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A view above

  1. 1. A View AboveDesigned byJon Cody
  2. 2. StatsTitle: A View Above Project Type: Single Family HomeProgram Used: AutoCAD 2004 Year Designed: 2005Features: 3 Bedrooms Size: 1st Floor: 2176 Sq Ft 3.5 Baths 2nd Floor:1850 sq ft -- 2 Car Garage does not include Activity Room balconies 3rd Floor: 1383 sq ft with attic--does not include balconies Total = 5409 sq ftWork Left to Do: Touch up on the roof Skills Learned: 3d Design design Subtract skylight over bathroom Possibly remove some window placements
  3. 3. As you can see from these views, this house has a lot of balconies. I feel a houselike this may be well suited as a beach house on the coast or a lake somewhereover looking the water. The red extrusion in the middle of the staircase is not achimney but will be a skylight that provided light all the way down to the 1stfloor below.
  4. 4. FLOOR ONE
  5. 5. I labeled this house upside down, but the front entrance is actually at the top of the drawingnear the dining room. The rest of this house is very basic with a small dining room andbreakfast area next to the U shaped kitchen. A fireplace is located in the living room. A glasssliding door from the living room would give you easy access to the beach or backyard. Thestairs wrapping around the bathroom also wrap around the skylight column mentioned before.To keep privacy in the bathroom below, the column will either be completely walled or haveopenings that prevent anyone from peeking over while still providing light to the staircase.
  6. 6. As you can see, this house also has plenty of windows to provide a lot of natural lightinto the rooms as well as to enjoy the natural breezes that would be present in abeach location.
  7. 7. FLOOR TWO
  8. 8. After coming up the stairs, you are presented with three good sized bedrooms. The masterbedroom to the left has a nice master bath with a big walk in closet, a shower on the corner, and anice sized tub near the windows to enjoy the scenery while taking a bath. For privacy the windowscan be darkened on the outside to prevent people from looking in. The bathroom also leads intothe balcony for this room. The balcony above the master bedroom is for Bedroom 2, whileBedroom 1 has its own balcony next to the shared bathroom.
  9. 9. I didnt finish putting the details in the bathrooms, so to explain, the toilet area isright inside the door of the master bath next to the fireplace flume. Then you comeupon the tub, the sinks are in the corner, and the shower is the small area in thecorner next to the ladys walk in closet. A separate closet for the guy is inside theentrance to the bedroom.
  10. 10. FLOOR THREE
  11. 11. The 3rd floor can be used for games, or a lounge or whatever the owners want to useit for. It includes two balconies, as well as its own bath. An attic space is also providedfor storage.
  12. 12. While the activity room has full height ceilings, the attic space does not as it is directlyunder the roof line. The balconies create a stepped look to the house.