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BCS Agile Methods SG - Inaugural Event
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BCS Agile Methods SG - Inaugural Event


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Inaugural Event BCS Agile Methods SG
  • 2. Our Purpose
    • Promoting awareness and the appropriate use of Agile Methods
    • Identify best practice, knowledge of the issues and opportunities related to Agile Methods
    • Provide a forum across the BCS and wider community on Agile Methods
    • Support a knowledge community for Agile Methods
    • Develop a programme of events with other Branches and Specialist Groups
    • Attract professionals interested in and working with Agile Methods to join BCS
    • It’s *our* group. We can all influence what we do.
  • 3. Membership
    • If you are a BCS Member you can join the Group by selecting 'Agile Methods' from this list (BCS Member login required).
    • 80+ pre-registered BCS members
    • If you are not a BCS Member, join today to gain access to the group.
  • 4. Keep in touch
    • Email us [email_address]
    • Join our linkedin group
    • Follow the group on twitter @BCS_Agile
  • 5. Forthcoming Events – QCon London
    • BCS User Group Event Speaker TBC
    • Thursday 08 March 2012 18:30 – 20:00
    • The Queen Elisabeth II Conference Centre Westminster London SW1P 3EE
    • QCon promo code BCS2012 for £100 discount
    Event Supported by QCon London
  • 6. Forthcoming Events - Manchester
    • Introduction to Kanban David Toon, Software Developer at DRL Limited
    • Joint Event with the Manchester Branch Monday 12 March 2012 18:00 for 18:30 start John Dalton Building (Oxford Road Entrance) Manchester Metropolitan University Chester Street/Oxford Road Manchester M15 6BH
  • 7. Forthcoming Events - Canterbury
    • Involving the Business in Agile Projects Arie van Bennekum & Julia Godwin
    • Joint Event with the Kent Branch Tuesday 03 April 2012 18:00 for 18:30 start Room SW101, School of Computing University of Kent Canterbury Kent CT1 7NZ
    Event Sponsored by DSDM Consortium
  • 8. Committee Elections BCS Agile Methods SG
  • 9. Elections - Chair
    • Jose Casal FBCS CITP Agile Coach & Transformation Consultant BCS Kent Branch Chair
    • Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) Certified Product Owner (CSPO) DSDM Advanced Practitioner APMG Agile Project Manager Practitioner DSDM Agile Leader Advanced Practitioner
    • @eveningcoders
    • /in/ jcasal
  • 10. Elections - Treasurer
    • Funmi Adeusi MBCS Planning & Programme Consultant BCS London Central Branch Chair BCS Council Member
    • Certified Prince2 Practitioner MSP Advanced Practitioner APMP
    • @FunmiAdeusi
    • /profile/view?id= 6239519
  • 11. Elections - Secretary
    • Katie Taylor MBCS Course Leader MSc in Agile Software Projects
    • DSDM Advanced Practitioner DSDM Agile Leader Advanced Practitioner
  • 12. Elections – General Committee
    • Michael Bateman MBCS Computer Software Consultant
  • 13. Elections – General Committee
    • Simon Brown FBCS Agile Software Development & Architecture Specialist BCS Jersey Events Organiser SkillsMatters Speaker and Trainer International Conference Speaker @simonbrown
  • 14. Elections – General Committee
    • Craig Cockburn MBCS CITP Agile Programme & Project Manager DSDM Atern Certification Certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM) Certified PRINCE2 Practitioner Certified MSP Practitioner @siliconglen
  • 15. Elections – General Committee
    • Henry Day MBCS CITP Development Team Leader Certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM) APM Professional (APMP) 71a
  • 16. Elections – General Committee
    • Massimo Fascinari MBCS Delivery Manager Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) Certified PRINCE2 Practitioner
  • 17. Elections – General Committee
    • Saida Ghulamali MBCS CITP Agile Programme / Project Manager Agile Project Management Practitioner DSDM Agile Leader Advanced Practitioner ISEB Certified Project Manager for IS (with PRINCE2)
  • 18. Elections – General Committee
    • James Hammond MBCS Technical Support Engineer
  • 19. Elections – General Committee
    • Justin Hogg MBCS Senior Java Developer BCS Advanced Programming SG Committee Member Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) @HoggJustin
  • 20. Elections – General Committee
    • Martin Leonard MBCS Principal Consultant Book Author of Agile Guides DSDM Trainer DSDM Practitioner @BigAgileToolkit
  • 21. Elections – General Committee
    • Peter Measey MBCS Agile Trainer & Transformation Consultant Director of DSDM Consortium Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) Certified DSDM Trainer Certified APLN Practitioner Certified PRINCE2 Practitioner @RADTACLtd
  • 22. Elections – General Committee
    • Vic Page FBCS CITP Agile Development HE Course Development, Examiner & QA Director of DSDM Consortium DSDM Advanced Practitioner
  • 23. Elections – General Committee
    • David Peterson MBCS IT Consultant BCS Software Practice Advancement SG Chair
  • 24. Elections – General Committee
    • John Watkins FBCS CITP Solutions Architect Book Author on Agile Methods
  • 25. Elections – General Committee
    • Lazaro Wolf MBCS Global Practice Consultant @LazaroWolf
  • 26. 10 Year Retrospective of Agile Workshop
  • 27. Workshop Approach
    • 10 subject areas with a facilitator
    • Define strengths and weaknesses (the last 10 years) opportunities and threats (the next 10 years).
    • ‘ Open Space’ - Go to the next subject area that interests you
    • Every 10 minutes move to another subject area. Review what has been created by others & add your views in separate post-its.
    • 15 people maximum during any 10 minutes slot at one subject area location
    • Facilitator ensure the post-it notes are arranged so that they can be photographed for dissemination at the end of the workshop.
  • 28. 10 Year Retrospective of Agile
    • 01
    • Agile Manifesto & Principles Does this still reflect the agile community? Should it be changed?
  • 29. 10 Year Retrospective of Agile
    • 02
    • Agile Frameworks
    • Is there any one ‘single answer’? Do the agile frameworks integrate? Do we have the business coverage we need?
  • 30. 10 Year Retrospective of Agile
    • 03
    • Agile Implementations
    • Have implementations of agile within organisations been agile or ‘fragile’? Is the world really changing to ‘Disciplined Agile’ or is it ‘ Wagile ’ (Agile within Waterfall)?
  • 31. 10 Year Retrospective of Agile
    • 04
    • Enterprise Agile
    • Is Agile only really still within individual teams? Or have we seen implementations across portfolio, programme and project management as well?
  • 32. 10 Year Retrospective of Agile
    • 05
    • Business / Corporate Agile
    • Has Agile penetrated the non-IT space? Is it likely to?
  • 33. 10 Year Retrospective of Agile
    • 06
    • Agile & People
    • Is enough emphasis placed on the human aspects of change to Agile? Should emphasis be placed in this area? Will it be?
  • 34. 10 Year Retrospective of Agile
    • 07
    • Agile & the Public Sector
    • We saw some movement in 2011 towards Agile implementation within the public sector. Has this happened previously? Will it happen in the future?
  • 35. 10 Year Retrospective of Agile
    • 08
    • Agile in Regulated Environments
    • Agile and fixed price contracts. Implementation of Agile in environments where certain things must be legally implemented.
  • 36. 10 Year Retrospective of Agile
    • 09
    • Agile Tooling
    • Do we have a good portfolio of Agile planning and delivery tools available? Are certain environments lacking? What will the next generation of tools be?
  • 37. 10 Year Retrospective of Agile
    • 10
    • Agile & the BCS
    • Have we done any work in this area before? What should we do in the future?