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    4.2 4.2 Presentation Transcript

      • Create 2 lists. One list should be battles won by the North, and one list should be battles won by the South.
      • Confederate government was very similar to that of the Articles of Confederation.
      • State government’s held more power than federal government.
      • Main state’s right was slavery.
      • Confederate government begins draft.
      • Volunteers had 2 years added
      • Slaves confiscated by federal government for labor.
      • Government takes control of economy
      • CSA seeks European help
      • How do the steps taken by the South to prepare for war conflict with the idea of state’s rights?
      • Tensions with Britain strained over relationship with CSA.
      • Republicans take control of US government.
        • Homestead Act- Gave land to settlers in the West
        • Transcontinental Railroad began
        • Increased tariff to pay for the war
        • First ever income tax!
        • First national currency: Greenbacks
      • Northern draft caused riots in New York City.
      • Democrats feared freed slaves would migrate North.
      • Lincoln and Davis both initiate martial law.
      • Lincoln censors newspapers and suspends Writ of Habeas corpus.
      • Lincoln declares slaves in rebellion territories all free on January 1, 1863.
      • Lincoln did not believe he had the authority to abolish slavery, but knew it was necessary to win.
      • Proclamation did not end slavery.
      • Slaves freed as Union found them as contraband.
    • Emancipation Proclamation
      • Read the segment titled “ Emancipation and the War ” on pages 171-172 and answer questions 12-14 on your chapter 4 section 2 reading guide.
      • Freedmen not originally allowed to fight until McClellan’s loss to Lee.
      • Proclamation caused thousands of slaves to run North and join the Union.
      • 54 th Massachusetts received medal of honor, but not citizenship.
      • Massive shortages due to lack of labor and devastated plantations.
      • Industry grew due to government controls
      • Inflation rampant due to shortages
      • Look at the chart on page 175
      • Women filled jobs as men were drafted
      • Wages dropped and prices rose, but not as severely as the South.
      • Industries that made military goods boomed.
      • Union built prisons in Ohio and Maryland to house Confederate prisoners.
      • CSA camps popped up wherever room was available.
      • Andersonville in Georgia took up 26 acres of open field
        • Built to house 10,000 but held 35,000
        • 100 deaths a day on average
      • What was the main right protected by Confederate government?
      • How did Southern secession change US politics?
      • How did the Emancipation Proclamation effect the war?
      • Which CSA POW camp got a reputation with an average death rate of 100 per day?
      • Southern Government was very similar to what form of early US government?