Free Bible christmas crafts... ornaments with the names of Christ.


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Help us keep christ in christmas. Color the ornaments with the children in your family or church and share them with others. Check out an ornament making party to increase the size of your sunday school.

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Free Bible christmas crafts... ornaments with the names of Christ.

  1. 1. Slideshare no longer enables links on the first three pages of their slideshows . We pray you stick with us until you get to the fourth slide.
  2. 2. As you view these ornament/cards think about making some with your family or hosting an ornament making party to grow your Sunday School.
  3. 3. This set of 15 Ornament Cards remind us who the party is for: Names for Christ The Birthday boy. May each card/ornament be a blessing. May they be a part of your Family Christmas For many years to come. For more ornaments and contest details visit Click any image to download or Print Card/Ornament
  4. 4. Click any card To download or print
  5. 5. Cards print best on paper 28 pound or heavier.
  6. 6. Keep some by The door of your Classroom ??? Fold card in half. Use with 6”x9” envelope
  7. 7. Give children a Piece of yarn To put inside The card as a hanger.
  8. 8. Make cards for parents, cousins and Grandparents.
  9. 9. Make cards for teachers, pastors, police, doctors, Etc.,
  10. 10. To print ornaments Without cards visit www.biblepare s.asp
  11. 11. For free card inserts visit ays.asp
  12. 12. We hope you Enjoy the remainder Of our cards
  13. 13. A gift any child can be proud to make and give.
  14. 14. The next slide features “Pocket Scriptures” Putting Christ in … the rest of the year.
  15. 15. Putting a fresh scripture in a child’s pocket…every MORNING… for the entire month of December will strengthen the connection between Christ and Christmas. To receive free weekly verses all year long. Click here . Click either image to print a free bulletin/insert.
  16. 16. May these ornaments get placed on your tree and Click here to receive a free 30 page coloring book once each month. To purchase a 3 CD set ($30), all the pages from all our sites, a perfect gift for any church or family, over 4,000 Coloring Projects. Click here Help get Christ in Christmas? Forward this slide show to all your family and every church you know??? Click the word “file” at the upper right corner of any slide, then “send”, then “link by email”.