New Technologies demoed at the 2011 Plone Conference
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New Technologies demoed at the 2011 Plone Conference



These are the slides of a presentation I gave at the recent PloneSA event in Cape Town, South Africa....

These are the slides of a presentation I gave at the recent PloneSA event in Cape Town, South Africa.

Included are screencasts about jarn.xmpp.collaborate,, Babble Messaging and a shortened screencast of PloneIDE.



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New Technologies demoed at the 2011 Plone Conference New Technologies demoed at the 2011 Plone Conference Presentation Transcript

  • Plone Conf 2011: New Technologies
    • JC Brand
    Web: Twitter: @jcopkode Email:
  • Realtime collaboration with Jabber
    • Plone integration with XMPP/Jabber server
    • Allows realtime information such as:
      • Who is currently online? View slide
      • Who has just logged in/out? View slide
      • Instant Messaging
      • Twitter-like feeds with PubSub
      • Collaborative document editing (a la Google Docs)
  • Plone/XMPP Screencast:
  • Audience reaction:
  • Adding a chat UI
    • Babble Instant Messaging already exists
    • Uses a Zope messaging backend
    • Sprint held at the conference and work continuing to be done to let it use XMPP (via jarn.xmpp.core) as backend.
  • Babble Chat Screencast:
  • Hack the Matrix with PloneIDE
    • PloneIDE is an IDE designed to make Plone development faster.
    • It runs inside the browser
      • via ACE editor
      • It has vim/emacs modes ;)
    • It runs inside Plone.
      • Just add /@@ploneide
    • It is context aware
      • Knows where it's been opened
      • Can access and change live variables
    • The ACE editor supports:
    • Changing the font size
    • Syntax highlighting
    • Syntax checking
    • Auto indentation
    • Block commenting
    • Braces matching
    • Undo/Redo
    • Vertical/Horizontal splitting
    • Find text
    • Search and replace
    • Goto line
  • PloneIDE: Contextual Information
    • Portal type and Meta type
    • File where the class for this object is defined
    • List of provided interfaces
    • All schema fields of the current object
    • Open the file and go the the line number where the widget or field is defined
    • Which workflow is used for this object
    • List of available views
    • Open template files for these views
    • Open the python file for the view (it it's a BrowserView).
  • PloneIDE: Debugging
    • Local and global scope boxes with watched variables
    • Shows changed values since last executed step
    • Console to test commands
    • Integration with plone.reload or sauna.reload
  • PloneIDE: Possibilities for code generation:
    • Integration with ZopeSkel is currently being worked on.
    • Mikko Ohtamaa demoed PloneIDE integrated with ZopeSkel.
    • Ability to generate browserpage, viewlet or portlet skeleton/boilerplate simply by clicking a button in PloneIDE.
  • Plone IDE Screencast
  • Audience reaction:
  • Diazo Theme Mapper
    • A Banjo-like theme mapper
    • Shows a split view of rules
    • Preview applied theme, raw content and raw theme
    • Includes a rule builder wizard and source preview
    • Also uses ACE editor (provides filemanager and text editor).
  • Diazo Theme Mapper Screencast
  • Audience reaction:
  • Plone conferences locations weighted by attendence
  • Ideal conference location:
  • Plone Conf 2012: Ideal location
  • Credits:
    • PloneIDE: by Franco Pellegrini
    • by Martin Aspeli
    • jarn.xmpp.collaborate: by Yiorgis Gozadinos
    • Babble: by J-C Brand for
    • Plone conference location joke: Karl Horak