Final curriculum night 2013


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Final curriculum night 2013

  1. 1. 5th Grade2013 Curriculum Night May 9, 2013
  2. 2. April 9th – 11th, 2014Williamsburg• Start saving now• 2 payment dates(October & February)• All chaperonesmust be on theCMS approvedvolunteer list.
  3. 3. 2012 – 2013 School Year IntroducedNC Common Core – Language ArtsNC Common Core - Mathematics
  4. 4. 5th GradeLanguage Arts5th Grade
  5. 5. NC Common Core – Language Arts• In grade five, students will read a wide range ofliterature, including stories, plays, and poems.Additionally, they will read to learn information abouthistory, the world, science, and other areas.Literature Informational Text
  6. 6. NC Common Core Language Arts - Literature• Determine themeLiteraryThemesEqualityPerseveranceChoices
  7. 7. NC Common Core Language Arts - Literature• Summarize textEqualityPerseveranceChoices
  8. 8. NC Common Core Language Arts - Literature• Determine influence of speaker on textEqualityPerseveranceChoices
  9. 9. NC Common Core Language Arts - Informational• Quote textEqualityPerseveranceChoicesBe the change you want tosee in the world.Mahatma Gandhi
  10. 10. NC Common Core Language Arts - Informational• Connect ideas from multiple sourcesEqualityPerseveranceChoices
  11. 11. Differentiation in Language Arts• Students may be placed indifferent novels• Students may be in the samenovel, but have differentcontracts.• Small group instruction• Small group remediation
  12. 12. Reading1. An independent novel- chosen for enjoyment2. A novel you are readingaloud to your child.Why????• Your child should be engaged intwo novels at all times
  13. 13. NC Common Core Language Arts - Writing• Narrative, opinion, and informationalEqualityPerseveranceChoices
  14. 14. NC Common Core Language Arts - Grammar• Spelling, punctuation, and parts of speechEqualityPerseverancepreChoicesverbs
  15. 15. Informational Text ResourcesTime For KidsNational Geographic Pathfinder
  16. 16. Informational Text Resources
  17. 17. NC Common Core Mathematics• Order of operations• Patterns in powers of 10• Write expressions to solvereal world problems• Operations and Algebraic Thinking
  18. 18. NC Common Core Mathematics• Comparing decimals• Place value• Adding and subtractingwhole numbers• Multiplying and dividingwhole numbers• Number and Operation in Base Ten
  19. 19. NC Common Core Mathematics• Fraction sense• Adding and subtractingwith unlike denominators• Fractions• Multiplying fractions• Dividing unit fractionsand whole numbers
  20. 20. NC Common Core Mathematics• Coordinate graphing• Volume• Measurement conversions• Measurement and Data
  21. 21. NC Common Core Mathematics• Quadrilateral classification• Geometry
  22. 22. Third GradeScience- Fifth Grade
  23. 23. NC ESSENTIALSTANDARDSForces and MotionUnderstand force,motion and therelationship betweenthem.Key Terms: Gravity, Friction, Speed,Position, Motion, Force, Mass, Inertia,Acceleration, Momentum
  24. 24. NC ESSENTIAL STANDARDSMatter: Properties and ChangeKey Terms:evaporation, condensation, precipitation, matter, energy, liquid, solid, gas, chemical change, physicalchangeUnderstand the interactions ofmatter and energy and thechanges that occur.
  25. 25. NC ESSENTIALSTANDARDSStructures and Functionsof Living OrganismsUnderstand how structures andsystems of organisms (to includethe human body) performfunctions necessary for life.Systems:Nervous, Respiratory, Muscular, Skeletal,Circulatory, Cardiovascular, Digestive
  26. 26. NC ESSENTIALSTANDARDSEcosystemsUnderstand theinterdependence ofplants and animalswith their ecosystem.Key Terms:ecosystem, interdependence, producer, consumer, decomposer, foodchain, food web, biome
  27. 27. NC ESSENTIALSTANDARDSEnergy: Conservationand TransferKey Terms: convection, conduction, heattransfer, radiation, molecule, atom, electromagnetic waves, thermalenergy, temperature,Explain how theproperties of somematerials change as aresult of heating andcooling.
  28. 28. NC ESSENTIALSTANDARDSEarthSystems, Structuresand ProcessesUnderstand weatherpatterns andphenomena, makingconnections to theweather in a particularplace and time.Key Terms: cold/warm fronts, cirrusclouds, cumulus clouds, stratusclouds, barometer, El Nino, Gulf
  29. 29. NC ESSENTIALSTANDARDSEvolution andGenetics,Understand whyorganisms differ fromor are similar to theirparents based on thecharacteristics of theorganism.Key Terms:genetics, heredity, traits, genes, DNA, inherit
  30. 30. Fifth Grade Social Studies!
  31. 31. NC ESSENTIAL STANDARDS – SocialStudies• History: Analyzing the chronology of key events in theUnited StatesFrom first explorers Through Reconstruction
  32. 32. NC ESSENTIAL STANDARDS – SocialStudies• Understand how human activity has and continues to shapethe United States
  33. 33. NC ESSENTIAL STANDARDS – Social Studies•Understand how amarket economyimpacts life in theUnited States•Understand thatpersonal choicesresult in benefits orconsequences
  34. 34. NC ESSENTIAL STANDARDS – Social Studies•Understand thedevelopment, structure,and function ofgovernment in theUnited States•Analyze life in ademocratic republicthrough rights andresponsibilities ofcitizens
  35. 35. NC ESSENTIAL STANDARDS – Social Studies• Understand how increaseddiversity resulted frommigration, settlementpatterns, and economicdevelopment in the UnitedStates
  36. 36. 5th GradeStudy Skills
  37. 37. 5th GradeStudy SkillsHow Your Child Can PrepareFor A Test or Quiz ?1. Read assigned text/handout2. Organize info in their spiral notebook- Seeexamples3. Complete graphic organizers4. Take notes
  38. 38. 5th GradeStudy Skills
  39. 39. 5th GradeStudy SkillsIt is our expectation that our students spendabout 60 minutes nightly on homework.Research shows that homeworkreinforces, extends, and prepares students forclassroom learning.Homework……Help!!!!
  40. 40. Helpful Homework TipsFor Parents1. Plan a daily homework time.2. Choose a quiet place and provide supplies foryour child to use while studying.3. Be ready to assist him or her with difficultproblems or words.***This is not the time to drop your child coldturkey.4 Be available to check over completedassignments for understanding and accuracy.5 Assist your child in studying for tests byreviewing vocabulary, notes and askingquestions about the content.5th GradeStudy Skills
  41. 41. Projects andResearchA. Explorer projectsB. Museums In The SchoolsC. Science projectsD. Williamsburg project• Projects are completed as in-schoolassignments5th GradeStudy Skills
  42. 42. • Summer Math• Assignment-• Master• Multiplication• Facts5th GradeStudy Skills
  43. 43. Practice Tips1. Create Flash Cards2. Timed Test3. Call Out Math Facts WhileTraveling4. Play Multiplication Board Games5. Use The On-line Websites5th GradeStudy Skills
  44. 44. Summer ReadingAssignmentRising 5th gradestudents are requiredto choose one of thefollowing books fortheir summer reading.5th GradeStudySkills
  45. 45. Number The Starsby Lois Lowry5th GradeStudy SkillsNumber the Stars tells the tale of AnnemarieJohansen, a young girl living in Denmarkduring World War II. The book opens in1943, three years after German soldiers firstarrived to occupy the small country. Afterthree years of living uneasily with thisoccupying force, the gloves finally come off asthe German Nazis begin their campaign to"relocate" all the Jews of Denmark. TheDanish Resistance, made up of ordinarycitizens like the Johansen family, workssteadily to smuggle the Jews out of Denmarkand over the sea to nearby Sweden.Annemarie, only ten years old, must findcourage and maturity beyond her years withinherself in order to help her best friend, EllenRosen, escape from the Nazis.
  46. 46. The Hobbitby J.R.R Tolkien5th GradeStudy SkillsBilbo Baggins begins as acautious and conservativehobbit, well respected andconsidered a pillar of thehobbit community.When he reluctantly sets outon a quest to recover thestolen treasure of a band ofdwarves, he encountersdangers of all descriptions.His adventures, which figureprominently in a prophecy ofthe dwarves, are like steppingstones on the inner journeyBiblo must take to find hiscourage. Bilbo faces trialswhich again and again forcehim to look deep insidehimself for the strength andresourcefulness he needs tocomplete the task expected ofhim.
  47. 47. ThePinballsby Betsy Byars5th GradeStudy SkillsCarlie, Harvey and Thomas J., three fosterchildren, have been taken in by the Masons whohave had many other foster children in the past.Its Carlie who compares the children topinballs, controlled by external forces, and at themercy of fate. Carlie is tough; she has been abusedby her step-fathers and is convinced that peopleare not to be trusted. The master of insult, shemaintains her tough exterior.Harvey has two broken legs, having been run overby an alcoholic father after being abandoned byhis mother. He is convinced that his father has kepthis mother from communicating with him sinceshe ran away to find herself in a commune.Thomas J was also abandoned; he was found as atoddler by elderly twin sisters whose minimal loveand care for him has ended when both of them arehospitalized with broken hips. He is inarticulateand overly anxious to please. The Masons providea supportive environment in which the childrenlearn to care for each other and begin toexperience love and trust. This is abelievable, funny and touching novel.
  48. 48. Tuck Everlastingby Natalie Babbitt5th GradeStudy SkillsTuck Everlasting is the story of a girlnamed Winnie and a family whom shemeets, the Tucks. The Tucks have asecret: theyre immortal. They drankwater from a spring that was actually afountain of youth. Until the end oftime, they will stay that way. Winniefalls in love with one of theTucks, Jesse, a "17"-year-old boy whoshares the same feelings for her. Scaredof death, Winnie must choose betweenbeing immortal and being with Jesse orfollowing the circle of life and dyingsomeday. The Tucks try to teach her howshe shouldnt fear death, how theywould give anything to die. It teachesthe importance and understanding oflife and death. It shows that you shouldnot fear death, but to fear an unlivedlife.
  49. 49. The One and Only Ivanby Katherine Applegate5th GradeStudy SkillsIvan is an easygoing gorilla. Living at the Exit 8Big Top Mall and Video Arcade, he has grownaccustomed to humans watching him throughthe glass walls of his domain. He rarely misseshis life in the jungle. In fact, he hardly everthinks about it at all.Instead, Ivan thinks about TV shows hes seenand about his friends Stella, an elderlyelephant, and Bob, a stray dog. But mostlyIvan thinks about art and how to capture thetaste of a mango or the sound of leaves withcolor and a well-placed line.Then he meets Ruby, a baby elephant takenfrom her family, and she makes Ivan see theirhome—and his own art—through new eyes.When Ruby arrives, change comes withher, and its up to Ivan to make it a change forthe better.
  50. 50. Storm Breakerby Anthony HorowitzAlex Rider thinks he is a normal schoolboy, until his uncle is killed. He discoversthat his uncle was actually spy on amission, when he was killed. Alex isrecruited by Alan Blunt to continue themission. He is sent to Cornwall toinvestigate a new computer system, whichDarrius Sayle has created. He plans to givethe new computer systems to everyschool in the country, but Mr. Blunt hasother ideas and Alex must find out what itis.5th GradeStudy Skills
  51. 51. Summer ReadingAssessmentGraphic OrganizerSeminarQuiz5th GradeStudy Skills
  52. 52. 5th Grade