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Free Bible Coloring pages about Beauty and Strength
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Free Bible Coloring pages about Beauty and Strength


Free christian coloring book with …

Free christian coloring book with
printable pages. Help your children
understand God's idea of beauty and strength.

Published in Spiritual
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  • Put our free Bible coloring pages by the door of your Sunday School.
  • Bible Coloring pages for parents.
  • Every child wants to be beautiful or strong. Guide their desire with Bible Verses.
  • Reach the parents in your church with free Bible Coloring pages.


  • 1. For Girls: God’s kind of beauty or settle for the superficial ? For Boys and Girls: God’s kind of strength … freedom from fear without hurting or intimidating others. Click any image to download/print the page When clicking links move your mouse over the whole link before clicking. If the finger points to the side you will go to the next or previous page. Click the link ONLY if the finger points up. Bible verses taken from the King James and the NET Bible (www.bible.org) . All other content © Charles White, Feel free to make as many copies as you need as long as the pages are not offered for sale, altered or used to promote a product.
  • 2. out give grouchy children a BIBLE OUT. Having them color and pray until their attitude changes is easier on you and good for them. Feel free to color even when no one is grouchy,.
  • 3. The desire for Beauty and or Strength lasts a lifetime. Helping children color a few Bible Verses when they are 8-12 could save them a lot of pain and suffering.
  • 4. Beauty Prayer: Father God help me understand that helping others feel beautiful makes me beautiful. Strength Prayer: Father God help me be strong enough to believe …even when no one else is.
  • 5. Church is a great place to find BOTH beauty and strength. Take your children…share this slide show with the Sunday School workers?
  • 6. Color them, Cut them out, Put them in a window as a REMINDER that the power of God is like the power of the sun. His light, his word, makes anyone both beautiful and strong.
  • 7. Bible verses make you beautiful. They make you strong. For hundreds of coloring pages with verses on nearly every topic in scripture visit ww.bibleparent.com
  • 8. The first step to being beautiful or strong is being MEEK. It means being willing to learn …from your mistakes… from your parents… but most of all willing to learn from God and his word.
  • 9. Being born again happens all at once. Growing up in Christ happens a little at a time. Mostly it is a matter of prayer, of reading God’s word and trusting him to DO what it says…to believe and to obey.
  • 10. Sin is ugly AND it saps your strength. If you want to be strong or beautiful then make wise CHOICES and avoid sin.
  • 11. Why do people spend so much time on their bodies…trying to make them pretty or strong? Bodies don’t last. Spirits do. To keep your spirit strong and beautiful spend more time looking at Jesus and less time looking at yourself.
  • 12. Strength and beauty do not last. God offers his beauty…FOREVER. Are you looking for him?
  • 13. Being wise is much more important than being beautiful or strong. Think about movie stars who sell their souls and give up their families for fame or athletes who destroy their minds with drugs.
  • 14. The world’s number one Beauty secret: JESUS. The world’s number one performance enhancer: JESUS. Shop wisely.
  • 15. If you spend too much time looking at your face or your muscles you don’t see other people. Look around you for people who need YOU to be their friend.
  • 16. Invisible things are the most beautiful and the strongest. A few of these things are love, friendship, kindness, patience, forgiveness, meekness, loyalty, gratitude etc. Look for them in others. Ask God to grow them in YOU.
  • 17. The desire for Beauty and or Strength lasts a lifetime. Helping children color a few Bible Verses when they are 8-12 could save them a lot of pain and suffering.
  • 18. To the right is a mirror coloring page. To read it a child must hold it up To a mirror. The lesson is that just as our eyes need a mirror to understand the verse our spirits need the Holy Spirit. Praying for God to help us understand every single verse he sends us is important. To see ALL the pages of this coloring book, King James, Net Bible, NIV, and mirror click any image and then in the upper right corner of the new screen click “View File”. After clicking “view file” you might download the entire file just in case something goes wrong with the files on “Skydrive”. Please feel free to download any or all of our coloring pages or Pocket Scriptures as long as they are not altered , offered for sale or used to promote a product or service.
  • 19. Our dream is that every Parent and Church in the Body of Christ does everything in their power to put at least one Bible verse a day in the life of every child in the world. Click the left hand image to print the verses and the Right hand Image for what we believe are interesting questions To print on the back. We pray the coloring pages become the one thing parents need most… a starting place in sharing God’s word. And that when the children are a bit older mom and dad graduate to “Pocket Scriptures” and snip off a verse a day to tuck in their child’s pocket.
  • 20. When I leave this earth there will be no one to keep our coloring books and pocket scriptures alive. Could you be a steward for our coloring pages and our dream? All you need is the following two master links. The master link to ALL our resources (pdf files and slideshows) stored on SKYDRIVE is https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=124D5A1F5870DFE1!116 Keeping a copy of this link and sharing it with others should insure that our coloring pages and pocket scriptures endure as long as microsoft endures. It would be a blessing however if a few stout souls would download the pages to a safe place. The Master Link to to all our jpegs and gifs stored on PICASA is https://picasaweb.google.com/117079755388127876583 As long as these two master links are SAVED and shared with others our Pocket Scriptures should be available free forever. At my death they all revert to the public Domain with the stipulation they not be altered or offered for sale.
  • 21. There are four reasons we hope you will forward this email. 1. There is no better quality time than coloring WITH your children…even once a week. 2. A heartfelt understanding of true Christian strength could be the first step in stopping school bullying and violence. 3, An early understanding of true beauty could slow down the rapid increase in teen pregnancy. 4. Coloring a Bible Verse is better than a time out. A great gift idea for your church. We are a very small group and truly need to sell at least 200 of our three CD sets a year just to keep our coloring books free and online. The CD’s cost just $30 and contain 4,000 plus activities…all the pages from all our sites. Click here to purchase To receive a free email/ebook once a month click here or go to www.biblehome.org/ebooks.asp.