One last push for Jeff Hicks!


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One last push for Jeff Hicks!

  1. 1. Dear Friends,As election day draws near and my campaign winds closer to its end, I havebeen busy continuing to knock on doors and meet with residents. I have beenproud to share my accomplishments and voting record with Delta voters. As my recorddemonstrates, I deliver results rather than mere promises. Since first being elected in2008, I am proud to include the following among my list of other accomplishments:  Adopted four straight balanced budgets  Implemented new township ethics policy  Completion of additional walkable pathways  Implementation of wireless water meter reading technology  Successful adoption of changes to employee benefits to comply with new state laws  Installation of a new fiber optic network and inter-connectivity of all township computer systems  Maintained Delta Townships AAA financial rating from Fitch Rating  Supported the implementation of a new employee wellness program  Adopted Looking Glass Regional Fire Authority shared services agreement  Negotiation of firefighter union contracts for 2011 and 2012  New ordinance enforcement agreement with the Eaton County Prosecutor’s Office  Adoption of Grand Ledge assessing services shared services agreement  Combined the former Building, Engineering and Planning departments into the new Community Development Department  Approved the hiring of a new Economic Development CoordinatorThrough cost saving initiatives, township expenses have been cut by11%since I first took office in 2008. During that period of decliningrevenue, this significant budget reduction allowed township services tocontinue at normal levels. What I am most proud of is the fact that servicelevels remained constant without the need for any tax increases.
  2. 2. In these last two weeks leading up to the election, I need your support more than ever. While I have been working hard to get my message out to voters, I can still use your help. Will you take a moment to forward this email to your friends in Delta Township and encourage them to support me? If so, click here to send this email their way. Also, while I wont be holding any more fundraisers, please consider making a contribution via the below Donate Nowlink. Your contribution will help pay for mailing and advertising in these remaining critical days. Your contribution is extremely important to ensuring my reelection in November. Thank you for your continued support! Warm regards, Endorsed by: State Senator Rick Jones State Representative Deb Shaughnessy Eaton County Prosecutor Jeff Sauter Eaton County Sheriff Mike Raines Eaton County Commissioner John Boles Delta Township Trustee Barb Poma Delta Township Trustee Cara Dobie Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce MORE