Wwi II


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Wwi II

  1. 1. America Joins the War• Goals: – Outline key events surrounding WWI. – Identify the outcomes of WWI. – Define the Treaty of Versailles and League of Nations.
  2. 2. Bell Ringer• Put the following events in chronological order:C.US Enters WWID.Wilson Re-electedE.Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand AssassinatedF.Sussex PledgeG.Sinking of the Lusitania
  3. 3. Building an Army• Selective Service Act passed in May 1917 – 3 Million men drafted• American Expeditionary Force: – Name given to US forces fighting in Europe
  4. 4. • Mechanization Modern War – Tanks, trucks, and automatic weapons• Air War – First ever use of aircraft in battle• Convoy – Ships traveling with armed escort. – No US troop carriers lost
  5. 5. Modern War• Trench War – Each army dug in and fought for yards of ground – Adverse health effects
  6. 6. • Chemical Warfare Modern War – German Mustard Gas – Sulfur and Chlorine
  7. 7. American Contributions• Fresh American troops push Germans back – New troops from US help free France• Americans replace Russians – Russians sign Treaty of Brest- Litovsk and leave war early.
  8. 8. The Home Front• Bonds sold to finance the war.• Food and Fuel rationed• Day light savings time created to save fuel
  9. 9. War Ends• Austro-Hungarian Empire collapses• Ottoman Empire signed their own treaties with the Allies.• Armistice signed with Germany – Cease Fire agreement
  10. 10. Wilson’s 14 Points1. Which of these points are aimed at the four M.A.I.N. causes of WWI?3. What was Wilson’s overall goal for the world after WWI?5. How did Wilson intend to solve future international conflicts?
  11. 11. Post War Planning• Wilson designs League of Nations to prevent war.• Self-determination for Central European countries
  12. 12. Post War Planning• Treaty of Versailles – Official German surrender – Germany given financial responsibility – England gains territory in Middle East• League of Nations – US Senate does not sign the treaty and doesn’t join the League of Nations
  13. 13. WWI Review Questions• What was the name for US forces in WWI.• List two ways that war become modernized during WWI.• Explain how Americans contributed to the war in Europe.• What is an Armistice?• Which US President created the idea of League of Nations?• What was the League of Nations and why did the US not join?
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