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Architecture  houses
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Architecture houses



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  • 1. (Nihon Kenchiku)JapaneseArchitecture
  • 2. •The roof is the most visually impressivecomponent•Choice of materials are always wood invarious forms (planks, straw, tree bark,paper, etc.) for almost all structures•Room size can be modified through the useof screens or movable paper walls.•Elevated slightly off the groundJapanese Architecture
  • 3. JapaneseHouseS
  • 4. ancient japanPit dwelling houseElevated house
  • 5. ancient japanShinden Zukuri11th centuryHouse of Aristocrats
  • 6. ancient japanShoin ZukuriBasis of traditionalJapanese Homes
  • 7. ancient japanKura ZukuriMeiji EraBasis of Japanese modern homes
  • 8. ancient japanGassho StyleFarmers homeWorld Heritage site
  • 9. TraditionalHouses
  • 10. •Types of traditional houses;Minka - traditional Japanese style residenceMachiya - traditional wooden townhouse•Does not have a designated use for eachroom aside from the entrance area (genkan),kitchen, bathroom, and toilet.•Partitions within the house are created byfusuma, sliding doors made from wood andTraditional Houses
  • 11. Traditional Housesand paper, which are portable and easilyremoved•Any room can be a living room, dining room,study, or bedroom•All the necessary furniture is portable,being stored in oshiire a small section of thehouse (large closets) used for storage
  • 12. Traditional housesclick photo
  • 13. Traditional houses
  • 14. Machiya
  • 15. Genkan
  • 16. Fusuma
  • 17. Fusuma
  • 18. Shoji
  • 19. Oshiire
  • 20. ModernHouses
  • 21. Modern Houses•Modern houses is typically listed in realestate advertisements in the format of anumber of rooms plus letter designatorsindicating the presence of common roomareasR designating room, L for living room, D fordining room, and K for kitchen:1R, LDK, DK, 2LDK, 2DK
  • 22. Irregularly Shaped BB House (Tokyo)
  • 23. Toda House (Hiroshima)
  • 24. K5 House (Kurume)
  • 25. Minimalist House (Kashiba)
  • 26. Maruyama House (Sapporo)
  • 27. Y House (Saitama)
  • 28. Reflection of Mineral (Tokyo)
  • 29. ApartmentS (Apaato)
  • 30. Apartments
  • 31. Tokyo Skytree•Opened on May 2012•A broadcasting,restaurant, andobservation tower inSumida, Tokyo•Tallest structure inJapan, 2nd talleststructure in the world•Tallest tower in the world•Height 634m (2080ft)