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19.1 19.1 Presentation Transcript

  • Bell Ringer
    • How are the post war goals of the US and USSR going to differ?
    • Why is Harry Truman so happy?
  • The Accidental President
    • Truman becomes President after only a few months as Vice President.
    • Had only spoken to FDR a handful of times
    • “ The Buck Stops Here”
  • The United Nations
    • International peace keeping organization
      • Similar to the League of Nations
    • All members belong to General Assembly
    • US, USSR, Great Britain, France, and China have permanent seats on the Security Council
      • All have veto power
  • American Post War Goals
    • America wanted independent democratic countries in Europe.
    • Free market economies open to trade.
  • Soviet Goals
    • Western border protected as buffer zone of satellite nations .
    • Spread communism throughout Europe.
  • The Iron Curtain
    • Winston Churchill responds by saying that “…an iron curtain has descended across the continent…”
    • Iron Curtain comes to represent Communist blockade of Eastern Europe.
  • Quick Review
    • What form of government did the US want for Eastern European countries like Poland?
    • What was Stalin’s goal for post-war Eastern Europe?
    • Who coined the phrase “Iron Curtain?”
    • What was the “Iron Curtain?”
  • Containment
    • Truman’s policy to stop the spread of Communism.
    • Firm and vigilant long-term
  • Truman Doctrine
    • Truman pledges to help any country that is being threatened by an armed minority or outsiders.
    • Congress approves $400 Million to help Greece and Turkey
  • The Marshall Plan
    • Economic recovery plan for Europe
    • Over $13 Billion sent to aid Europe
    • Soviets deny aid
  • Berlin Airlift
    • Stalin cuts supply route to West Berlin
    • Americans drop supplies around the clock by plane
    • Blockade ends
  • NATO
    • North Atlantic Treaty Organization
    • Western European countries standing up against Soviet Expansion
  • NATO
    • An attack against one is an attack against all.
    • Stalin creates the Warsaw Pact
      • Treaty with satellite countries to stand up to NATO
  • Russia Gets the Bomb
    • Soviets test a nuclear bomb in Sept. of 1949.
    • Americans call it Joe 1
  • Red China
    • Civil war in China
    • Nationalists: Chiang Kai-shek
    • Communists: Mao Zedong
    • Mao wins and nationalists flee to Taiwan
    • Taiwan gets China’s seat in UN
  • The Korean War 1950-53
    • Communist North Korea invades Democratic South Korea
      • North backed by Stalin and China
      • South backed by UN and US
    • Truman fires McArthur for threatening to nuke China
      • Does not run for re-election
  • Ending the War
    • Ike promises to end war if elected in 1952
    • Stalin dies in 1953
    • Ike threatens to nuke North Korea
      • Armistice signed in 1953
      • We’re still there!
  • Bell Ringer
    • How did the post-war goals for the US and the Soviet Union differ?
    • What was Truman’s policy for dealing with the expansion of communism?
    • What two countries went to war when one tried to force communism on the other?
  • McCarthyism
    • After China goes communist, Americans fear communists in the US
    • Sen. Joe McCarthy running for re-election, claims to have a list of 205 communists working in the US government.
      • List later dropped to 57
  • The Middle East
    • Eisenhower Doctrine
      • US will defend the Middle East against Communist aggression.
      • Defend Israel
    • CIA helps overthrow gov’t of Iran and installs US friendly Shah of Iran.
  • Latin America
    • Guatemala falls to communism.
      • US fruit company becomes property of the government of Guatemala.
    • CIA overthrows Guatemalan Government
      • Protecting American property rights
  • Arms Race
    • Peace through nuclear deterrence.
      • Weapons so strong, cost of war was too great
    • Brinkmanship: Threaten war to make the other guy back down
  • U-2 Incident
    • America using planes to spy on Soviet missile sites
    • Spy plane shot down over Russia
      • Pilot captured (Francis Gary Powers)
    • Eisenhower denies involvement
      • Pilot returned safely
  • Sputnik and the Space Race
    • October 1957, USSR puts first man made satellite in space.
      • America doubles the amount of math and science in schools
    • Sputnik II carried a dog
      • Laika
    • First man in space Yuri Gagarin
    • Alan Shepard first American
  • Final Review
    • How did the Truman’s policy towards communism differ from that of Eisenhower?
    • Which superpower won the space race?
    • What is an arms race?
    • Describe the events of the U-2 incident.