My First Kiss
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My First Kiss



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My First Kiss My First Kiss Presentation Transcript

  • My first KISS
  • First BABY on the WaY Beautifull Mother Getting Prepared
  • 3 more weeks for the baby to come…Everything OK… …That morning, THE Doctor said.
  • The mother -a nurse- she knew everything was ok…
  • And there she goes… Shopping Walking Eating Waiting Going back home that same day the doctor said: 3 more weeks for the baby to come…Everything OK…
  • But the baby had her own time It was today THE day, for her to come…
  • And the mother knew, there wasn’t more time to wait… The father wasn’t at home yet, but there was a neighbor to help…
  • Rush to the hospital, the baby was on the way… And this baby is not coming in a traditional way
  • Her FEET are coming first, instead of her HEAD. The mother -a nurse- she knew the things weren’t ok…
  • The doctor said, you should know better, You knew the baby was on the way… Ohhh mother…
  • She can still remember, this same morning… The other doctor said…
  • 3 more weeks for the baby to come…Everything OK…
  • The baby was born…no life in her lungs… The nurses crying in the room, The mother too… Poor baby, she was so blue…
  • Her neck tied with the umbilical cord, three laps in her neck the same cord that gave her life, was taking it away…
  • THE doctor took that little baby in his arms… Softly he blew in some air
  • It was the scream of life, that filled the room
  • It was the Kiss of life, that brough her back Her first KISS
  • And the miracle was done… A baby and a mother both cryng with joy...
  • If I ever feel down, blue or sad All I need to remember is…
  • A BABY coming in her own time A MOTHER tryng hard A DOCTOR doing all he can
  • And ….
  • My first kiss ‘Couse this baby is ME…