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    19.2 19.2 Presentation Transcript

    • Goal: Identify key foreign and domestic policy events during the Kennedy administration.
      • “ My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” – JFK
      • What does this quote mean to you?
      • Democrat from Mass.
      • Born to wealthy political family
      • Served in the Navy during WWII
      • First Catholic President
      • JFK(D) vs. Richard Nixon(R)
      • TV viewers said JFK won debate
      • Radio listeners say Nixon won
      • JFK appeared young and energetic
        • Youngest President elected (43)
      • JFK wins by narrow margin
      • Term given to JFK’s domestic policies .
      • Equal Pay Act- Set standards for minimum wage jobs.
      • Expanded Social Security: Lowered retirement age to 62.
      • Housing Act 1961: Provided affordable housing for low and middle class families.
      • What was the New Frontier?
      • What did the Equal Pay Act do for Americans?
      • What is a benefit of the Social Security Act of 1961?
      • What types of Americans benefit most from New Frontier programs?
      • Flexible Response: Kennedy Administration’s menu of options for dealing with other countries.
        • Not just war or peace.
      • What are some alternatives to war?
      • Eisenhower & CIA begin plan to remove Castro
      • US trains 1,400 exiles to invade and overthrow Castro
      • Attempt fails
        • Kennedy takes blame
      • CIA Plots to sabotage, interfere with or kill Castro
        • $10 million budget
      • Castro claimed 24 attempts had been made at his life
      • Examples
        • Exploding cigar
        • Multiple poisoning attempts
        • Flannels
        • Plane tickets
      • Construction began August 1961
      • Brain drain
        • East to West
      • 89 people killed trying to cross
      • “ Ich bin ein Berliner.”
      • Closest we have ever gotten to WW III
      • Perfect match
        • Missiles in Cuba would provide defense for Cuba, and offense for USSR
      • Khrushchev asks for US missiles to be removed from Turkey
      • US agrees to remove missiles from Turkey and promises to never invade Cuba
      • UN inspections of Cuba Missile sites
      • 1961: JFK increases numbers of US advisors in Vietnam.
      • Green Berets created
      • 1963, Kennedy changes his mind on Vietnam, begins removing troops.
      • What is the benefit of Kennedy’s flexible response plan?
      • Why was the Bay of Pigs Invasion a failure?
      • Why was the Berlin Wall built?
      • What was the outcome of the Cuban Missile Crisis?
      • How did Kennedy’s policy towards Vietnam change in 1963?