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  2. 2. 01//02//03//04//05//Product Selection Guide 4Walk-away DNA/RNA sample preparation InviGenius® 6DNA/RNA sample stabilization + purification PSP® SalivaGene DNA Kit 8PSP® Spin Stool DNA Plus Kit 10RNAsure® Virus System 12RNA sample preparation InviTrap® Spin Universal RNA Mini Kit 14InviTrap® Spin Cell RNA Mini Kit 16InviTrap® Spin Plant RNA Mini Kit 17Invisorb® Spin Virus RNA Mini Kit 18DNA/RNA sample preparation RTP® DNA/RNA Virus Mini Kit 20DNA sample preparation RTP® Bacteria DNA Mini Kit 22Invisorb® Spin Tissue Mini Kit 24Invisorb® Spin Blood Mini Kit 26MSB® Spin PCRapace 28Invisorb® Fragment CleanUp 30Invisorb® Spin Plasmid Mini Two 32Invisorb® Spin Plant Mini Kit 34Kit Overview 36Ordering Information 40Content
  3. 3. Striving for greater efficiencies, improved performance and overall bet-ter success, STRATEC Molecular presents a most advanced and com-prehensive range of kits for nucleic acid purification, unique clinicalsample collection and stabilization. The InviGenius® system sets a newmilestone in automated sample preparation technology allowing forincreased standardization and streamlining of laboratory workflows.STRATEC Molecular will continue to develop automated system solu-tions for high-throughput nucleic acid sample preparation.Innovative products meet your needs for easy performance and reli-able results in high yield and purity,as well as the highest flexibility withregard to sample throughput:• A full range of purification products and formats to match yourapplication demands – more than 120 DNA/RNA isolation systems• A broad selection of products for high-throughput and automatedsample processing• Many products are developed and manufactured in compliancewith the Directive 98/79/EC on in vitro diagnostic medical devices(IVD-Directive)Smarter Nucleic AcidSample PreparationManual ProcessingSingle Tube Filter PlateSpinColumnMagneticBeadVacuumManifoldCentrifugeAutomated Processing12-well 15-well 96-wellMagneticBeadMagneticBeadFilterPlateMagneticBead2
  4. 4. Why »smarter«? What is smarter about STRATEC Molecular solutions?With our kits you can:Streamline your sample preparation processby using STRATEC Molecular products.www.invitek.deImprove EfficiencyMaximize CapabilitiesImprove SafetyImprove EffectivenessIncrease Environmental-friendliness3
  5. 5. Product selection guidenucleic acid type starting material recommended kitDNA Genomic Blood, buffy coat, bone marrow Invisorb® Spin Blood Mini KitTissue, FFPE tissue Invisorb® Spin Tissue Mini KitCells (eucaryotic), swabs Invisorb® Spin Tissue Mini KitPlants Invisorb® Spin Plant Mini KitStool samples PSP® Spin Stool DNA Plus KitSaliva PSP® SalivaGene DNA KitBacterial Bacteria pellets, tissue, swabs, cell-free bodyfluids, blood,urine, water, paper pointsRTP® Bacteria DNA Mini KitSaliva PSP® SalivaGene DNA KitStool samples PSP® Spin Stool DNA Plus KitDNA fragments PCR products, amplification reactionmixture, cDNA synthesis, ligation mixtures,restriction digestion mixturesMSB® Spin PCRapaceInvisorb® Fragment CleanUpAgarose gel slices Invisorb® Fragment CleanUpPlasmid Bacterial suspension Invisorb® Spin Plasmid Mini TwoDNA/RNA Genomic/totalEucaryotic cells, tissue, blood InviTrap® Spin Universal RNA Mini KitViral Serum, plasma, cell-free body fluids,cell culture supernatants, tissue, swabsRTP® DNA/RNA Virus Mini KitRNA Viral Serum, plasma, blood, tissue,stool samples, mammalian cells,cell culture supernatants, swabsInvisorb® Spin Virus RNA Mini KitSerum, plasma, blood RNAsure® Virus SystemTotal Eucaryotic cells InviTrap® Spin Cell RNA Mini KitInviTrap® Spin Universal RNA Mini KitBacteria (Gram-positive and Gram-negative) InviTrap® Spin Cell RNA Mini KitYeast cells InviTrap® Spin Cell RNA Mini KitTissue, FFPE tissue InviTrap® Spin Universal RNA Mini KitBlood InviTrap® Spin Universal RNA Mini KitPlants InviTrap® Spin Plant RNA Mini Kit4
  6. 6. IG InviGeniusep epMotion 5075 VacX X-tractor GeneTec TecanHam HamiltonKFmL KingFisher mLKF96 KingFisher 96 and Flex 96KF24 KingFisher Flex 24sample volume yield CE-IVD available in 96well formatautomated on pageUp to 200 µl Up to 10 µg x x IG, ep, X, KFmL,KF96, KF24, Ham26Up to 40 mg Up to 50 µg x x Tec, KF96 24Up to 106cells Up to 6 – 10 µg x x KF96 24Up to 100 mg Up to 50 µg x KFmL, KF96 34Up to 1 g collected in8 ml of Stool StabilizerUp to 50 µg x x KFmL, KF96 100.5 ml Up to 50 µg x IG, ep, KFmL, KF96 8Up to 109cells,10 mg, 100 µlDepending onstarting materialx x KFmL, KF96 220.5 ml Up to 50 µg x IG, ep, KFmL, KF96 8Up to 1 g collected in8 ml of Stool StabilizerUp to 50 µg x x KFmL, KF96 10100 µl Up to 95 % recovery x ep, X 2830Up to 300 mg gel slices Up to 95 % recovery No 300.5 – 2.0 ml Up to 20 µg x ep 32Up to 107cells, up to 20 mg,up to 1.5 mlDepending onstarting materialNo 14Up to 200 µl or 10 mg Up to 20 µg x x KFmL, KF96 20Up to 200 µl or 10 mg Depending onviral titerx x IG, ep, X, KFmL, KF96 18Up to 200 µl Depending onviral titerNo 12Up to 107cells Up to 150 µg x KFmL, KF96 1614Up to 109cells Up to 50 µg x 165 x 107cells Up to 50 µg x 16Up to 20 mg Up to 80 µg x KFmL, KF96 14Up to 1.5 ml or107leukocytesUp to 5 μg/ml blood x KFmL, KF96 14Up to 100 mg, up to 107cells x 175
  7. 7. productInviGenius®package size1 unitcatalogue number50111000006
  8. 8. The InviGenius® provides advanced and reliable performance in auto-mated nucleic acid sample preparation. The use of this system in com-bination with the well established magnetic bead based InviMag®technology for DNA and RNA purification will allow for increased stand-ardization and streamlining of laboratory workflows. Innovative func-tions and optimized protocols enable reliable results for high quality nu-cleic acid purification from human samples.The InviGenius® automatedsystem, with built-in touch screen and computer incl. connection toLIMS,provides efficient automation of the sample preparation workflow.(In compliance with the Directive 98/79/EC on in vitro diagnostic medi-cal devices [IVD-Directive])*01//The InviGenius®Fully automated DNA/RNA purificationTrue walk-away platformFully automated purification of12 samples directly from primarytubes to high quality, PCR-readyDNA/RNA on boardTouch screen supportedprogrammingEnables easy instrument control andsaves space through built-in computerBest in error preventionAutomatic barcode reading and identi-fication of samples and reagents whileloading; defined and protected proto-cols help to prevent user-errors* Products which are CE-marked according tothe IVD-Directive can be used for diagnosticapplications in countries where this directiveis recognized.Total in-process controlElaborate software control of theentire purification procedure includingsample trackingMaximum safety for samplesand the environmentMonitored and cross contamination-free process; UV decontamination ofthe worktable017
  9. 9. The novel SalivaGene Collector introduces a breakthrough simplificationof saliva collection designed to provide high DNA yields for downstreamapplications. The patented lyophilized stabilization buffer supersedescooling of samples and stabilizes genomic DNA for 12 months at roomtemperature. The non-invasive saliva collection method reduces punc-ture-associated infection risks and provides high quality DNA to performas well as blood on downstream applications. Subsequent DNA purifica-tion can be completed using the PSP® SalivaGene DNA Kit. (This productwill be CE-marked in March 2012)02//PSP® (Preanalytical Sample Processing)Unique clinical sample stabilizationDNA sample preparation from salivaPainless self-collectionPre-filled sample collection tubes foreasy saliva collection with lyophilizedDNA stabilization bufferLong-term room temperaturestability of samplesLess costs and sample managementduring transport and storage withoutrefrigerationHighest DNA yieldsHigh quality DNA suitable forvarious downstream applicationse.g. geno­typing and genomicsequencing, pharmacogenomicsManual or automatedDNA purificationSeamless integration into automatedworkflow using the InviGenius®8
  10. 10. productPSP® SalivaGene DNA Kitpackage size50 purificationscatalogue number1035200200250 purifications 1035200300SalivaGene Collector 50 pieces 1035210200Fig. 1: Mean CT values of real-time PCR reactions us-ing primers for GAPDH of DNA aliquots from 200 µlof saliva after 0, 6 and 12 months of storage in PSP®SalivaGene buffer at room temperature (average of10 different samples, single determinations). DNA wasmanually isolated using the PSP® SalivaGene DNA Kit.Fig. 2: Genomic DNA was automatically purified on theInviGenius® from 1.6 ml of stabilized saliva samples(pooled samples of ten different donors). 10 µl wereanalyzed on a 0.8 % agarose gel stained with ethidiumbromide. (Marker – GeneRuler™ DNA Ladder, Fermentas)Fig. 2: Automated DNA isolation fromstabilized saliva samplesFig. 1: Real-time PCR of stabilized saliva samplesCT035302520151050 month 6 months 12 months029
  11. 11. The PSP® Spin Stool DNA Plus Kit is an integrated system for collection,transportation and storage of stool samples and subsequent DNA pu-rification. Transportation of the stabilized DNA can be carried out inthe DNA Stabilizer solution without refrigeration at ambient tempera-ture. The purification kit is designed for DNA isolation from pathogenicmicroorganisms and from the host organism. The kit is CE-marked incompliance with the Directive 98/79/EC on in vitro diagnostic medicaldevices (IVD-Directive)*.02//PSP® (Preanalytical Sample Processing)Unique clinical sample stabilizationDNA sample preparation from stool samplesAll-in-one product –from collection to isolationPre-filled collection tubes withStool DNA stabilizerSafe sample collection,transportation and storageDNA samples are stable at room temperaturefor 3 days for easy transport and storageReliable sample stabilizationInactivation of DNases and preservationof the microorganism titreComplete removal of PCR inhibitorsReproducible results in PCR applications,genetic typing, mutation analysis,pathogen analysis* Products which are CE-markedaccording to the IVD-Directive canbe used for diagnostic applicationsin countries where this directive isrecognized.10
  12. 12. Fig. 3:Total DNA was isolated usingthe PSP® Spin Stool DNA Plus Kitand a competitor kit Q from 20different stool samples accordingto the standard protocols.The totalDNA concentration was measuredon a NanoDrop® (figure A) andthe respective microorganism DNAcontent (from Bifidobacterium sp.,Escherichia coli, Faecalibacteriumprausnitzii, Lactobacillus sp.) wasanalyzed and measured via quanti-tative real-time PCR (figure B).Data kindly provided by S.C.Bischoff, University Hohenheim,Stuttgart, GermanyPSPCompetitorFig. 3: High DNA yields from stool samplesDNA concentration (ng/µl)Average020406080100120140 Agenome equivalents / prepAverage0,00E + 005,00E + 091,00E + 101,50E + 102,00E + 102,50E + 103,00E + 103,50E + 104,00E + 104,50E + 105,00E + 10Bacteroidessp. absoluteBproductPSP® Spin Stool DNA Plus Kitpackage size50 purificationscatalogue number1038110200250 purifications 1038110300PSP® Spin Stool DNA Kit(without Stool Collection Tubes)50 purifications 1038100200250 purifications 10381003000211
  13. 13. The RNAsure® Virus System provides a unique solution to the problemof nucleic acid stabilization and sample transportation by protectingnucleic acids in virus samples. RNAsure® specifically protects viral RNAthrough covalent attachment of protective groups. De-protection of theRNA is achieved by removal of the protective group, and viral RNA/DNAis purified prior to analysis via nucleic acid amplification.DNA is also sta-ble in the RNAsure® buffer system.The system has been developed for use with 200 µl of virus containingsamples of serum and plasma or 100 µl blood samples. The RNAsure®buffer stabilizes the viral RNA/DNA in the sample for months withoutrisk of degradation when stored at room temperature, promoting safertransportation and handling of infectious samples.02//RNAsure®Viral DNA/RNA protectionStabilization and extraction of viral nucleic acidsVirus sample managementwithout refrigerationConvenient handling, transport and storageof pathogen samples at room temperatureViral RNA/DNA protectionImmediate stabilization of viral nucleic acidsincluding reversible chemical modification of RNA,resistant to degradation for up to 12 monthsReduced risk of infectionImmediate cell and virus lysis in RNAsure® buffer systemHigh sensitivity of viral detectionDelivers results comparable with commoncommercial extraction systems (see figure 5)12
  14. 14. Fig. 4: 200 µl of human plasmawere spiked with Influenza A virus(1 μl ++ plasma / 200 μl) and stabi-lized using the RNAsure® ProtectionModule I. After indicated monthsof storage at room temperatureviral RNA was isolated using theRNAsure® Spin Virus Kit (extractionin triplicates) and analyzed viaRT-qPCR.productRNAsure® Virus System(stabilization+ extraction module)package size10 purificationscatalogue number10940090050 purifications1094100200RNAsure® Protection Module I(stabilization only)50 purifications 1094200200RNAsure® Spin Virus Kit(extraction only)Input RNAsure CompetitorFig. 5: 200 µl of human plasmawere spiked with a dilution series(5 * 105– 5 * 101copies/ml) of aRespiratory Syncitial Virus (RSV)strain isolated from a patient(RSV B,Virology Würzburg,Germany).Viral RNA was stabilizedand isolated using the RNAsure®Virus System in comparison to astandard method Q (in duplicates)and analyzed via LightCyclerRT-qPCR. Both methods show thesame sensitivity, i.e. the RNAsure®chemistry does not affect theisolation process.Data kindly provided byK. Göhring and K. Hamprecht,Institute of Medical Virology,Tübingen, Germanylog rsv rna copies/ml1100001000000101001000samples1 2 3 4 5Fig. 4: Stability of viral RNA for 12 monthFig. 5: High sensitivity of viral detectionCT153540202530stabilization time in months0 1 3 6 9 120213
  15. 15. The InviTrap® Spin Universal RNA Mini Kit simplifies total RNA isolationfrom a variety of starting materials. The genomic DNA is removed with-out an enzymatic digestion step. RNases are inactivated to prevent RNAdegradation. Furthermore all InviTrap® RNA kits feature capped spin col-umns for safe and reliable RNA purification.The isolated RNA is ready touse for a broad panel of downstream applications like RT-PCR, NorthernBlotting and array technologies.03//InviTrap®Pure RNA without DNaseUniversal RNA purification from cells, tissue and bloodPure RNA without DNase digestionSelective genomic DNA removal duringlysis stepHigh flexibilityOne kit for different starting materials,including cells (max. 107cells), tissue(max. 20 mg), FFPE tissue slices andblood samples (max. 1.5 ml)Universal useIncl. simultaneous isolation of RNAand proteins or RNA and DNA andfor RNA cleanup from Trizol® phases(see figure 6)High yieldsUp to 100 µg pure RNA without DNAcontamination for better RT-PCR results14
  16. 16. Fig. 6:Total RNA was isolated from1 * 106NIH 3T3 cells using theInviTrap® Spin Universal RNA MiniKit and a competitor kit Q. Standardprotocols for both kits were used.The RNA was eluted in 50 µl and5 µl of the eluted RNA were ana-lyzed on a 1.2 % denaturing agarosegel stained with ethidium bromide.productInviTrap® Spin UniversalRNA Mini Kitpackage size50 purificationscatalogue number1060100200250 purifications 1060100300Genomic DNA28S rRNA18S rRNAFig. 6: Effective DNA removal using InviTrap®0315
  17. 17. 03//InviTrap®Pure RNA without DNaseFrom cellsOptimized protocols for a variety of cell typesMammalian cell cultures (max. 107cells), Gram-positiveand Gram-negative bacteria cells (max. 109cells) andyeast cells (max. 5 x 107cells)Cleaner RNA for better RT-PCR resultsNo DNA contamination – up to 150 µg RNA in less than20 minutesFig. 7:Total RNA was isolatedfrom 1 * 106Jurkat cells usingTrizol® reagent and the InviTrap®Spin Cell RNA Mini Kit. For thepurpose of comparison the RNAwas pre-purified using Trizol® andsubsequently purified using theInviTrap® kit according to the RNAcleanup protocol. For analysis 4 µlof the eluted RNA were loaded ontoa 1.2 % denaturing agarose gel.productInviTrap® Spin Cell RNAMini Kitpackage size50 purificationscatalogue number1061100200250 purifications 1061100300Trizol Trizol/InviTrap InviTrapFig. 7: RNA cleanup from Trizol®16
  18. 18. 03//InviTrap®Pure RNA without DNaseFrom plantsOptimal processing of various samplesTwo sample-specific lysis buffers included –contaminants, such as polysaccharides, orpolyphenols are removedHigh yieldsUp to 100 µg pure RNA from 100 mg plant materialor 107plant cells, co-purification of viral RNA fromphytopathogens (see figure 8)productInviTrap® Spin Plant RNAMini Kitpackage size50 purificationscatalogue number1064100300250 purifications 1064100400Fig. 8:Total RNA was isolated from 100 mg of freshleaves or young shoots of orange, mandarin and grape-fruit plants using the InviTrap® Spin Plant RNA Mini Kit.RNA was eluted in 50 µl of elution buffer and amplifiedin a RT-PCR assay using viroid specific CVd-IIb primers.Lane M, 50 bp DNA ladder; -, water; H, healthy citrus; +,positive control; 1–4, tested citrus samplesSurvey and molecular detection of two citrus viroidsaffecting commercial citrus orchards in the Northernpart of Sudan. Mohamed Yousif Adam Abubaker andSiddig Mohamed Elhassan. Agric. Biol. J. N. Am., 2010,1(5): 930-937Fig. 8: Excellent RNA performance in downstream RT-PCR assays0317
  19. 19. Use the Invisorb® Spin Virus RNA Mini Kit for reliable isolation of high-quality RNA from viruses found in a diverse range of starting materials.The kit simplifies viral RNA isolation by combining efficient lysis of thestarting material and the inactivation of exogenous and endogenousRNases to prevent degradation. The kit is CE-marked in compliancewith the Directive 98/79/EC on in vitro diagnostic medical devices(IVD-Directive)*.03//Viral RNA from Human SamplesFast procedureRT-PCR templates in only 20 minuteswith high sensitivity at low virus titersFor various sample typesPlasma, serum (max. 200 µl), blood(max. 50 µl), tissue (max. 20 mg), stoolsamples (max. 50 mg), mammalian cells(max. 106), cell culture supernatants,rinse liquid from swabsComplete removal of PCR inhibitorsPure viral RNA for downstream analysis,e.g. real-time RT-PCRSafer sample processingSafe handling of infectious samples byusing capped spin columns* Products which are CE-markedaccording to the IVD-Directive canbe used for diagnostic applicationsin countries where this directive isrecognized.18
  20. 20. Fig. 9:Viral RNA was isolated from50 mg NLV infected fecal sampleusing the Invisorb® Spin Virus RNAMini Kit.The extracted viral RNAwas amplified on a Rotor-Gene™3000 using a NLV specific PCR. 10 µlof eluted NLV sample RNA was usedper cDNA synthesis.Data kindly provided by C.Helmeke, H-M., Irmscher, StateOffice of Consumer Protection,Saxony-Anhalt, DepartmentMedical Microbiology, Magdeburg,GermanyproductInvisorb® Spin VirusRNA Mini Kitpackage size50 purificationscatalogue number1040300200250 purifications 1040300300norm.fluoro. 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 CyclePositive controlNorwalk virus infected patient sample 2Norwalk virus infected patient sample 1TresholdNegative controlFig. 9: Sensitive detection of Norwalk Virus from stool samplesNegative patient samplesNegative patient samples0319
  21. 21. The RTP® DNA/RNAVirus Mini Kit contains the pre-filled ExtractionTubeswith lyophilized lysis components for viral DNA and RNA isolation fromup to 200 µl of serum, plasma (see figure), other cell-free body fluids, cellculture supernatants,tissue samples (max. 10 mg),blood (max. 50 µl) andrinse liquid from swabs. After lysis the samples are transferred to a spincolumn-based procedure with a total preparation time of PCR / RT-PCRtemplates in just 20 minutes.The kit is CE-marked in compliance with theDirective 98/79/EC on in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVD-Directive)*.04//RTP® (Ready To Prep)One step sample lysisSimultaneous viral RNA/ DNA purificationTime saving and safer sample handling60 % less pipetting steps and tip consumptionOne lysis tube: Ready To Prep (RTP®)Pre-filled Extraction Tube with lyophilizedlysis components (lysis buffer and Proteinase K),Carrier RNA and internal DNA extractioncontrol; stable at room temperatureUniversal viral nucleic acidpurification systemOne kit for both DNA and RNA viralpurification allowing simultaneoustesting of both virus typesEnvironment-friendlyLess infectious plastic waste due toreduced hands-on steps* Products which are CE-marked according to theIVD-Directive can be used for diagnostic applicationsin countries where this directive is recognized.20
  22. 22. For simultaneous nucleic acid purification from bacteria and viruses theRTP® Pathogen Kit (1040500200) is also available.productRTP® DNA/RNA Virus Mini Kitpackage size50 purificationscatalogue number1040100200250 purifications 1040100300fig. 10: seNsitive viRal RNa isolatioNmeaN ct value27.7631.4234.2837.3126.7830.5034.4537.2230.60samplesRTP Virus 10RTP Virus 1RTP Virus 0.1RTP Virus 0.01Spin Virus RNA 10Spin Virus RNA 1Spin Virus RNA 0.1Spin Virus RNA 0.01positive controlFig. 10: 200 µl of human plasmasamples were spiked with InfluenzaA virus (1:10 dilution series) andviral RNA was isolated using theRTP® DNA/RNA Virus Mini Kit (bluelines) and the Invisorb® Spin VirusRNA Mini Kit (red lines.The figureshows the real-time amplificationresults, analyzed in triplicates.Theblack curve represents the negativecontrol.Fig. 11:Viral DNA was isolated from10 different plasma samples (200µl) spiked with 500 HBV copiesusing the RTP® DNA/RNA Virus MiniKit.The viral DNA (green and bluecurves) was eluted in 100 µl and 2.5µl (12.5 copies per PCR - theoreticalamount) were analyzed in a HBVspecific real-time PCR assay.Themean Ct standard deviation is 0.41.The red curve represents the posi-tive control.norM. Fluoro.10^-1,010^-1,510^-2,010^-2,55 10 15 20 25 30 35 40cycle10^-3,010^-0,545Tresholdfig. 11: RepRoDucible RecoveRy of viRal DNanorM. Fluoro.10-1,010-1,510-2,010-2,55 10 15 20 25 30 35 40cycle10-3,010-0,545Treshold0421
  23. 23. The RTP® Bacteria DNA Mini Kit contains the pre-filled Extraction Tubeswith lyophilized lysis components for genomic DNA isolation from dif-ferent bacteria species from a broad range of starting materials. Afterlysis,the samples are transferred to a spin column-based procedure witha PCR template preparation time of 25 minutes. The kit is CE-marked incompliance with the Directive 98/79/EC on in vitro diagnostic medicaldevices (IVD-Directive)*.05//RTP® (Ready To Prep)One step sample lysisBacterial DNA from different sample typesTime saving and safer sample handling60 % less pipetting steps and tip consumptionOne lysis tube: Ready To Prep (RTP®)Pre-filled Extraction Tube with lyophilized lysiscomponents (lysis buffer, Lysozyme, Proteinase K),Carrier RNA, and internal DNA extraction control;stable at room temperatureFor a wide variety of samplesBacteria cell pellets (max. 109), tissue (max. 10 mg), par-affin embedded tissue (max. 10 mg), cell-freebody fluids (max. 200 µl), blood (max. 100 µl), swabs,urine (15 – 50 ml), water (1 l), paper pointsEnvironment-friendlyLess infectious plastic waste due to reducedhands-on steps* Products which are CE-marked according to theIVD-Directive can be used for diagnostic applicationsin countries where this directive is recognized.22
  24. 24. Fig. 12: Identification of MRSAisolates by multiplex-PCR amplifica-tion of three target gene sequences(23S rDNA, nuc, mec). Bacterialgenomic DNA was isolated usingRTP® Bacteria DNA Mini Kit ac-cording to the standard protocol.Amplificates were analyzed on a2.0 % agarose gel.Data kindly provided by A. Fetsch,Federal Institute for Risk Assess-ment (BfR), National ReferenceLaboratory for coagulase positivestaphylococci including Staphylo-coccus aureus, Berlin, GermanyFor simultaneous nucleic acidpurification from bacteria andviruses the RTP® Pathogen Kit(1040500200) is also available.productRTP® Bacteria DNA Mini Kitpackage size50 purificationscatalogue number1033200200250 purifications 1033200300Fig. 12: Identification of MRSA isolatesLanesSamples, 23S rDNA/nuc positive (MSSA)1–56–810–1117–259, 26, 3012–16272829Samples, 23S rDNA/nuc/mec positive (MRSA)Molecular Weight MarkerSamples, 23 S rDNA/nuc/mec negativeMSSA positive internal controlMRSA positive internal controlWater control1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 1718 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 300523
  25. 25. The Invisorb® Spin Tissue Mini Kit enhances genomic DNA purificationfrom a variety of tissue types and cells. PCR inhibitors, which can inter-fere with the amplification reaction, are efficiently removed. Pure DNA iseluted in 50 – 200 µl EDTA-free buffer or water and can be used in subse-quent downstream applications, such as PCR, real-time PCR, SNP detec-tion, Southern Blotting, sequencing and cloning.The kit is CE-marked incompliance with the Directive 98/79/EC on in vitro diagnostic medicaldevices (IVD-Directive)*.05//Low salt DNA bindingSuperior non-chaotropic chemistryDNA isolation from tissue samplesFast procedureUp to 50 µg DNA in just 15 minutesafter lysis stepOptimized protocols for a varietyof starting materialsFor eucaryotic cells (max. 106), varioustissue specimens (max. 40 mg), rodenttail, FFPE tissue sections, insects, swabsMore intact DNANo DNA degradation by using a gentle,low-salt (non-chaotropic) buffer systemReproducibleamplification resultsComplete removal of contaminantsand inhibitors * Products which are CE-markedaccording to the IVD-Directive canbe used for diagnostic applicationsin countries where this directive isrecognized.24
  26. 26. productInvisorb® Spin Tissue Mini Kitpackage size50 purificationscatalogue number1032100200250 purifications 1032100300Fig. 13: Equal amounts of rat tissues were used toisolate DNA using the Invisorb® Spin Tissue Mini Kit (I,non-chaotropic buffers). For comparison with chaotrop-ic chemistry an equivalent kit from a major supplier(c) was evaluated. Standard protocols for both kitswere used with comparable conditions for Proteinase Ktreatment. For both kits the DNA was eluted in 200 µlElution Buffer and 5 µl of the eluates were analyzed ona 0.8 % agarose gel stained with ethidium bromide.For FFPE tissue sections the Invisorb® Spin FFPE TissueKit (1032130200) is also available (buffer for formalinremoval is included).Fig. 13: More intact DNALiver Brain Tail Lung Kidney0525
  27. 27. The Invisorb® Spin Blood Mini Kit is designed for fast and convenientpurification of genomic DNA from human and animal blood as well asfrom buffy coat or bone marrow. Fresh or frozen whole blood treatedwith EDTA or citrate, but not with heparin, from routine blood collec-tion systems can be used (see figure 14).The kit is CE-marked in compli-ance with the Directive 98/79/EC on in vitro diagnostic medical devices(IVD-Directive)*.05//DNA Isolation from Blood SamplesEasy procedurePurify up to 10 µg genomic DNA with noadditional erythrocyte lysis in 25 minutesCompatible with a variety ofanticoagulants and tubesFor human blood, mammalian andnon-mammalian animal blood (max. 200 µl),buffy coat (max. 30 µl), bone marrow (20 µl)Effective for a variety ofdownstream applicationsSuitable for applications based on enzymaticamplification and detection of DNA(PCR and real-time PCR, Southern blotting,SNP analysis, genotyping etc.)Safer sample processingSafe handling of infectious samples by usingcapped spin columns* Products which are CE-marked according tothe IVD-Directive can be used for diagnosticapplications in countries where this directive isrecognized.26
  28. 28. Fig. 14: Genomic DNA was isolatedfrom 100 µl of the same bloodsample, stabilized with differentanticoagulants: EDTA and citrate.Six different blood collectionsystems were used (see table).10 µl of the DNA eluates wereloaded onto a 0.8 % agarose gel,stained with ethidium bromide.(Marker - GeneRuler™ DNA Ladder,Fermentas)productInvisorb® Spin Blood Mini Kitpackage size50 purificationscatalogue number1031100200250 purifications 10311003001 2 3 4 5fig. 14: iNflueNce of DiffeReNt blooD collectioN systems oN DNa RecoveRy6sample No.123456Venosafe, EDTAVacuette, CitrateVacutainer, CitrateVacuette, EDTAMonovette, CitrateVacutainer, EDTApRimaRy tube maNufactuReR NomiNal volume catalogue No.TERUMOGreiner Bio-OneBDGreiner Bio-OneSarstedtBD5.5 ml2 ml2.7 ml9 ml8.5 ml6 mlVF-0765SDK45438236304845503601.1610.0013678640527
  29. 29. The MSB® Spin PCRapace is the fastest system for DNA fragment purifi-cation. Use it for DNA product cleanup from amplification reaction mix-tures, restriction digestion mixtures, ligation mixtures, cDNA synthesisreactions, dye removal from cycle sequencing reactions (see figure 15),and DNA concentration.05//MSB® (Minimal Salt Binding)The World´s Fastest DNA Fragment PrepPCR product purificationReady in 7 minutesRemove primers, dNTPs, additivesand salts without washing stepsElution volume as little as 10 µlUse it for demanding downstreamapplications like sequencing,cloning, ligation, labelling, digestionwith restriction enzymes, PCRHigh recoveries95 % recovery of PCR products forfragment sizes from 80 bp – 30 kbEnvironment-friendlyLess plastic waste and less powerconsumption due to reducedpipetting and centrifugation steps –only »bind-and-elute«28
  30. 30. Fig. 15: 100 μl cycle sequencingreaction mixture were purifiedusing the MSB® Spin PCRapace.The DNA was analyzed onABI 3130 Genetic Analyzer (A).In comparison the cut out ofa sequencing run without dyeremoval is shown in figure B.productMSB® Spin PCRapacepackage size50 purificationscatalogue number1020220200250 purifications 1020220300500 purifications 1020220400ABFig. 15: Efficient dye removal from cycle sequencing reactions0529
  31. 31. The Invisorb® Fragment Cleanup is a fast and efficient solution for DNAfragment purification from PCR reactions, cDNA synthesis, ligation mix-tures etc.,as well as DNA extraction from agarose gel slices.This kit com-bines the fastest technology for PCR product purification (MSB® SpinPCRapace – see page 28) with effective agarose gel extraction. The gelextraction is suitable for standard or low melting agarose gels inTAE andTBE buffers.05//Featuring MSB® TechnologyThe World’s Fastest DNA Fragment PrepPCR product purification and agarose gel extractionFast PCR product cleanupin just seven minutesRemove primers, dNTPs, additivesand salts without washing steps(only »bind-and-elute«)Elution in small volumes (10 – 20 µl)Use it for demanding downstreamapplications like sequencing, cloning,ligation, labelling, digestion withrestriction enzymes, PCRDNA fragments directlyfrom gel slicesRemove agarose, ethidium bromide andother impurities in less than 20 minutes(not suitable for plasmid purification)High recoveriesUp to 95 % recovery of DNA fragmentsfrom 80 bp – 30 kb30
  32. 32. Fig. 16: DNA fragments of differentsizes (GeneRuler™ DNA Ladder,Fermentas) were purified accordingto the standard protocol usingdifferent elution volumes as shown.For analysis the DNA was loadedonto a 1 % TAE agarose gel.(A) Per lane the same DNA amountwas loaded onto the gel (2,4,6,8and 10 µl) to show absolute yieldand the reproducibility.(B) 5 µl of each eluate were loadedonto the gel to show the concen-tration.productInvisorb® Fragment CleanUppackage size50 purificationscatalogue number1020300200250 purifications 102030030010µl 20µl 30µl 40µl 50µl 10µl 20µl 30µl 40µl 50µlA BFig. 16: High and reproducible recovery with low elution volumes0531
  33. 33. The Invisorb® Spin Plasmid Mini Two provides an effective and efficientpurification of low and high copy plasmid DNA. Multiple samples can beprocessed simultaneously while reducing the hands-on time to a mini-mum. This plasmid mini preparation method is highly suitable for rou-tine molecular biology applications.05//Efficient Plasmid DNA IsolationFast procedurePurify up to 20 µg plasmid DNAin 15 minutesHigh qualityNo RNA or protein contamination –independent from vector or bacteriastrain including Gram-positive strainsEffective for a variety ofdownstream applicationsSuitable for transformation, transfectionof robust cells, sequencing, ligation,restriction digestion (see figure 17),cloning, PCR,Flexible handlingSpin filter columns for 0.5 – 2 mlbacteria suspension (up to 10 ml for lowcopy plasmids or cosmids) for use in acentrifuge or on a vacuum-manifold32
  34. 34. productInvisorb® Spin PlasmidMini Twopackage size50 purificationscatalogue number1010140200250 purifications 1010140300500 purifications 1010140400laNes5.0 µl pDNA, undigested2.5 µl EcoRI digested pDNA5.0 µl pDNA, undigested2.5 µl HindIII digested pDNA5.0 µl pDNA, undigested123456 2.5 µl EcoRI / HindIII digested pDNAFig. 17: Restriction digests of pDNA (6 kb pUCpol isolatedfrom 2 ml overnight culture of E.coli DH5aM 1 2 3 4 5 6fig. 17: RestRictioN DigestioN of plasmiD DNa0533
  35. 35. The Invisorb® Spin Plant Mini Kit is an effective solution for isolation ofhigh-quality total cellular DNA from a wide variety of plant species andtissue types. Furthermore the kit is suitable for co-purification of DNAfrom phytopathogens. Up to 100 mg of fresh or frozen material can beprocessed in less than one hour. The optimized procedure incorporatesthe Pre-filtration spin column, a unique filtration and homogenizationcolumn that efficiently removes cell debris and improves sample han-dling following lysis.05//Superior Non-chaotropic ChemistryLow salt DNA bindingDNA isolation from plantsMore intact DNANo DNA degradation by using a gentle,low-salt (non-chaotropic) buffer systemHigh yields and purityUp to 35 µg DNA, free of polysaccharidesand other secondary metabolitesFor various plant materialsLeaves, roots, fruits, flowers, wood,oily seedsDownstream applicationsSuitable for PCR, restriction analysis,real-time PCR, cloning, genotyping etc.34
  36. 36. Fig. 18: DNA was isolated from dif-ferent strains of Chlorella vulgarisusing the Invisorb® Spin Plant MiniKit. Isolated DNA (100 ng) wasdigested with EcoRI and Msel fol-lowed by selective amplificationwith EcoRI-C/MseI-C primers.TheAFLP-analysis was carried out onABI PRISM 3100 Genetic Analyzer.Data kindly provided by J. Müller,Albrecht-von-Haller-Institute forPlant Science, University of Göt-tingen, GermanyproductInvisorb® Spin Plant Mini Kitpackage size50 purificationscatalogue number1037100200250 purifications 1037100300Fig. 18: Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism (AFLP) analysis0535
  37. 37. nucleic acid type origin products pageDNA DNAfragmentsDNA fragments, PCR products(PCR products, ligation reactionmixture, enzyme digestion mixture,cDNA synthesis mixture, PCRproducts with primer dimers)MSB® Spin PCRapaceInvisorb® Fragment CleanUpInvisorb® DNA CleanupMSB® HTS PCRapace2830**Agarose gel slices orreaction mixtureInvisorb® Fragment CleanUpInvisorb® Spin DNA Extraction Kit30*DNA Plasmid Bacterial suspension Invisorb® Spin Plasmid Mini TwoInvisorb® Plasmid Midi KitInvisorb® Plasmid Maxi KitInvisorb® Plasmid HTS 96 Kits32***DNA Genomic Human and animal blood,bone marrow (fresh, old, frozenwhole blood with commonanticoagulants [EDTA or citrate,no heparin], buffy coat)Invisorb® Spin Blood Mini KitInvisorb® Spin Micro DNA KitInvisorb® Blood Universal KitInvisorb® Blood Mini HTS 96 KitsInviMag® Blood DNA Mini KitsInviMag® Blood DNA Midi KitsInviMag® Blood DNA Maxi Kit / IGInviMag® Blood DNA Giga Kit / IG26*******Human and animal tissue,rodent tails, formalin fixedparaffin embedded tissueor insects (fresh and frozen tissue)Invisorb® Spin Tissue Mini KitInvisorb® Spin FFPE Tissue KitInvisorb® Spin Micro DNA KitInvisorb® DNA Tissue HTS 96 KitsInviMag® Tissue DNA Mini Kit / KF9624****Human and animal cells,cell culturesInvisorb® Spin Tissue Mini KitInvisorb® Spin Micro DNA KitInvisorb® DNA Cell HTS 96 KitsInviMag® Tissue DNA Mini Kit / KF9624**Bacteria species(from different kinds of startingmaterials, bacteria pellets, tissuesamples, blood, cell-free body fluids,urine, stool samples, swabs, saliva,sputum, BALB, water)RTP® Bacteria DNA Mini KitRTP® Pathogen KitRTP® Mycobacteria KitInvisorb® Universal Bacteria HTS 96 KitsInviMag® Bacteria KitsPSP® SalivaGene DNA KitPSP® SalivaGene DNA HTS 96 KitsInviMag® SalivaGene DNA KitsPSP® Spin Stool DNA Plus KitPSP® Spin Stool DNA KitInviMag® Stool DNA Mini Kits22****8**10**kit overview36
  38. 38. nucleic acid type origin products pageDNA Genomic Forensic material(clotted blood, bones, teeth, ancientbones, nail clippings, hair roots, blood,saliva and sperm stains, chewinggum, cigarette butts, stamps andenvelopes, tissue, swab material)Invisorb® Spin Forensic KitInvisorb® Forensic Kit IInvisorb® Spin Micro DNA KitInvisorb® Forensic HTS 96 Kits****Saliva and swab material(buccal, pharyngeal, vaginal)PSP® SalivaGene DNA KitInvisorb® Spin Tissue Mini KitPSP® SalivaGene DNA HTS 96 KitsInviMag® SalivaGene DNA Kits824**Stool samples(fresh or frozen)PSP® Spin Stool DNA Plus KitPSP® Spin Stool DNA KitInviMag® Stool DNA Mini Kits10**Food of animal origin(fresh, preserved, cooked orfrozen animal tissue)Invisorb® Spin Tissue Mini Kit 24Food of plant origin(fresh, dried, preserved,cooked or frozen vegetable tissue,leaves, flour, corn, bread, fruits,vegetables, GMO)Invisorb® Spin Food Kit II *Plant material(fresh, frozen or dried plant tissue,such as leaves, roots, fruits or seeds)Invisorb® Spin Plant Mini KitInvisorb® DNA Plant HTS 96 KitsInviMag® Plant DNA Mini Kits34**DNA Viral Clinical samples(fresh or frozen plasma, serum, wholeblood, cell-free body fluids of humanorigin, rinse liquid from swabs)Invisorb® Spin Virus DNA Mini KitInvisorb® Virus DNA HTS 96 KitsInviMag® Virus DNA Mini Kits***Plant material(fresh, frozen or dried plant tissue,such as leaves, roots, fruits or seeds)Invisorb® Spin Plant Mini KitInvisorb® DNA Plant HTS 96 KitsInviMag® Plant DNA Mini Kits34**DNA/ RNA Viral Clinical samples(serum, urine, plasma, biopsy sample,small blood sample, cell culturesupernatants and other cell freebody fluids, human swab andlavage material)RTP® DNA/RNA Virus Mini KitRTP® Pathogen KitInviMag® Virus DNA/RNA Mini Kits20*** please find more information online at www.invitek.de37
  39. 39. nucleic acid type origin products pageDNA/ RNA Simul-taneousgenomicDNA/total RNAHuman and animal cells, tissue,blood samplesInviTrap® Spin Universal RNA Mini Kit 14RNA Total Human and animal cells,cell culturesInviTrap® Spin Universal RNA Mini KitInviTrap® Spin Cell RNA Mini KitInviTrap® RNA Cell HTS 96 KitsInviMag® Universal RNA Mini Kits1416**Human and animal blood(whole blood with commonanticoagulants like EDTA andcitrate (no heparin), buffy coat,lymphocytes pellet)InviTrap® Spin Universal RNA Mini KitInviTrap® Spin Blood RNA Mini KitInviMag® Universal RNA Mini Kits14**Human and animal tissue(fresh and frozen tissue)InviTrap® Spin Universal RNA Mini KitInviTrap® Spin Tissue RNA Mini KitInviTrap® RNA Tissue HTS 96 KitsInviMag® Universal RNA Mini Kits14***Bacteria, yeast InviTrap® Spin Cell RNA Mini Kit 16Plant material(fresh or frozen plant tissueand filamenteous fungi)InviTrap® Spin Plant RNA Mini KitInviTrap® RNA Plant HTS 96 Kits17*RNA Viral Clinical samples(cell-free body fluids of human origin,rinse liquid or transport media fromswabs, cell culture supernatants,mammalian cells, tissue samples,stool samples)Invisorb® Spin Virus RNA Mini KitRNAsure® Virus SystemInvisorb® Virus RNA HTS 96 KitsInviMag® Virus RNA Mini Kits1812**Plant material(fresh or frozen plant tissueand filamenteous fungi )InviTrap® Spin Plant RNA Mini KitInviTrap® RNA Plant HTS 96 Kits17*DNA/RNA Genomic,bacterial,viral DNA/viral RNAClinical samples(blood, serum plasma, rinse liquidfrom swabs, cell-free body fluids,sputum)InviMag® Universal Kit / IG *kit overview* please find more information online at www.invitek.de38
  40. 40. The Invisorb® and InviTrap® HTS kits in 96 well format can be used ina centrifuge, on a vacuum manifold or on robotic workstations. TheInviMag® kits using magnetic particles are designed for use on the Invi-Genius® or on different KingFisher® platforms (from Thermo Scientific)or on other robots. For adaption to robotic platforms please contact us(info.berlin@stratec.com) or your local sales representative.For more information on products and applicationsplease visit www.invitek.de.39
  41. 41. Product Package size Catalogue NumberInviGenius® 1 unit 5011100000PSP® SalivaGene DNA Kit 50 purifications250 purifications10352002001035200300SalivaGene Collector 50 pieces 1035210200PSP® Spin Stool DNA Plus Kit 50 purifications250 purifications10381102001038110300RNAsure® Virus System 10 purifications 109400900RNAsure® Spin Virus Kit 50 purifications 1094100200RNAsure® Protection Module I 50 purifications 1094200200InviTrap® Spin Universal RNAMini Kit50 purifications250 purifications10601002001060100300InviTrap® Spin Cell RNA Mini Kit 50 purifications250 purifications10611002001061100300InviTrap® Spin Plant RNA Mini Kit 50 purifications250 purifications10641003001064100400Invisorb® Spin Virus RNA Mini Kit 50 purifications250 purifications10403002001040300300RTP® DNA/RNA Virus Mini Kit 50 purifications250 purifications10401002001040100300RTP® Bacteria DNA Mini Kit 50 purifications250 purifications10332002001033200300Invisorb® Spin Tissue Mini Kit 50 purifications250 purifications10321002001032100300Invisorb® Spin Blood Mini Kit 50 purifications250 purifications10311002001031100300MSB® Spin PCRapace 50 purifications250 purifications500 purifications102022020010202203001020220400Invisorb® Fragment CleanUp 50 purifications250 purifications10203002001020300300Invisorb® Spin Plasmid Mini Two 50 purifications250 purifications500 purifications101014020010101403001010140400Invisorb® Spin Plant Mini Kit 50 purifications250 purifications10371002001037100300ordering information40
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