Hacking the Luminis 5 Portal


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At The University of Scranton, we recently completed a year+ long process to upgrade our user portal, were students, faculty, and staff login to find information and perform tasks. Moving from Luminis 4 to 5 proved to be a big project that required us to rethink a lot of processes, clean up the portal, and give it a redesign. In this talk, I'll be going of what we did- the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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  • Web Developer, Writer
    Started Freelancing at 15
    HS, College, Grad School
    2 years full time, PT Fac
    Not fulltime portal guy! One of many projects on my plate
  • Not that this has anything to do with wearable tech…
  • Important. A lot of people asked me why not just leave it. Answer: Better UX.
    Esp on the CAS login page, we wanted to create a good experience.
  • Central Auth System
    Diff between LP4 (LDAP) and LP5 (CAS)
    Fairly Straight Forward
    Actually mocked up a page before ever looking at CAS
    I downloaded the default theme (server guy gave it to me)
    CSS in root directory
    everything else in WEB-INF/view/default/ui/
    2 template files: top.jsp and bottom.jsp
    Beware- I think the way this is configured, our theme will be over-ridden if we upgrade
  • - Next plan, currently in DEV: RWD for login page.
    - I tried to login on my phone an didn’t like it.
    - Moral: Use what you make. I am my biggest critic.
  • - Bit more complicated but seemingly more flexible.
    - Must update Version # in WEB-INF/liferay-plugin-package.properties
    - CSS is in css/ folder. I placed my styles in a file called custom.css.
    - Most customizations were over-ridding what what already there (I was a little scared I’d break things).
    -With more time, I would probably do more; I’m not really in love with design, but it’s gotten good feedback (our previous portal was bad!)
    - Must compile a WAR file, but can select theme from admin area.
  • - In old portal, we had icons across top- were going to nix them in 5 but they were frequently requested
    - Good point to mention to talk to the users & what we did!!
  • We have similar login to hide the “Options” menu that appears on the right; most users could do nothing with this and found it confusing.
  • - Old Portal got kind of out of hand; lots of people requested lots of stuff (mostly links).
    - We wanted to fix that. We eliminated some things. We talked to users, and we heard them! But we made decisions that were improvements, even if people didn’t like the change. (SSB portlet, consolidation, University Links)
  • - Video
    - Announcements
    - I personally went to TAG, StuGov, Data Tech Meetings
    - One bad thing: Testing. We couldn’t get people to go to QA before launch.
    - However, because of our strong comm, there weren’t too many issues.
  • - Previous portal: lots of links. Might as well have had a CAS-protected website (sometimes I still feel that way).
    - We wanted to change that in 5. We used built-in portlets for data front-and-center and more targeted deep dives to SSB.
  • Hacking the Luminis 5 Portal

    1. 1. Hacking the Luminis Portal Joe Casabona joseph.casabona@scranton.edu @jcasabona
    2. 2. Who Am I?* *Besides a handsome devil 2
    3. 3. 3
    4. 4. Customization 4
    5. 5. CAS 5
    6. 6. (screenshot) 6
    7. 7. (screenshot) 7
    8. 8. Luminis 5 8
    9. 9. (screenshot) 9
    10. 10. Init/Dock.vm 10
    11. 11. code! 11
    12. 12. moar code! 12
    13. 13. Reorganization 13
    14. 14. Communication 14
    15. 15. More Than Links 15
    16. 16. Walk-Through 16
    17. 17. Questions? 17