7 sexy seo secrets!!


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7 sexy seo secrets!!

  1. 1. ==== ====Seo secrets do you really want to learn ! or do you want a monster?http://www.seolinkmonster.nl==== ====One of the most important facts you can know about SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is thedistribution of clicks on a search engine landing page. After all, it is no use patting yourself on theback for that page 2 listing, when in fact, that listing is going to make no to little difference to youroverall business.Page 1 accounts for over 90% of all traffic!The other important fact to know is that Google is king. Yes, Google accounts for around 65% ofall search traffic, so, in simple terms, unless you are on page 1 of Google, for your chosen searchterm, then you are going to be losing out on over 50% of your target market.Let me repeat that for the hard of hearing and those at the back. Google page 1 is worth morethan 50% of the total traffic for your niche.So, thats where you need to be. Full stop. Anything less and youre missing out. Big time! This iswhat the top SEO services know and this is where they concentrate their efforts.So, lets assume that youve hired one of the top SEO services or youve invested a massiveamount of time and energy to not only learn the ins and outs of search engine optimization, but toalso put into practice the right tricks, methods and secrets necessary to get yourself on page 1.Well done, take a bow. But is that the end of the story? No, I dont think so.Ok, lets assume that your listing is on page 1, lets have a look at what happens to the clicks onpage 1 of Google. There are three main elements to a Google search results page (for a typicallycommercial result i.e. not left handed basket weaving):1. The three main sponsored results at the top2. The sponsored results to the right3. The 10 organic listingsSo, around 21 results in all, less for less competitive terms, but lets stay with the 21 results page.Roughly, it is estimated, that for every 20 visitors 14 will click on one of the top sponsored results,4 will click on the organic and only 1 will click on the ads on the right hand side. How does thatmatch your typical browsing patterns? Now, some people will only click on ads, some not all butmost, will choose the most relevant. The massive difference in all this is for the poor webmaster.The cost of maintaining a keyword in position 1-3 can be prohibitive, take SEO, for example,Google tells me they have around 1.2 million searches per month, in the US alone, and for me totake the number 1 spot, it would cost me around $4 PER CLICK. You do the maths. Its a bignumber. For most, certainly for me, way too big.
  2. 2. Thats why organic SEO is the answer. Whats the point? I hear a lot of people asking. Especiallywhen 15 out of 20 click on the ads anyway? Well, this is where you are missing an absolutemagical point. Not every keyword has 11 advertisers. Some have NONE at all. It doesnt meantheyre worthless, far from it, in fact they could be some of the most valuable keywords of all. TopSEO services know these facts and numbers before they start any campaign. The other greatthing on those pages, organic results get 100% of the clicks.THE FIRST SEXY SEO SECRET:Its called the long tail and its where the money is.I know youve had enough of percentages by now, but I want to leave you with one last thought. Ifthe top 3 organic positions in Google attract around 60% of the clicks and the #1 position grabsover 70% of those, wouldnt you want to be number 1 on Google for your chosen search terms? Inthe organic? Where its not costing you for every click you received?I know I would.That number 1 spot accounts for over 40% of all the clicks received in the organic listings.Allen Jesson is giving away 7 Sexy SEO Secrets as part of his 11th year online celebration. He isthe proud owner of web traffic com and he also runs one of the top SEO services in the country.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Allen_Jesson==== ====Seo secrets do you really want to learn ! or do you want a monster?http://www.seolinkmonster.nl==== ====