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Improved Wind Station Profits Through Excellent O&M
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Improved Wind Station Profits Through Excellent O&M


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Presentation by Bill Manganaro, NAES Project Manager - Renewable Energy World Conference 2011

Presentation by Bill Manganaro, NAES Project Manager - Renewable Energy World Conference 2011

Published in: Technology

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  • Good morning!For a few minutes we’ll discuss how excellent O&M optimizes wind generation station’s revenue and maintains asset values.
  • Apply experience from operating power stations:Same fundamentals applySimilar information is neededStatus of equipmentPlanningPerformance monitoringImmature state of industry = dependence on OEMBefore going further, OEM is NOT BAD but priorities differ from those of owner.
  • Few / ManyST or CT have numerous complex support systemsWTGs have fewer, less complex support systems.40 year life vs. 20 year lifeStraight-forward vs. PTC, tax credits, Feed-in tariffs.Years of experience to develop maint. Plan vs. complete dependence on OEM.Experienced users’ groups vs. new or no groupsAccessible in seconds vs. Miles and 80 m towerNot dispatchable/manned during the day vs. 24/7
  • Short model runs = less experience upon which to base maintenance decisions. Longevity questions? Both over and under maintain.Investment/financing methods changing: Congress has not created a LT and level playing field.Wind impact on the grid – excess in the NW means curtailmentsSingle provider means less fewer choices, less competition
  • Staff: PM, PA, 4 techs (2 pairs)Techs are the eyes and ears of the PMOne man cannot know condition of towers/nacelles and also perform PM duties of a typical power station.
  • ID problems early = time to negotiate with OEM during warranty.
  • Avoid surprises and costly repairs follow end of warranty period.Cost: $2000 to $3000
  • 6 months beforeMechanical: main bearingGear boxYaw systemTowerBrakeBladesBlade bearingsLifting equipGeneral cleanlinessAlignmentsCooling systemsLub and Hyd systemsEoWElectrical:Elect cabinetsHub slip ring systemGeneratorConverter system
  • Transcript

    • 1. Improved Wind Stations Profits Through Excellence in O&M
      William F. Manganaro
    • 2. How?
      Operate and maintain a wind generation station – aka “Wind farm” as a power plant
      Multi-100s dollar investment
      Challenge: immature state of the industry
    • 3. Thermal vs. Wind Generation
      Prime Movers – number and complexity
      Technology improvements
      Investment strategies
      Maintenance plans
      Dispatch and manning
    • 4. Risks in Wind Generation
      Rapid evolution / short model runs
      Changing investment strategies
      Changing grid conditions
      Significant dependence on a single provider
    • 5. Apparent Attitude with Wind
      Just maintain it
      Less oversight
      Cost, cost, cost
      The “farm”
    • 6. Power Station Management
      The fundamentals are unchanged:
      Operate safely
      Comply with the plan
      Require performance
    • 7. Different Priorities
      Owners’ Priorities:
      Maximize availability
      Maximize revenue
      ID and resolve warranty issues
      Build material history (understand WTG conditions)
      Achieve short AND long-term performance
      Good business relations
      Competitively source parts and labor services
      OEM Priorities:
      Perform contracted work at minimum cost
      Expend no more $ than necessary
      Achieve availability required by contract
      Win follow-on S&M contract
      If not won, maximize future revenue by:
      Retain material history
      Retain SCADA data
      Sole source of parts
    • 8. Methods - Tools
      Excellent continuous operations:
      Small plant staff
      Annual O&M plan
      Computerized Maintenance Management System
    • 9. Subjective Value Added
      Plant staff knows its equipment
      Early identification of material problems
      Assist owner with negotiations to resolve issues
    • 10. End of Warranty Inspections
      OEM’s report
      Pre-EoW single inspection
      On-going inspection and trending
    • 11. EoW Inspections (con’t)
      When to perform single inspection?
      Components covered: (long list)
      Continuous/periodic inspection & trending:
      Annual or bi-annual
      Graph results
      CMMS use
      “Mining” the SCADA
    • 12. Conclusion
      Applying proven electrical generating station management principles optimizes income and preserves asset value.
      Cost is a small staff.
      Gains are from improved availability and smoother transitions: warranty to S&M, OEM S&M to post OEM
      Creates options for the owner
    • 13. Questions?