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Ipt Presentation

  1. 1. Technology and the ECE Classroom! By: Jenn Cobb
  2. 2. Research Says... ✦ “Both literature and practice point to the important benefits of integrating technology into the early childhood curriculum (Rothenberg 1998).”
  3. 3. Benefits: • Several studies have shown that when computers and other technologies are available to young children it enhances their education in areas such as: cognitive, social, communication and motor development • Children learn best when taught a concept with manipulative materials, teachers are able to accomplish this with the use of technology in the classroom (Pierce 1994).
  4. 4. Benefits of • By learning and experimenting Technology the with new technologies in classroom, cognitive development is something that will naturally increase over time. • Childwho have been exposed to prosocial programming through technology at school have had behavior increases; along with this, some prosocial programming has been known to enhance imagination and creativity (Rothenberg 1998).
  5. 5. Technology and ECE • With proper instruction the technologies offered in the classroom will be engaging and very informative for the young learners. By using different technologies within the classroom the teacher is able to see different learning strengths that the students may have. This is a major benefit and will allow some students who hardly ever excell, to succeed with flying colors. • Some researchers found that children develop early written and oral language abilities while using software chosen to develop memory and creative thinking (Pierce 1994).
  6. 6. Technology in the ECE Classroom • ECE ways that teachers can Classroom In the classroom there are several different integrate technology into their content and curriculum. • The first example that I found was an online interactive game called “Fishy Factors” This program allows children to experiment with different fractions and levels of difficulty. This is a great way for teachers to assess different students
  7. 7. TECHNO- Classroom ✦ Another good example of using technology in the classroom is for young students learning how to blend words together. This program allows children to put words together and test their knowledge. Mr. Blender is the main character and he works through the different activities with the students. ✦ This activity and the other, could easily be brought back to the classroom. Mr. Blender is a character that the teacher can use with the students even without the internet.
  8. 8. T hnology, s ec o w Knowing the information that we know hat? ... about tec hnology in the c slas room it is , our res pons ibility to make the educ ation proc s better. One w w c do es ay e an this is by integrating tec hnology into our future c s las room , our s s tudents w be ill better off for it!!!
  9. 9. References • Pierce,P. (1994). Technology integration into early childhood curriculum: where we’ve been, where we are, and where we should go. • Rothenberg,D. (1998). Early childhood education in a technology age.