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Watch party fact check requests
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Watch party fact check requests


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Here are the fact checks from the Presidential Debate on Oct. 22, 2012.

Here are the fact checks from the Presidential Debate on Oct. 22, 2012.

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  • 1. WATCH PARTY FACT-CHECKING REQUEST # 1REQUEST: DID ROMNEY ADVOCATE MORE TROOPS INIRAQ?FACT-CHECK: Yes, but so did Obama. “And finally, Romneydid not say he would leave 30,000 troops in Iraq, but put thenumber at somewhere between 10,000 and 30,000. His exactwords were: “[w]e should have left 10-, 20-, 30-thousandpersonnel there to help transition to the Iraqis‟ own militarycapabilities.” Obama himself was proposing to leave 3,000 to4,000 troops there at the time negotiations with the Iraqigovernment broke down.” FACTCHECK.ORG CITING FOXNEWS INITIALS: LLWS
  • 2. WATCH PARTY FACT-CHECKING REQUEST # 2REQUEST:WHY IS THIS LIBYA THING SO IMPORTANT?FACT-CHECK: “Lingering questions about the attack arehow much President Barack Obama‟s administration can beblamed and whether it misled people about what happenedin the days immediately after the attack.” – Politifact, POLITIFACT INITIALS: MJ
  • 4. WATCH PARTY FACT-CHECKING REQUEST # 4REQUEST: DID ROMNEY SAY „CLASS SIZES‟ DON‟TMATTER?FACT-CHECK: Yes, multiple times: “the Washington Timesstory cited in the ad was about Romneys May visit to aphiladelphia charter school. He joined a roundtable ofteachers and talked about his approach to education whilegovernor of Massachusetts… Romney continued. "So justgetting smaller classrooms didn‟t seem to be the key.“ Also,again in Orlando: “"I plotted the one versus the other,classroom size against student performance. And guess what?There was no relationship at all.” POLITIFACT INITIALS: LWS
  • 5. WATCH PARTY FACT-CHECKING REQUEST # 5REQUEST:HAS OBAMA TRULY „STOOD WITH ISRAEL?‟ DIDHE NOT IGNORE PRIME MINISTER?FACT-CHECK: CNN says the following on daylight comment: “obamas"explicit" statement Romney is referencing dates back to july 2009,at a closed meeting between Obama and select Jewish leaders.According to The Washington Posts account, concerns were buildingover the presidents reasoning on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.Obama sought to assure the leaders that he and his administrationunderstood the "nuances of the current issues.” Also, Politifact hasrated the Netanyahu ignoring claimFALSE. , CNN, POLITIFACT INITIALS LLWS
  • 6. WATCH PARTY FACT-CHECKING REQUEST # 6REQUEST: DID OBAMA CRITICIZE U.S. ON HIS “APOLOGYTOUR?”FACT-CHECK: YES. While never an Apology Tour (Politifact rates thisclaim pants on fire), Obama did say things like “at a town hall meeting inFrance in 2009, for example, Obama encouraged Europe to work with theUnited States, and admitted that the United States "has shown arroganceand been dismissive, even derisive." But he immediately said that Europehas been guilty of a "casual" and "insidious" Anti-Americanism.At a major address to the United Nations, Obama said, "I took office at atime when many around the world had come to view America withskepticism and distrust. Part of this was due to misperceptions andmisinformation about my country. Part of this was due to opposition tospecific policies, and a belief that on certain critical issues, America hasacted unilaterally, without regard for the interests of others. And thishas fed an almost reflexiveAnti-Americanism, which too often has servedas an excuse for collective inaction."SOURCE: HTTP://WWW.POLITIFACT.COM/TRUTH-O-METER/STATEMENTS/2012/OCT/17/MITT-ROMNEY/MITT-ROMNEY-SAYS-BARACK-OBAMA-BEGAN/ INITIALSMJ
  • 7. WATCH PARTY FACT-CHECKING REQUEST # 7REQUEST:HOW EXACTLY DO ROMNEY‟S FOREIGNPOLICIES DIFFER FROM OBAMA‟S?FACT-CHECK: ProCon.Org has a side by side comparison on68 issues between Obama and Romney including Syria,China, Iran, War on Terror, Israel-Palestinian. You canfind it here:HTTP://2012ELECTION.PROCON.ORG/VIEW.SOURCE-SUMMARY-CHART.PHP?TOPIC=64SOURCE: PRO-CON.ORG INITIALS MJ
  • 8. WATCH PARTY FACT-CHECKING REQUEST # 8REQUEST: WERE ROMNEY‟S EDUCATION STATS BEFOREHE TOOK OFFICE?FACT-CHECK: Romney was Governor from 2003 to 2007.A c c o r d i n g t o A L E C ‟ s 1 6 th a n n u a l R e p o r t C a r d o n A m e r i c a nEducation, Massachusetts was ranked #2 behind onlyVermont for “State Final Ranking for Low-Income ChildrenOverall Scores/Change in Scores on 4th- and 8th-GradeReading and Mathematics, 2003-2009.” p. 17 of 2002, the year before Romney took office, Massachusetts was ranked #2 in thenation ( In 2011 according to SERI, #1 in the nation.SOURCE: ALEC REPORT CARD ON AMERICAN EDUCATION 2010, SERI, THECENTURY FOUNDATION, INITIALS MK & LWS
  • 9. WATCH PARTY FACT-CHECKING REQUEST # 9REQUEST: OBAMA KEEPS TALKING ABOUT ROMNEY‟SINVESTMENT IN COMPANIES SHIPPED OVERSEAS. WHATIS OBAMA TALKING ABOUT?FACT-CHECK: Mostly True according to Politifact. “Romney‟sinvestment company, Bain Capital, bought a 10.3 percentshare in Global-Tech Appliances through a subsidiary in 1998,according to a July article in Mother Jones. In a prospectusthat year, Global-Tech described that it had two factories inChina that produced coffee makers, bread makers, and othersmall appliances for some of the best known brands, such asSunbeam, Hamilton Beach, Mr. Coffee, Oster and others.”S O U R C E : H T T P : / / W W W . P O L I T I F A C T . C O M / T R U T H - O - M E T E R / S T A T E M E N T S / 2 0 1 2 / S E P / 2 0 / B A R A C K - O B A MA / OB A M A - S A Y S -R O M N E Y - T A L K S - T O U G H - C H I N A - P U T S - H IS - M ON E Y / I N I T I A L S M K & M J
  • 10. WATCH PARTY FACT-CHECKING REQUEST # 10REQUEST: IS LATIN AMERICA‟S ECONOMY THE SAMESIZE AS CHINA‟S?FACT-CHECK: No. According to the InternationalMonetary Fund‟s latest data for 2011, China‟s GrossDomestic Product (GDP) at Current Prices in US dollarswas $7,912,147,000 . The combined GDP for LatinAmerica & the Caribbean was $5,614,257,000 .Find out more about growth rates, imports, exports, andprojections here and here.SOURCE: INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND, WORLD ECONOMIC OUTLOOKDATABASE, OCTOBER 2012 INITIALS LWS