Free Vacation Bible School ideas/crafts


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Free Bible Coloring, vbs Crafts and Coloring Projects
for Christian Homes and Churches

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  • Charles, what a great resource; and to have them all organized in one spot...great job.
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Free Vacation Bible School ideas/crafts

  1. 1. Surrounding Children with God’s Word As many ways as possible as often as possible. A verse in their pocket, a verse on their wall, a verse on the table…. games, wallets, boxes, keys, Son Catchers and many many more… over 4,000 coloring projects…and all free. Deut. 11:20… Inscribe them (Bible Verses) on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates so that your days and those of your descendants (children) may be many. Giving Children the power to change themselves and their homes by what they make and Color. Our dream is that Sunday School teachers and parents would work together to SURROUND every child in the world with Bible Verses. The following sample pages represent nearly 30 years of work and prayer. We hope you visit And . Each slide features a free sample craft or coloring project. About half of the projects are for VBS leaders. All of them are great for the home, Sunday School or Church Weeknight Activities. Using this Slide Show To view in full screen click the four arrows in the lower right corner of the screen. To advance or back up one slide click the arrows at the bottom of the screen or when viewing “full screen” click the extreme right or left edge of the slide . When clicking links move your mouse carefully across the entire link UNTIL the finger on the little hand is pointing UPWARD. If it is pointing to the left or right it will take you to the next or previous page.
  2. 2. The secret in folding the cross as a box is to slip a grain of rice or pea inside just before gluing the box closed. The children imagine they, like the rice grain, are inside the box… surrounded by the “Cross of Christ”...and that there is SAFETY in God's word..“. Then they read one of more of the six verses on the outside of the box. Click the image for complete instructions The lesson in folding the cross as a wallet Is to suggest to children that "God's riches at Christ's expense" are always available...that no matter their need their FIRST thought should be of prayer and scripture...not money. Having the wallet in their pocket all through the week is a great reminder. The lesson in cutting out the Scripture Cross as is, is to remind children that without the power of the cross the Bible would be only words.Suggest they put the cross in their home near where they sleep. Scripture Wallet/Box/Cross Three crafts in one Stop here to check out our favorite craft (see right) and then continue on for many many more ways to surround children with God’s Word. Click the image to download full set of instructions & guide. When clicking links, image or otherwise, run your mouse over the entire link until the finger points up. If it points to the side you will go to next slide. Don’t stop…Click the arrows or the right side of a slide for MORE great ways to SURROUND children with God’s word. Click the little tv lower right for full screen
  3. 3. Son Catcher This first sample is called a “Son Catcher” It is designed to be colored , cut out and placed in a window of the home making the point that God’s light enters the home through his word. To download this sample Catcher click the image. To view our entire collection click the following link. Son/Sun catchers combine three power-full forces …LIGHT, God’s word, and the cross of Christ. Linking these three things in a child’s mind is a very good thing. Each Son catcher also links the power of the cross with the power of the word…a bible and a cross. For more Son Catchers visit: Don’t stop…Click the arrows or the right side of a slide for MORE great ways to SURROUND children with God’s word. Click the little tv lower right for full screen
  4. 4. The only website in the entire world with Daily Free PRINTABLE Bible Verses. Imagine every family in your church snipping off just one verse a day and tucking it in their child’s pocket. Click here to sign up for free weekly “Scripture Strips” and once a month a free slide show with printable coloring pages.
  5. 5. Coloring Pages for Church Growth & Motivating Parents To download the sample coloring page click the image. To view our entire collection click the following link. To receive a free Christian coloring book In your email once a month (slideshow/ebook format) Click this link To view/print/download over 600 coloring pages visit The pages are divided into 24 books of thirty pages each: 30 Jesus pages… 30 God pages… 30 Children after divorce pages… 30 Bible pages… 30 Faith pages,… 30 Love pages… 30 Fear pages… 30 Growth pages… 30 Older children… 30 Sin pages… 30 Church/family pages… 30 Beauty Pages… 30 Strength Pages… 30 First Things Pages… 30 Holy Spirit Pages… 30 Salvation Pages… 30 Abba Father Pages… 30 Prayer pages…30 Temptation Pages…30 Anger Pages, etc. Make copies of these pages and keep them by the door of your classroom…something the children can take HOME. They could help get parents involved in becoming the spiritual leaders their children need OR stamp/print an invitation on the back to put out in the community… A project for the children in your Sunday school or the adults in the pews. .
  6. 6. An army of children could get millions of these calendarlike flippers on desktops nationwide simply by giving them as gifts to those they love. Click the image or links to the right. Scripture Flippers A Holiday gift any child will be proud to make and give…Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Vacation Bible School, Christmas etc. Average classroom time to make a scripture flipper is about 15 minutes. All you need is scissors, a bit of yarn and a stapler. God’s word ON DISPLAY in the home…IT’S A COMMAND…IT’S IMPORTANT. Click the image to download OR For more free scripture flippers visit What’s on the next page? “Bisbees”… Mini Bible Flying Discs the best… easiest… free… bible game ever.
  7. 7. Save your cottage cheese lids to make Mini Bible Flying Disks Need an outdoor activity for your summer VBS program? (Also works well indoors.) Save the lids from your cottage cheese containers and visit This site features small frisbee inserts and a full set of rules for “BISBEE” BIBLE FLYING DISK GOLF also printable teachers guide “Six things God wants us to DO with His Word” For free full size BISBEE inserts that fit most paper plates or real frisbees visit This is a PERFECT game for getting entire families involved in surrounding themselves with God’s word. Caution… It could be fun.
  8. 8. IMAGINE a child holding this or one of 300 other mirror pages up to a mirror AND Asking God to help his/her heart understand the way the mirror is helping his eyes? Understanding the connection between prayer and scripture is critical. You can’t pray rightly without the bible nor can we receive the Bible without prayer. These mirror coloring pages are a child’s first step in PRAYING About Bible Verses. These are the companion pages to each of our Special Coloring pages. Visit . Mirror Coloring Pages
  9. 9. I once saw a six year old call his shot from fourty feet away (just a few feet shy of half the length of a basketball court) and make it The openings on our little game board are just a little over an inch wide… much smaller than a basketball hoop This simple game and others like it can give a child a whole new way of “Aiming at Life”. The lessons I learned were that even a six year old can be very very close to God and that God’s arm is not short…he can work in the midst of a game. Motivation by Marbles It is one thing to have the marble in your hand and to see the target clearly and another thing entirely to make the shot. The same is true of the Christian life. In Marbles most of us rely on our own strength and hand eye coordination. In the life of faith we must learn to rely on Jesus to lead us surely from one shot to the next. All he asks is that we study scripture and trust him with our whole heart. Reading Bible verses is like seeing the goal. Actually shooting the marble is giving it our best and trusting God….and then…if we miss…praying and doing it all over again. For six free marble games visit. ASP
  10. 10. You have made it half way through our slide show. Eight slides remain. We pray that those who do not have time to finish will save or bookmark our slideshow and RETURN to it. The next slide however is one of our favorites with links to We plan to keep these websites free and online as long as possible but the only way to be sure you have them when you want them is to purchase our three cd set…. (ALL THE PAGES FROM ALL OUR SITES… over 4,000 in all… $30) To make a purchase visit LIST OF WEBSITES
  11. 11. Surrounding children with God’s word starts and ends at home (see next page) but in the middle should be the church. If your church would like free weekly church bulletin inserts…black and white or color… click here to sign up.
  12. 12. Christmas Ornaments 32 Christmas Ornaments, backs not pictured. The first sixteen ornaments feature the names of Christ so everyone is reminded who the party is for. The second set of ornaments feature the gifts Christ brought to earth se we can all give the same kind of gifts to one another., s.asp To get all 32 ornaments PLUS 24 Christmas Cards with one ornament per card PLUS over 4,000 coloring projects from all our websites CONSIDER purchasing our three cd set for just $30
  13. 13. EASTER EGGS Color the eggs in class or Send them home to help Parents get involved in the first step of the Christian life Rebirth. To sign up for a free weekly bulletin insert (use for Sunday School, Children’s Church or the adult service) click here
  14. 14. Magnet Craft for VBS and Sunday School THE MOST AFFORDABLE CHRISTIAN CRAFT PROJECT WE KNOW OF. For a variety of shapes and themes go to Print on heavy cardstock. For a very special (magnetic) lesson click here To visit our creation website/activities Click Here Each child colors four magnets…all at once or during a coloring break. THEN he cuts them out and puts one inch of magnetic tape on the back (99cents for 36 inches). THEN he gets four envelopes and writes the names of the people he wants to give a magnet to.
  15. 15. Lord’s Prayer Coloring Pages This is the first of 24 Lord’s prayer illustrations. They and coloring pages for older children can be seen at This site and our parents guide have been featured nationally by the Salvation Army, parts of that feature article in over 30 denominational magazines. The point of our picture is that the bible is where it belongs, in the foreground and God’s hands are where they always are …all around us. These are two great prayer lessons children should learn early in life. Our special prayer is that every Sunday school teacher in the world visits (all the pages are free) and downloads a copy of the take home article marked prayer jar I personally hope that a few churches a at least will download this prayer request for my mother And put her on your prayer list? Free coloring pages for older children at
  16. 16. BIBLE KEYS GREAT FOR VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL… all you need is some shower curtain hooks, a few pair of scissors. And a single hole punch. As each child memorizes a bible verse he/she is allowed to put the key on his shower curtain hook. When the hook is full give some sort of recognition or prize. God means for us to USE his word to open all the best doors in life. Don’t make the children in your church/family do without. Help them open the doors. Visit
  17. 17. We pray that churches and parents worldwide help surround this next generation with God’s Word As often as possible….as many ways as possible. To sign up for a free weekly bulletin insert click here Then forward it to as many friends/churches as possible We hope to keep our coloring projects, websites, etc. FREE and online for many years BUT The only way to be sure is to own your own copy of our 3 CD set ($30) CLICK HERE God make his face to shine upon you and give you peace.