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  • 1. Jelani Cameron Procrastination PaperWhy do people procrastinate? People simply procrastinate to cut off all domains of their life. Twenty percentof people identify them-selves as procrastinators and for those who do,procrastination is a lifestyle. After reading the article, I realized that I procrastinate a bit myself. Forexample, I procrastinate in my SLS class that I am currently taking in college. Intaking in college. Although I have time to complete my assignments, I would waituntil there are only a couple of hours left to complete it, and majority of the timeI’d expect a decent grade. Also, I’m starting to assume procrastination is genetic. I share a room with mybrother and whenever he needs a favor, such as, helping him with his homeworkassignments, lending him money when a sneaker that catches his attention releases,etc., he waits and decide to ask me a day before or the day of. Unfortunately, Ialways help him with whatever he needs help with. Finally, some procrastinators learn to use their disease to their advantage. Forinstance, some procrastinators works better under pressure than people whoactually more time than needed. Like my friend, he is an artist and he likes to draw.He would sit around and draws nothing really creative, but whenever anassignment is do he draws the most interesting and creative drawings. To conclude, being a procrastinator isn’t so bad, besides the fact of you workingunder pressure, loading yourself up on work, losing your freedom, etc. By the way,
  • 2. I was being sarcastic people. But if you can turn your negative into a positive, gofor it.