Perdev social aspect


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Perdev social aspect

  1. 1. Social AspectDeals with how man interacts and behavespubliclyIncludes the following components: socialgraces, good manners, and proper decorum.Reflects a person’s upbringing
  2. 2. EtiquetteA specific code of conduct that outlines the social behavior according to accepted norms within a society, group, or social class.Manners Involve general behavior guidelines that are appropriate in social situations.
  3. 3. Family Etiquette and Manners1. Obey your father and mother.2. Be considerate of your siblings and of others.3. Be orderly4. Respect other’s privacy.
  4. 4. Table Manners and Dining Etiquette Turn off your cell phone or switch to vibrate mode when dining. Wait for everybody to be seated before starting to eat or everyone has been served. Sit up straight, do not slouch, and no elbows on the table. Use napkin (serviette) appropriately. Make it a habit to say thank you when served something.
  5. 5. Table Manners and Dining Etiquette Do not talk when your mouth is full. Never chew with your mouth open. Slurp your food silently. If the item/food is far beyond your reach, ask it to be passed.
  6. 6. Formal Dining Etiquette1. Use the knife when cutting meat. American Style – Switch the fork to your right hand, place the knife on the plate, spear the meat, then eat. Continental Style – keep the fork to your left hand, spear the meat, then eat. The knife remains on your right hand.
  7. 7. Formal Dining Etiquette2. Cut your food as you eat not all at once.3. After you have finished eating, place the knife and fork together.4. Don’t point or wave with a utensil.5. Don’t touch other people’s food.6. If you are to do any grooming, excuse yourself and do it in the restroom.7. If in doubt how to eat certain food, observe what others are doing.8. Don’t order alcoholic drinks if you are at job interview or in a business meeting.
  8. 8. Social Graces in Public Places1. While in conversation, wait for the person who is talking to finish before pointing out your own opinion.2. Do not talk loudly and laugh raucously so as not to be branded as ignorant or hard on hearing.3. Do not swear or use foul language in public.4. Do not glare or stare at a person in any place.
  9. 9. Social Graces in Public Places5. When introducing people, the man is introduced to the lady, not the other way around.6. When shaking hands with someone, do it firmly.7. When watching a movie or a concert and in any place of worship, switch off your mobile phones.
  10. 10. Business Etiquette1. Always be punctual.2. During meetings, don’t contradict or correct your boss in public.3. Avoid raising your voice in stating your point.4. To save other people’s time, just shut up if you don’t have anything worthwhile to contribute.
  11. 11. Business Etiquette5. In sending emails, make sure that your sentences are complete which include proper grammar and punctuation.6. Since there are various jobs in the hospitality industry, one must not differentiate people by their positions or corporate standing.