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Sexism presentation
Sexism presentation
Sexism presentation
Sexism presentation
Sexism presentation
Sexism presentation
Sexism presentation
Sexism presentation
Sexism presentation
Sexism presentation
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Sexism presentation


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. SEXISM By Cristine Farabaugh
  • 2. Sexism
    • Sexism is a term that denotes the discriminatory and prejudicial treatment of women based on their gender (Karger, chapter 4, pg.78).
  • 3.
    • Do you think that this is a sexist statement?
    • “ Anyone can earn a college degree if he really works hard at it.”
    • If so how would you change it?
    • What about these professions?
    • Fireman, policeman, businessman, or repairman.
    • How would you change these so that young girls would not feel excluded from these professions?
  • 4.
    • The idea that men are superior to women is a form of sexism.
    • In 1875 women were officially defined as persons but were not able to vote until 1920.
    • Even then, women were not encouraged to do too much thinking as this example demonstrates.
  • 5. Sexism Can take many forms Violence and sexism The feminization of poverty Women in society
  • 6. Violence and Sexism
    • Sexism can show itself in crime and family violence.
    • According to Karger (Chapter 4, page 78), 25 % of women said they were raped or physically assaulted by a current or former spouse, cohabiting partner, or date at some time in their lifetime.
    • Approximately 1.5 million women are raped or physically assaulted each year by an intimate partner.
  • 7.
    • In 1994, President Bill Clinton passed the Violence against Women Act (VAWA)
    • This Act improved police response to domestic violence and mandates a nationwide enforcement of protection orders.
    • This was the first time the Federal Government had spoken to the issues of violence against women.
  • 8. Feminization of Poverty
    • Sexism is also demonstrated in the economy. Poverty is becoming a pronounced female occurrence.
    • Reasons for the high rates of females with children living in poverty are highly due to either divorce or abandonment.
    • Women have historically earned less than men.
    • Today women earn .77 to every $1 a man earns sometimes while doing the same job.
  • 9. Women and Society
    • Former Senator Hillary Clinton recently cracked if not shattered an important glass ceiling for women (Karger, page 78).
    • It was the first time in 23 years (since congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro) that a women was considered to be a possible candidate for the U.S. presidency
  • 10.
    • Obviously, she was not elected but here is a look back at some comments regarding Hillary Clinton’s political candidacy, please keep in mind that these sexist views occurred only 2 years ago.