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Cornell university hackathon information session, in conjunction with eBay university recruiting (November, 2012)

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  • Difficulty of integration, innovation of the project, best use of products (such as eBay) and the usefulness of the hack
  • First place winner from Geogria Tech was: kinect / video hack for in-video product placements and purchases
  • Second place winner from Georgia Tech: Chrome extension to search for eBay products from raw images
  • Third place winner from Georgia Tech: eBay product based Price is Right guessing game
  • Makerbot hack: They took a piece of toast and loaded the syringe with peanut butter, then the machine would print a picture on the toastCake hack: They tied LED lights in the form of faces on the cake. They were controlled by a program that would look at a link saved to Delicious and determine whether the site content was happy, sad, neutral or angry, then light up the appropriate face.
  • Katamari browser hack: - basically allows you to create a Katamari ball on a webpage and start picking up content on the page itself.
  • Use any tools available to you – jQuery, libraries, frameworks, anything to give you a leg up
  • Bad stuff happens – the last hour before the hackathon ends usually causes the most problems
  • Don’t wait until the end of the night to work on the tough problems – it’ll take you longer and be more difficult due to sleep deprivation
  • Introduce the team that can help throughout the hackathon
  • Cornell University Hackathon

    1. Cornell Hackathon Info Session Everything you need to know Jonathan LeBlanc Developer Evangelist (PayPal) Twitter: @jcleblanc Github:
    2. Syllabus: Thursday Info Session 5:00pm – 6:00pm Technical hacks and overview 6:00pm – 7:00pm Present your ideas and find teams
    3. Syllabus: Fri – Sat Hackathon Friday Saturday 5:00pm – End of 1:00pm - 4:00pm Event Hack Presentations Hack registration 4:00pm - 5:00pm 5:00pm (Friday) - Judge Deliberation, Winners 12:00pm (Saturday) announced and closing Hacking! words.
    4. What We Look For Difficulty Innovation Product Use Usefulness
    5. Hardware Hacks
    6. Extensions
    7. Games
    8. Something Different
    9. Something Fun
    10. Fail Early“I have not failed. Ive justfound 10,000 ways that wontwork.” - Thomas A. Edison
    11. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel
    12. Backup Your Code!
    13. Hack the Hard Problems First"The brain regions that are impaired when you aresleep-deprived are the same ones that are impairedwith aging,” - Todd Maddox
    14. Who can help?
    15. Thank You! Any Questions? Jonathan LeBlanc Developer Evangelist (eBay) Twitter: @jcleblanc Github: