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  • 1. Tide of War Turns Goal: Describe the events that turned the tide of the war for the North.
  • 2. Bell Ringer
    • Based on where we left off on Monday, who is winning the war so far?
    • What was the North’s goal to end the war?
    • Which General saved Richmond from McClellan?
  • 3. Battle of Fredericksburg
    • McClellan fired again and Burnside takes over.
    • Burnside marches straight for Richmond.
    • Union crossed river using special bridges.
    • Union loses 13,000 men to Jackson.
      • Burnside Resigns after the battle.
  • 4. Chancellorsville
    • “ Fighting Joe” Hooker replaces Burnside and sets off to attack the Confederates from behind.
    • Union soldiers spotted 10 miles from Fredericksburg by Stonewall Jackson.
    • Jackson’s men build hundreds of camp fires at night then retreat.
  • 5. Chancellorsville
    • Fighting took place in thick woods.
    • Lee fakes a retreat and sends half his men to attack the North from behind.
    • South wins, but Jackson dies from friendly fire.
  • 6. Battle of Gettysburg
    • Confederate troops move north in search of shoes and victory on Union soil.
  • 7. July 1, 1863
    • Union and Confederate forces clash in the countryside surrounding Gettysburg, PA.
    • South wins day one and both sides take positions in the hills surrounding an open field.
  • 8. July 2, 1863
    • Alabama soldiers move to take Little Round Top as an artillery hill.
    • Union reaches the hill first and fights off the Confederate troops with a bayonet charge.
    • Little Round Top key position for Union.
  • 9. July 3, 1863
    • The last day of fighting began with a Confederate attack.
    • Pickett’s Charge: What happened? Read page 182
      • 15,000 Confederates march toward Union line. Only a few hundred made it.
    • CSA Retreats; can no longer go on the offensive
  • 10. Vicksburg
    • Vicksburg protected Jackson MS from Union.
    • North lays siege to Vicksburg from MS River using boats and ground forces.
    • After weeks of starvation the Union takes control of Vicksburg
  • 11. Gettysburg Address
    • Page 185 in the Text
    • Dedicated National Cemetery
  • 12. Review Questions
    • Who replaced McClellan after Antietam?
    • Which Southern General died after Chancellorsville?
    • Who led the failed charge that ended fighting at Gettysburg?
    • Why were Gettysburg and Vicksburg important victories for the North?