They don't want you to know!!
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They don't want you to know!!



Seo on Autopilot ? go to

Seo on Autopilot ? go to



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They don't want you to know!! They don't want you to know!! Document Transcript

  • ==== ====Seo secrets do you really want to learn ! or do you want a monster? ====The market place for self claimed SEO secrets is littered with shoddy SEO specialists andcowboys trying to push the common information available to anyone with a computer, internetconnection, and a search engine.Heres the breaking news people - there is no secret email that Google sends out to these SEOspecialists, and they dont keep a stack of top secret documents back just for the lucky few. It justdoesnt work like that.Sure, there are plenty of tips and tricks available online to the average internet user, but the onlyway to really find out how the organic SEO game works is to test things out yourself - and that isntalways available to the average internet user or website owner.You need to know what you are doing, how you can monitor what you do, and how you can adaptto the good and bad changes you make. In short - its all about testing, and lots of it.The average SEO specialist, in addition to their client portfolio, should be testing out the secretsand techniques they develop on personal projects and experimentally sites. Think about it - if theydont test the stuff out themselves, how can they adapt and understand what SEO tactics reallywork?Only then can the expert claim the new secret they have discovered, but in most cases it isntanything revolutionary at all, but more a general mix and match of old techniques from the Googlewebmaster channel on YouTube.CLICK HERE to view 101 Claimed SEO Secrets A Shoddy SEO Specialist Probably Doesnt WantYou To Start Questioning Them About!Article Source:
  • ==== ====Seo secrets do you really want to learn ! or do you want a monster? ====