My First Kiss


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My First Kiss

  1. 1. My first KISS
  2. 2. First BABY on the WaY Beautifull Mother Getting Prepared
  3. 3. 3 more weeks for the baby to come…Everything OK… …That morning, THE Doctor said.
  4. 4. The mother -a nurse- she knew everything was ok…
  5. 5. And there she goes… Shopping Walking Eating Waiting Going back home that same day the doctor said: 3 more weeks for the baby to come…Everything OK…
  6. 6. But the baby had her own time It was today THE day, for her to come…
  7. 7. And the mother knew, there wasn’t more time to wait… The father wasn’t at home yet, but there was a neighbor to help…
  8. 8. Rush to the hospital, the baby was on the way… And this baby is not coming in a traditional way
  9. 9. Her FEET are coming first, instead of her HEAD. The mother -a nurse- she knew the things weren’t ok…
  10. 10. The doctor said, you should know better, You knew the baby was on the way… Ohhh mother…
  11. 11. She can still remember, this same morning… The other doctor said…
  12. 12. 3 more weeks for the baby to come…Everything OK…
  13. 13. The baby was born…no life in her lungs… The nurses crying in the room, The mother too… Poor baby, she was so blue…
  14. 14. Her neck tied with the umbilical cord, three laps in her neck the same cord that gave her life, was taking it away…
  15. 15. THE doctor took that little baby in his arms… Softly he blew in some air
  16. 16. It was the scream of life, that filled the room
  17. 17. It was the Kiss of life, that brough her back Her first KISS
  18. 18. And the miracle was done… A baby and a mother both cryng with joy...
  19. 19. If I ever feel down, blue or sad All I need to remember is…
  20. 20. A BABY coming in her own time A MOTHER tryng hard A DOCTOR doing all he can
  21. 21. And ….
  22. 22. My first kiss ‘Couse this baby is ME…
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