Beyond Rangoon by Iñigo


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Iñigo gives his opinion on this fild

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Beyond Rangoon by Iñigo

  2. 2. -The plot In 1988, an American woman, Laura Bowman, decide to go with her sister on atourist travel to Myanmar after finding her husband and son murdered by burglars.During the trip, she can´t forget them. One night, staying there in Rangoon, the capital of Myanmar, Laura can see AungSan Suu Kyi, the democratic leader and heroine for the Burmese people,celebrating inthe streets of Rangoon with crowds of people her democratic election winning, endingwith the Military dictarship of the General Ne Win. But she also observes how theMilitar Junta annulled the election and dispersed the crowd. That night she loses herpassport, so she can,t return with the tourist group and her sister to United States. Then she meets a former university professor, U Aung Ko, who is a pro-democraticactivist, a group of students and friends of him, monks, persecuted people etc. Thisput her on Junta´s enemies list. She is conscious of the brutally repression of theBurmese Militar Junta against their own people. Finally, Laura, U Aung Ko and the rest of the group evade the soldiers in the jungleand flee the country. Laura, who is a doctor, decides to remain in Thailand treating therefugees.
  3. 3. The characters• Some of the characters of the film are:• -Patricia Arquette—Laura Bowman• -U Aung Ko—U Aung ko• -Frances McDormand—Andy Bowman• -Victor Szelak—Mr. Scott• -Adelle Lutz—Aung San Suu Kyi• -Kuswadinath Bujang—Colonel• -Manisah Mandin—U Aung Ko´s daughter• Hani Mohsin Hanafi—Young monk• -Johnny Cheah—Min Han• -Spalding Gray—Jeremy Watt• -Ye Myint—Zaw Win• -Haji Mohd Rajoli—Karen father• -Michael Pickells--Laura´s husband
  4. 4. -The setting The place and time setting are Myanmar in the 1988, the year inwhich the 8888 Uprising and the annuled democracy elections takeplace. But most of the film was filmed in Malaysia and it´s jungle, exceptthe scenes filmed in Rangoon, and also was filmed in the year 1995.-Special effects and features Some special effects of the film are the persecution of the militars toLaura and U Aung Ko by car across the jungle, where U Aung Ko receivesa shot, and when all the group of refugees, Laura and U Aung Ko areescaping of the country by a river, that is the border between Thailandand Myanmar, while the militars are bombarding them. The filmduration is around 100 minutes .
  5. 5. -Why did it become so famous? Beyond Rangoon is an American drama film directed by JohnBoorman realesed on August 25, 1995, produced by Castle RockEntertainment and distributed by Columbia Pictures. The language ofthe film was English. The budget of the film was 23,000,000$, and the earned money inthe box offices was 5,750,110$ in USA, and 14,700,000$ worldwide.The sondtrack was composed by Hans Zimmer, and the albumrealesed in 1999. Beyond Rangoon was one of the most popular films of the 1995Cannes Film Festival. Beyond Rangoon is a film based on real and actual events, andhelped raise world attencion on a brutally and closed militarydictatorship that tortures and massacres the Burmese people.
  6. 6. REVIEW -Critics• -Characters: There haven,t been much critics of the charaters, but mainly has said the characters were emblematic and acting was good.• -Director: The italian film critic Tullio Kuzich said the film was marred by certain directorial touches.• -Summary: The international critical reaction was mixed. Time, Rolling Stone and Entertainment weekly wrote not very good reviews, while the critic of The New Yorker called the film a `fearless masterpiece’.-Anecdotes Beyond Rangoon is based on real events. The August 8, 1988, the democratic elections were annulled by the Militar Junta, Aung San Suu Kyi, who is depicted in the film, was put under house arrest, thousand of Burmese were exiled and is estimated that 10,000 people died. Aung San Suu Kyi won the Nobel Peace Price in 1991. When the film was realesed in Europe, the Militar Junta freed Aung San Suu Kyi, but put her under house arrest again a few years later. She was definetily realesed in November, 2010.
  7. 7. Ne Win Saw Maung Than Shwe(1962—1988) (1988—1992) (1992—2011) Thein Sein Aung San Suu Kyi (2011—Present)
  8. 8. -Why do you like it? Beyond Rangoon is one of my favourite films because I like drama-actionpolitical films, is a film based on real events, and I also like the places setting:the city and an exotic East Asian jungle.