEmpower users through Windows To Godevice choice Mac iOS, AndroidUnifyInfrastructureSimplifyAdministration
    7. 7. Windows Intune Offers – Early 2013 Licensing device management from Microsoft no longer requires customers to choose between System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) and Windows Intune. Direct EA/ Offers (MOSP) EES Key Changes EAS Includes:Windows Intune • Intune Service • ConfigMgr If the customer also Windows Intune wants Windows… w/ Windows SA Windows Intune If the customer owns Add-On for Must license Must license ConfigMgr and SCEP… ConfigMgr & SCEP ConfigMgr separately ConfigMgr separately Available Available 2013 Dec 1, 2012Notes:• All Prices in USD• MDOP available as an add-on to the Windows Intune with Windows SA SKU only• Additional storage for Software Dist available as add-on across all SKUs• Windows Intune Add-On for ConfigMgr requires ConfigMgr & SCEP to be licensed under the EA/EAS/EES
    8. 8. Solving CustomerPain PointsTop Three Sales Scenarios
    9. 9. Unmanaged PC conversation openerBusiness Reality: Customers have several PCs that are not managed. They may be highlymobile or remote branch offices that are not behind the corporate firewall – or they maysimply not have a good management solution in place for any PCs Windows Intune Customer Priority Partner Offering Approach• Keep users • Cloud deployment • Managed services productive • Manage PCs and for PCs and devices wherever they are devices in with the • Helpdesk for remote• Secure access to same tool users and offices corporate • IT can set policies • Licensing & applications • Allow end users to Inventory Services• Need cost-efficient self serve solution
    10. 10. SMB Mobile Device Management LandscapeThe average value of mobile device management deals  will grow by 21% in FY13    
    11. 11. Mobile Device Conversation OpenerBusiness Reality: Customers have many mobile devices within the corporateenvironment, but no efficient way to manage and secure those devices – devices may becorporately owned, or may be employee owned, but used for work purposes. Windows Intune Customer Priority Partner Offering Approach• Keep users productive • Cloud deployment • Mobile Device on all devices • Manage PCs and Strategy Consultancy• Secure access to devices in with the • Managed Service for corporate applications same tool PCs & Mobile Devices• Need cost-efficient • IT can set policies • Helpdesk solution • Allow end users to • On-going Licensing & self serve Inventory services
    12. 12. Smoother Office 365 Deployment Conversation OpenerBusiness Reality: Customer is deploying Office 365 and doesn’t have a clear view of theircurrent PC update status and may not have an efficient way to deploy Office applications Customer Priority Windows Intune Approach Partner Offering• Customer needs a way to • Windows Intune can be • Pre-deployment services assess what updates have used to assess the for Office365 been applied to all PCs customer device estate • Office deployment before rolling out O365 and apply necessary • On-going PC & Device• Customer needs updates to ready PCs for Managed Services mechanism to update all Office 365. PCs to meet Single Sign- • Windows Intune can also On requirements be used to deploy Office• Customer may need tool bits. to roll out Office bits
    13. 13. In closing… • Take the Technical Training Prepare • Review What’s New guide • Take advantage of new marketing tools available Target on Windows Intune partner pages in December 2012 • Offer Taste Test to your customers – wrappedDemonstrate with your services • Receive up to 23% of licensing revenue when you Sell sell Windows Intune
    14. 14. Useful Links ons/productsonlineservices/40172051 une/pc-management-case-studies.aspx e/windowsintune-experience.aspx
    15. 15. FY13 Online Advisor IncentivesYear 1 Year 1• Recurring manage incentive for MOSA deals • MOSA Accelerators based on cumulative seats sold in FY13• Recurring manage incentive for both MOSA • EA Accelerators based on a 70% deployment and EA deals attainment per customer