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  1. 1. Career projectJelaniCameronSLS1001 FinalsProfessor Leith MazzochiSouth Campus
  2. 2. A Graphics Designer has a desire to create. They mix knowledge with artistic ability. Designersfocus in a specific area of design such as cars, Web sites, etc. They use computer software todesign newspapers, publications, and Internet Web pages. Designers may work in their ownoffice or in their clients home or office and set their schedules to satisfy their clients. They maywork long hours, including evenings or weekends, to meet deadlines and some may travel. Thosewho are paid by contract are under stress to please clients and to find new ones to keep a steadyincome. A Graphics Designers must have an eye for color and detail. Being creative is veryimportant in this field. They also need problem-solving skills, communication skills, and must begood with computers. A Graphics designer, the largest design occupation, earns approximately$46,750 per year on average as of May 2008. Designers held about 612,100 jobs in 2008, andabout 1 out of 4 was self-employed. Many self-employed designers also had another job indesign or in some other occupation, such as being entrepreneur with a clothing line, website, etc.As Internet business grows and more companies advertise their products, there will be a need formore graphic designers. More BLS information about designers can be found in theOccupational Outlook Handbook. The Handbook also shows where to find out even more aboutthis job.
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  6. 6. Graphics designer is definitely for me because it plays a big role in the career that I reallywant to pursue which is fashion designer. A graphics designer designs art and copies layouts formaterials to be presented by magazines, newspaper, television, packaging, etc. They createdesigns, concepts and sample layouts based on knowledge of layout principles and designconcepts. The job consists of studying illustrations and photographs to plan presentation ofmaterial. Graphics designers prepare rough sketches of material, and discuss them with clients orsupervisors, and makes necessary changes. They use computer software to generate new images.They review final layouts and suggest improvements as needed. A program that prepares individuals to apply artistic and computer techniques to theinterpretation of technical and commercial concepts. Includes instruction in computer-assisted artand design, printmaking, concepts sketching, technical drawing, color theory, imaging, studiotechnique, still and life modeling, multimedia applications, communication skills andcommercial art business operations. You attend college for two years usually if you want yourAssociates degree, or if you want your Bachelors it’ll be estimated range to about 3 or 4 years. The average graphics designer makes about $43,306 a year and the hourly wage is about$20. The entry level annual wage for graphics designers are $28,454 a year and the hourly wageis about $13. Experienced graphics designers make approximately $50,731 a year. And thehourly wage is about $24.39. I have a couple connections in this work field and in different places such as Miami, NewYork, etc. My sister works in Bloomingdales and she’s been telling me about how she’s beennetworking in the fashion industry. Also, my uncle does graphics design with t-shirts down herein Miami, so I could link up with him anytime on some pointers. SLS Career Clusters Paper
  7. 7. What did you learn about yourself after completing the Choices “Work Values Sorter”and FOCUS? I learned that you shouldn’t just jump into your career without any knowledgeof what the job consists of. Also, you should put it to mind that you might be doing whateveryour pursuing for the rest of your life. Were you interested in any of the suggested careersthat matched your assessments? If so, which ones? Did you research them? If not, why not?Actually, they gave me the career that I wanted which was Graphics Design. I know thatbeing a graphics designer is what I want to do because it deals a lot with art and I’minfatuated with art. Also, my clothing that I wish to be in a store near soon consists of a lot ofartwork. What occupation did you research from the “Gold Star” list? I researched GraphicsDesigning and found out that you do not have to attend college that long and I’m loving thatpart about. Also, the pay is average, but I can live with that because I’m not really obsessedwith the lavish life. Finally, the job descriptions states that you must have creativity and I’mfull of creativity.Which of the web sites under “Connections” did you check out? What didyou learn from this website? I didn’t check out any to be honest. Based on what you have learned with this research what is your educational and careergoal? 1-low did this research influence your decision? My educational goal is to completeschool with a Bachelors in Graphics Design for two years, and my career goal is to work asGraphics designer until my clothing line, “Retro Living,” picks up on some business bygetting into a couple of local stores, then extending it to be worldwide. In what way did youfind this project helpful? Did you find any surprises? This project was very helpful because Ireally know what I want to do with my life. Also, I was surprised with the fact that I didn’thave to be in school for that long.